Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1636: Yuning, Im Sorry, Im Really Sorry

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Chapter 1636: Yuning, I’m Sorry, I’m Really Sorry

This road was really terrible. After the chassis was hit several times, they finally returned to the main road. This time, she slowed down and saw a familiar black sedan slowly driving over in the rearview mirror.

Lei Yichen looked at her in surprise. “How did you know…”

“Before Captain Feng and I went in that day, we first observed the ground and the route around the fish farm,” Nian Xi said faintly. “In case we were discovered and need to escape, this small road was discovered at that time.”

Lei Yichen immediately fell silent. He should have thought of this.

However, he was also impressed that she could accurately find that path in such a dark place. It seemed that she was really capable to sit in the position of captain at such a young age.

At this moment, the black sedan beside them had already surpassed the two of them.

Lei Yichen said in a low voice, “So what if you catch up? We can’t take any action now, or we’ll alert the enemy. Captain Feng and the others have already brought people to Malucca to make preparations, and we’re just waiting for them to fall into the net. If we take any action now and they notice, they definitely won’t meet tomorrow, and the leader behind them won’t come out either. Everyone’s efforts will be in vain, and they’ll also find out that there’s a mole inside. Professor Jiang will also be in danger.”

Nian Xi’s hand that was holding the steering wheel trembled.

She did not say anything and just followed the car.

Ten minutes later, the car drove into a seaside villa. The villa was surrounded by high walls and there was no way to enter.

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Nian Xi parked the car outside and Lei Yichen grabbed her wrist. “Nian Xi, if you want to go, I can only handcuff you. You need to consider the more important big picture.”

Nian Xi looked back at him in a daze. Her eyes flashed with a deathly stillness. “You don’t have to handcuff me. I know. I won’t go.”

Lei Yichen was stunned. He pursed his thin lips and didn’t know what to say. “Nian Xi, don’t think too much. Professor Jiang is such a smart person. Maybe he’ll be fine.”

“Maybe.” Nian Xi leaned against the passenger seat. She was indescribably tired and weak.

Her mind was filled with the words of the security guard at the door. He had even prepared the medicine. Jiang Yuning must have fainted after getting out of the car.

Thinking that the man she liked was about to be defiled by that woman, Nian Xi felt as if her heart was being squeezed and crushed repeatedly.

She could not breathe and it hurt.

But what could she do? She was a police officer. She could not charge in full of her anger.

Moreover, there would definitely be some people guarding inside. They were not something that she and Lei Yichen could face.

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Moreover, if they really acted rashly, the TOX organization’s operation would definitely be canceled tomorrow. At that time, Jiang Yuning’s nearly three years of undercover work would be in vain.

She looked at the brightly lit villa in front of her sadly. This was the first time she felt so helpless.

“Do you have a cigarette?” She asked Lei Yichen beside her.

Lei Yichen was stunned for a few seconds before taking out a cigarette and handing it to her. Nian Xi lit it up and took a puff before choking.

She had never smoked before, and no one at home had a smoking problem. She just wanted to give it a try when she saw Jiang Yuning smoke just now.

Choking was really uncomfortable. She opened the car door and got out. She threw the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it a few times. Then, she leaned against the car window and slowly slid down to the ground and sat down.

Her eyes were red.

Lei Yichen sighed and lit a cigarette to sit next to her, “Five years ago, I went to Japan to work on a money laundering case. It happened to be at the critical moment of arresting the criminal, but my wife gave birth to a child. At that time, I really wanted to go back and see her, but I couldn’t do anything. For so many years, I was away all the time. My wife and children couldn’t see each other much. Sometimes, I was really helpless, but I had no choice. We are the police. We have a burden on our shoulders, just like that badge. If you wear it, you will be responsible for protecting the people

“But what makes me happy is that my wife and child never blamed me. When my child went to school and told the teacher about me, I was a role model in his heart. He was proud of me.”

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Nian Xi smiled, but her smile was uglier than crying.

Even if she does not go in, Jiang Yuning would not blame her.

But how would the two of them face it in the future.

Could they pretend that nothing had happened, especially him? A person like him would definitely be scarred in his heart. She was heartbroken that he was going to be hurt.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.”.

Nian Xi did not know how she survived that night. She sat on the ground, not moving at all. She did not even close her eyes.

She could not sleep and did not dare to close her eyes, because once she did, she might remember what had happened in the villa.

What was Jiang Yuning doing with that woman.

Were they going to do what they had done before.

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It was not until daybreak and the sun slowly rose in the sky that Nian Xi stood up abruptly. She found the tallest tree on the beach and climbed up. She used her binoculars to observe the movements in the villa.

At about eight o’clock, Manda brought a few men in black into three sedan cars. The sedan cars drove out of the main entrance one after another and soon left.

She looked at the villa again. There was a private beach inside. She thought for a while and slid down from the tree.

Lei Yichen said, “They probably went to Malucca. Captain Feng and I sent a message to inform him.”

Nian Xi nodded. “I thought about going in from their private beach later. I’ve looked around. There are only five or six people left to guard inside, and they’re all in the courtyard and downstairs.”

“Nian Xi…” Lei Yichen stared at her. “We’ll act after they start working on it. Also, if you want to go over from their private beach, you can only sneak over from the sea behind. Do you know how dangerous it is?”

“I’m confident in my swimming skills. I won’t let them discover me,” Nian Xi said with certainty, “Even if they see me, I’ll kill them first. I definitely won’t let them contact Manda. Don’t worry, I only said that because I’m confident.”

Lei Yichen rubbed his forehead with a headache. “You go. I’ll cover you from the tree.”

“Thank you.” Nian Xi nodded. She had heard from Feng Jichuan that Lei Yichen was exceptionally good at sniping.

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“You have to be careful too.”

Nian Xi took out her diving suit and oxygen tank from the trunk. After changing, she directly dove from the sea to the back of the villa.

She had learned how to dive last year. In fact, she used to be afraid of diving, but there were some things that she had to overcome. If she does not overcome it, there would be no progress.

It took her twenty minutes to sneak into the private beach of the villa.

There was a man lying on a chair on the beach, looking at his phone.

Nian Xi took off her cumbersome diving suit and oxygen tank. She quickly climbed out of the sea and hid behind a palm tree.

The man did not notice her at all. She went around to the side of the villa from the back of the forest. Then, she used the water pipe to quickly climb up to the second floor. She went in through the window on the second floor. Nian Xi immediately found the direction of the master bedroom.

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