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MiniC007 1
Chapter 132 yesterday

Feels like Martial world plot+ Warlock of the magus world power system. Although the character's decisions are questionable at times, it becomes realistic when considering that the main character is still growing and changing. At times he is hypocritical, but he is aware of his hypocrisy

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JosephMcCain 0
Chapter 345 14 days ago

The primary strength of the protagonist is the ability to absorb souls and on occasion the memories of those souls. Yet the protagonist continuously makes logical, moral, and ethically incorrect decisions. For someone who can absorb the memories of intergalactic superpowerful beings, with untold lifespans, he's intergalactically stupid. The author has taken many unique strengths from different genres and authors, combined them into one story, and then failed to be consistent with the underlying principles of the strengths of the character.

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Aneeshewa 1
Chapter 327 16 days ago

Not a bad novel by any means, just very rinse and repeat. As of chapter 300, the author has set up a lot of foreshadowing for future events, but our mc is still not even remotely strong in the grand scheme of things. The world building is solid but the same formula is used over and over and over again to the point where I had to drop it. The side characters are nice, but just a tad predictable. There's a pretty big lack of generally good humans aside from the mc's friends and teacher. There are a few, but like half the people we've met so far are just straight up evil. Overall, not bad. If you're looking to burn time, it'll do. Just be prepared for a pretty typical Chinese cultivation blended with western magic type of novel.

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Atlasclaw 1
Chapter 385 21 days ago

It‘s one of the best webnovels, I have read in the past 4 years, I read the first 50 chapters and could not quit after that. So you should read at least the first 50 chapters and then decide for yourself.

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AbhiAbhinavMA 5
Chapter 327 27 days ago

honestly, not so bad as i initially thought. it has decent world building and power level. But its likely that the novel won't end soon. Of course it has plot arm- no fortress but enjoyable nontheless. But on majority of the fights take your brain and put it in the fridge or it will be fried. . The thing i hate the most about this novel is that there is no absolute zero character development even though he has been through a lot. . I hope it will change(read untill 268)

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IllMatic 11
Chapter 111 one month ago

This is most likely my least favorite MC ever. He's an alcoholic and acts like a frat boy doing dumb sh*t all the time. The MC was likely meant to be one of the roguish characters that act incompetence, but is actually plotting sh*t at all times. But instead he just reads as an *d**t who got lucky and received a OP cheat. There's his fat best friend, who has all the typical bad traits of the fat best friend, but is also more annoying because he's too likely to start talking sh*t for my liking. If the MC wasn't as obnoxious, this may have been readable, but his presence makes sure I can't care about anything happening. Especially the fact that he ends up peer pressuring others into drinking at some points. This story reads like an advertisement for why you should drink more alcohol than an actual fantasy story

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Conquistadore_1 2
Chapter 270 one month ago

I've read the first 269 ch, and here's what I think. MC: 7. 5/10 (I like his playful personality) PLOT: 7/10 (it's quite an interesting plot) WORLD-BUILDING: 7/10 (good enough) ROMANCE: N/A (up to this point, everyone except the mc, has a partner, so. . . ) Rating: 7. 5/10 COMMENT: A good novel perfect for passing the time. For readers of martial world, LOTM, and Harry Potter, you'll find many common elements, probably because the author was inspired by these works, but that doesn't diminish its value. The MC, as well as all the other characters, are interesting, the plot is good, and the writing is smooth. There are some chapters that left me a little disappointed, but overall it's a novel worth reading. Give it a chance, you might like it.

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rolednyaneshwar 1
Chapter 311 one month ago

finally caught up pretty good novel . it has some Harry Potter plot like golden trio . in one of the chapter he described diagon alley as mystic lane . but over all good novel to read

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a_collectionof_cells 7
Chapter 294 2 months ago

poison tester here. before anything know that mc has childish personality at start . reason: hes a child we all are accustomed to cold and ruthless characters and forgot not every person is same . that being said story is good despite all negative comments and plagiarism accusations story is refined , growth of mc is phenomenal also poetic instances in recent chapters elevate the overall worth of the novel

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gdsgefadsf 5
Chapter 285 2 months ago

Got up to its maximum at the moment it's cooking right now but it needs to start using gas to get that 5th start. Really nice and basic plotline some lovely one liners and alot of different side characters some of which are cool and others that are boring all in all shows alot of promise but yea the author's gotta start fanning the flames so to speak.

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