Guild Wars
Chapter 37: Divine Treasure Chest

Draco was startled by the display. He had expected the Dragon's Blessing potion to be highly valued for its effects, but it seemed he had underestimated its value even even further! Riveting Night stared at Draco curiously, especially since his reaction was so exaggerated.

300,000 gold for the Dragorugio sets meant that the base call for it during the auction would be the appraisal amount rounded up. 3000 platinum for Semi-Epic set equipment was an above average valuation in the market.

However, the pricing for the Dragon's Blessing was above even most legendary items! Even the most expensive Legendary item would sell for for no more than 100,000,000 if it didn't have any notable history or ties to divine artifacts.

My fellow here, do you know what 500,000,000 gold signifies? That was a solid 5,000,000 platinum! Lord in heaven! That was a scary $15,000,000,000,000!! No one even had that much money in real life!

And this price wasn't for the full set, ah! It was just for one flimsy potion! 23 Dragon's Blessing potions that would sell for a minimum of 5,000,000 platinum each!

Draco began to shiver as he thought of that much money. He had never even transacted with more than 200,000 platinum at once in his past life! Having such a huge amount staring him in the face was terrifying!

Lord in heaven, he had managed to build an epic empire with less than 1/10th of this amount for a single potion! Wouldn't he be able to buy the whole of Boundless after this auction?

"My Lord, as you can see, the value of these potions are astronomical. Even though the numbers may look heavy, you must understand that the economy of the world doesn't allow for such wealth in one hand." The Elderly Woman stated while gesturing for the Aide to bring some refreshments.

She left her desk and moved to sit down on the couch while a pleased sigh. Despite being old, she was still a bit plump, so the couch sunk a little under her weight. Draco and Riveting Night sat together on the other side.

Riveting Night had coiled herself around Draco much like how a cat would its master. Even the Elderly Woman found it hard to be miffed by their position since it looked so natural.

"Do you understand what I mean, my Lord?"

Draco nodded his head. It was a set economic rule that money couldn't be infinite. Usually, it had to be weighed against something of similar worth while value for resources had to be set, either by an authority or demand and supply.

Boundless was a world with infinite resources, meaning that unlike the real world where we had fixed resources, Boundless would never go barren. However this came with a natural limitation which was inaccessibility!

After conquering the real world, the human race faced very little problems with scavenging resources with technology. In fact, some resources were even duplicated and cultivated thanks to certain technologies. The real world human race also had extensive supply chains, so transportation of resources was easy.

Boundless however, wasn't as kind. In order to acquire resources you must prove that you deserve it! Found a Mithril ore mine? No problem! You can claim all the ores inside as long as you could clear out the Private to Major rank Metal Golems inside! You managed to kill the golems? Wow! Now find a way to transport those resources while the other races and monsters who were eyeing that mine watch you go!

As such, apart from places near territories, most of Boundless was comprised of lush and resource heavy locations that could turn a simple town into an empire over time. In that same instance, since these rare resources existed but were unable to claimed, the economy was built to facilitate trade between accessible resources.

A potion like the Dragon's Blessing was too valuable based on demand and supply, leaving even the most richest fellows unable to purchase them all. If buying was so easy, wouldn't everyone have a legendary weapon above their fireplace?

In order to trade such a rare resource, an alternative was needed! What better way that the form in which trading took before the invention of money?


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By trading your item with something of similar value, one could sidestep the need for money and acquire things necessary easily! However, bartering had a few weaknesses and that was simply the issue that what you needed might not be what was presented! Also, even if what was presented was what you needed, did its value match up to your item?

No? Okay! Then bring enough of it that balances out the value of my item! What? You don't have enough? Then we cannot trade!

Such was the problem with bartering. Draco would usually avoid this, but he had no choice given the value of the Dragon's Blessing potion.

"How would you suggest we handle this matter then?" Draco asked curiously.

The Elderly Woman waited for the Aide to return with some tea and buns before replying.

"You could say that I represent the Church of Light in all financial matters." She began.

Draco and Riveting Night nodded their heads. One who could claim to be the appraiser and manager of the Divine Auction of the Church of Light couldn't be any less that one of the topmost echelon.

"I would like to present three options. The first is to go ahead with the traditional way and auction according to the appraised value. You could sell one or two bottles every month until stocks run out. Definitely some of the wealthy might pool resources together and be able to afford a bottle, but just barely. The second option is to barter with value. The bidders would put forth items of equal value and should they be lacking, they can compensate with currency."

The first two options sounded alright to Draco, especially the second one. He could get items he wanted and money as well, which was what Draco had planned to suggest himself after he was shown the value of his potions. However, he was curious as to what the third option could be.

"The third option, is to sell your potions to the Church of Light." The elderly woman suggested with a smile. After she was done speaking, she bent over to grab some buns as well as her cup of tea.

Draco and Riveting Night frowned heavily. Had they been wrong about the Church of Light? Had this noble establishment finally decided to throw away the mask of piety and valor due to the overwhelming benefits before them? Even the altar girl was startled, looking at the elderly woman with a worried gaze. Was she trying to go against the tenets of the Church?

The elderly woman savored their expressions for a bit before raising a finger just as Draco was about speak. She took a long pull of her tea and hummed with pleasure. Draco raised an eyebrow at her antics. Did she think this was some cheap Broadway drama?

She placed the cup down and stared Draco in the eyes. Her expression shifted from gentle and accommodating to solemn. "The Church of Light is interested in buying your potions not for ourselves, but for redistribution to powers like the War Maniac Pavilion and our Paladin force to empower our defenders against the demonic invasions."

Draco and Riveting Night nodded slightly. They knew that this world wasn't as peaceful as it seemed on paper. Why did the hidden powers hibernate instead of causing havoc due to greed or l.u.s.t? Because there was always a bigger fish. The demon race were the perennial enemies of the human race and were an effective stopper on their quest to subjugate the world.

Even with the hidden powers, the human race would get culled to a bare minimum after each Great War, leaving the last few remaining with the difficult task of reproducing at every spare moment in order to fill in the gap. The next Great War was an expansion pack that Draco had partaken in. It was a hellish fight that would beat the kindness and morality out of a normal person.

The Church of Light never sat their ass down during these times. In fact, they always took the biggest hits because they threw themselves forward for the sake of humanity. That was why they were so respected. Draco and Riveting Night had been saved multiple times during that war by the Church's effort, so they only had extremely positive feelings towards them.

What the elderly woman just said was 100% believable to them because it sounded just like what the Church of Light would do. Draco realized he might have been thinking too negatively just then. They had offered to buy his potions, but they hadn't mentioned the price yet, and he'd assumed the worst.

"That is a noble cause, Madam Carrie." Draco replied with a smile.

Madam Carrie was startled. When had she told him her name? Sigh, she couldn't even remember something she did in a conversation just minutes ago. Old age was truly…

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"The Church of Light understands your fears though. We aren't interested in coercing you to sell your creations for less. We want to offer you something we feel is of equal value to all 23 potions combined. Thankfully, the Gods have seen that you have great affinity with the Church, so I am authorized to do this."

Great Affinity? Ah, she meant reputation. After Draco killed Ratchet, he got 200 points with the Church of Light. For scale, 1 reputation point with the Church of Light would be equivalent to 100,000 platinum should it be tradeable.

The two Old Monsters were intrigued by Madam Carrie's words. What could the Church even offer that required reputation and yet had a beyond astronomical value?

'It can't be…?' Draco thought.

"We would like to give you a choice between two options for your potions." Madam Carrie continued.

She gestured to her Aide to bring something to the table. Draco and Riveting Night saw her place a tray with two items on it. When Draco and Riveting Night saw what was on it, their hearts began to pound at speeds that would make a Bugatti Veyron depressed.

"You can either have this Divine Treasure Chest and increased affinity with us or trade in all your current affinity and receive this Minor Divine Emblem. May I know which you'd prefer?"

Draco and Riveting Night were shivering and trembling so hard that it almost looked comical. Not even if the world was coming to an end right before their eyes would they behave like this. However, the two items before them were truly scary, especially for someone who had lived in Boundless as long as they had. The benefits and repercussions were something not even a Rank 7 God could handle.

F.u.c.k, not even Richmond had a divine item. A Divine Treasure Chest could solely be distributed if one had enough reputation. An example was the fellow who was worldwide number 2 in Draco's past life. He had obtained 70 reputation points with the Church of Light after slaving for years. He had been granted a chance to enter the Divine Treasury's peripheral area and search for a divine item that would acknowledge him as it's master.

He had gotten one that made him unparalleled under the heaven aside from worldwide number 1. Even the hidden powers had to bow and greet the fellow although he wasn't even Rank 6 yet. Fathers worldwide had cried for days because their daughters threatened to stop calling them daddy-poo if they didn't let them marry this fellow.

Draco managed to calm down somewhat and pondered over his choices. Both had pros and cons.

The pros of the Divine Treasure Chest were that the items within were summoned from the core of the Divine Treasury. These divine items shouldn't be called overpowered, because that was a term for divine items that came from the peripheral area. Items from the core deserved a better term like invincible, but frankly, even that didn't do justice.

The cons however, were that there was a 70% chance of getting a legendary item. While such an item would usually be desirable, who the f.u.c.k wanted a legendary item when there was a chance for a divine one? Another con was opening the chest. Even if Draco dug a hole to the earth's core to hide while opening it, the fanfare from opening the chest would still be seen.

A Minor Divine Emblem however, was more attractive on paper. The pros were that Draco would lose all penalties for death. No item drops even if the items were permanently droppable, no exp loss and his respawn would be immediate. He would possess power and speed proportionate to a weak demi-god, but the more followers he had, the more power he would gain.

For scale, the current Gods of the world of Boundless had retreated into heaven to watch over everything. They didn't have any altars or churches except the Church of Light which was pretty general. It meant Draco would face no competition in gathering followers.

However, the con was that Draco would never be able to leave the Western Fantasy section of Boundless unless he restarted his account. There was no free lunch in the world. If one wanted power, one must pay an appropriate cost.

Draco pondered over his options carefully and consulted with Riveting Night through private messages. After the two old monsters brainstormed for a bit, Draco made his choice.

"I'd like to choose the Divine Treasure Chest." Draco stated firmly.

Madam Carrie was startled, then broke out into a wide grin. In her heart she was shouting 'good! good!' because she feared Draco would chase after instant benefits instead of thinking for the long term. In fact, Draco already knew that a Divine Emblem was achievable, but he had no real plans for one.

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If this was their previous life where they were stuck at Rank 6 with no real way to climb higher, this would be a godsend. Why worry about leaving the Western Fantasy section when you couldn't even reach the pinnacle? It was clear we might stay in this realm forever, so why not become a deity that would lord over everything?

But that was their past lives. In this life, their acc.u.mulations were too potent. Before entering Boundless, Draco felt he had a 30% chance to surpass Richmond before leaving the Western Fantasy realm. However, with a full-powered Riveting Night as well as all his boons so far, he was 100% certain! Even if he decided to laze about for years, he would still reach the pinnacle and traverse the void!

Who knew what kind of powers he could get after he visited other worlds? If he reached the pinnacle in other worlds, wouldn't he be practically no different from a god? Look at Nakiu! The fellow could come into a different world a bully the most powerful people while becoming stronger and stronger!

Why should Draco give up a promising future for instant gratification?

On that note, he removed all 23 bottles of the Dragon's Blessing potion and placed them on Madam Carrie's side of the table. Madam Carrie gestured to her aide to fetch the bottles before pushing the Divine Treasure chest over to Draco. As he held the item in his hands, Riveting Night suddenly felt threatened. Shit, the way her man as looking at that chest was as if he was going to dump her!

Sure, Draco was quite obsessed with Riveting Night, but this was a Divine Treasure Chest! He'd had wet dreams about it since he first heard of it! Hell, if it weren't for the fact that a Divine Treasure chest was indestructible, he'd carve a hole in the side and pound away for days!

Madam Carrie clapped her hands suddenly, bring the attention of the two old monsters back to her. "I see that my Lord wishes to open the chest. If you'd like, I can take you to our Divine Chamber to open the chest free of charge."

Draco and Riveting Night jumped to their feet and bowed repeatedly, practically screaming 'Please do! Lead the way, madam! If you ever need a bed warmer, this young lad would satisfy you, just lead the way!'

Madam Carrie laughed before snapping her fingers. The group were pulled into a realm that was filled with white light from beginning to end. It was as if they were standing in the middle of all the goodness of the world.

The moment Draco and Riveting Night coalesced, they noticed that their exp bars were climbing very fast. Draco knew what was happening, so he pulled out the Divine Chest and opened it quickly.

Why did Draco and Riveting Night fall over each other when Madam Carrie mentioned the Divine Chamber? It was because this realm was filled with Divine Energy! This was what entered their bodies and improved their foundation to the point where their exp bars rose at scary speeds!

However, Divine Energy wasn't infinite, especially not in the Divine Chamber. One must first allow the Divine Energy to acc.u.mulate for a few years before it was tangible enough to bring benefits. Seeing as no one had opened a chest for thousand of years, the room was absolutely thick with the substance.

But why was this beneficial to opening the chest?

Two reasons. The first was that opening the chest in here would muffle the ensuing fanfare. It would make sure that knowledge of the opening would stay with the parties in the chamber. The second and most important, was that the Divine Energy would be absorbed by the treasure chest and increase one's chance of summoning a divine item.

With the current saturation, Draco's chance had shot up from 30% to 80%! If the Gods weren't his enemies, he was set to acquire a divine item!

Angelic singing reverberated through the room as a stairway dropped from heaven. A choir of extremely perfect looking angels began to sing as a white light traveled down from the heavenly stairway into Draco's treasure chest. The chest shone with unparalleled brightness for a good five minutes before dimming down.

In Draco hands was no longer a chest, but two glowing eyeballs with red pupil that had a strange white pulsation. The pupils looked like how a sonar radar would if it were colored red. The pulse originated from the center of the pupil and traveled out wards towards the edges.

It was definitely a surreal but fascinating sight.

Draco assessed the eyes for a bit before they suddenly floated out of his hands and turned to face him. Draco's alarm went through the roof when he saw the coldness in those eyes. He was about to escape when the two eyeballs sprouted some strange tentacles from their cornea and pierced into both his natural eyes before forcing themselves into his cranium.

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