Gourmet of Another World
Gourmet of Another World

Gourmet of Another World

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Gourmet of Another World novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Li Hongtian. 1851 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


In a fantasy world where martial artists can split mountains and creeks with a wave of their hand and break rivers with a kick, there exists a little restaurant like this.

The restaurant isn’t large, but it is a place where countless apex existences will rush into.

There, you can taste egg-fried rice made from phoenix eggs and dragon blood rice.

There, you can drink strong wine brewed from vermillion fruit and water from the fountain of life.

There, you can taste the barbecued meat of a ninth grade supreme beast sprinkled with black pepper.

What? You want to abduct the chef? That’s not going to happen, because there’s a divine beast of unfathomable level, the Hellhound, lying at the entrance.

Oh, that chef also has a robotic assistant that killed a ninth grade supreme being with a single hand and a group of crazy women whose stomachs were conquered.

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  • Solare
    Reader KP:6

    If the first customer was a girl I would be like yeah boiii. But since its a male, its kinda cringy how he acts so tsundere like. Concept also seems similar to astral pet store.

    Edited: 23 Jun, 08:58
    3 months ago Reply
    • FedeXL
      Reader KP:42

      Is astral pet store worth reading? I’m doubting about reading it or not

      3 months ago Reply
    • Alostdonkey
      Reader KP:5

      Astral Pet Store is 100% worth reading. The start is 4/5 but everything past chapter 700 is 5/5 easy

      2 months ago Reply
    • Solare
      Reader KP:6

      It has a decent plot and an overpowered protagonist. It kept me entertained for 400 chapters. Then I believe it got repetitive, but I'm not sure as I've not finished the novel.

      3 months ago Reply
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  • TheHellhound
    Reader KP:114

    Who knew the little loli's curse would be so effective

    4 months ago Reply
  • Lonelygirl_893
    Reader KP:0

    The novel is so beautiful it made me cry, it may be a bit repetitive but it's slightly different, The mc is not dependent on the system. It may seem that the system and the mc have a give and take but they are friends. Also for those people who hate romance this novel is for you There are maybe people falling in love with the mc but he only treat as customer or friend. This novel is a masterpiece. Hope u give this a chance to read, it will be a shame if you don't.

    4 months ago Reply
  • Kouvx
    Reader KP:31

    GOTTA LOVE THE ENDING though the follow up was a bit repetitive

    5 months ago Reply
  • JameGumahad
    Reader KP:0

    I've read up to thousand chapter's and it's getting really repetitive. Dropped

    6 months ago Reply
  • Czearn
    Reader KP:9


    6 months ago Reply
  • McClaps
    Reader KP:68

    Is there any romance? Even just a little bit or ome-sided crush? Or nah?

    7 months ago Reply
  • lightwind21
    Reader KP:10

    the only system novel you can read and not facepalm constantly. nothing serious tho. just a good comedy.

    7 months ago Reply
  • Seaofstars
    Reader KP:3

    It's good but sometimes you will get bored because it lacks action,but overall it's good just don't try to get bored

    7 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser51572
    Reader KP:0

    This novel is fun but not that awesome. Plots are randomly thrown later on and doesn't make much sense. The author introduces the earth gods in the last arc and MC fights with them all with the authors half baked human god knowledge. It was suffocating to read. Those gods were not the plot they were just there to get f by MC. Another fact that I hated was out of nowhere over powered of Lord Dog which actually breaks the whole story till that point. The story is way too random and changes out of nowhere

    8 months ago Reply
    • MasterReader
      Reader KP:164

      It a pretty good gourmet novel till god start being introduce, I stop reading when the god come in. It doesn’t to my liking to add god to finish the novel

      7 months ago Reply
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