Guild Wars
Chapter 38: The Eyes of Caelo


Draco screamed in agony. He had been through unbelievable pain before, but nothing came close to the pain of having his eyes gouged out by these eyeballs The tentacles didn't even shift his old eyes away, rather absorbing them into its essence as it took over their spot. In return, Draco was subjected to intense torture that no man could remain sane after.

To understand what he was going through, ask a friend to poke your eyes. Now take that pain, multiply it by a thousand and you could just barely comprehend what he was going through. Hell, the human brain wasn't even able to process this much agony. Normally, once this happened to a person they would die instantly.

Draco didn't die instantly solely because of his augmented brain. Immediately, he gathered what little sanity he had to activate Body of Godliness and shut off all his pain sensors. That stopped a large majority of the torture and he was able to breathe finally.

Riveting Night stared at Draco suffering as blood leaked out of her seven orifices. Her obsession was so strong that any pain he felt was distributed to her by a thousand times. It wasn't a spiritual thing, but scientific. It was called empathetic pain, where upon seeing someone else in agony, your brain mirrored that pain as if it were you who experienced it firsthand.

That was why most fellows would cringe and fall to the floor clutching their manhoods if they were to watch a video of one being cut off by another. Madam Carrie watched Draco suffer with a pained expression, but made no move to help because it could only be weathered by himself.

However, when she saw Riveting Night's response, her heart almost stopped. At this rate, this lass might die and destroy her immortal spirit! Immediately Madam Carrie got to work and gathered what little Divine Energy was left into the chamber, casting the most potent single target healing spell she knew on Riveting Night.

That managed to stabilize Riveting Night's condition reasonably until Draco managed to switch off his pain receptors. Frankly speaking, these two had come really close to proving those skeptics who feared that FIVR games could end up like that like old anime where people died in a game world to be right.

However, Draco wasn't done. The eyeballs managed to integrate with him physically without an issue thanks to his quick thinking, but now it was time to integrate spiritually! After all, this was a divine item, not a legendary or lower item which required only a physical merger. Even the divine Dragon Soul entered his soul instead of his body but didn't have a high criteria for merging like a full power divine item.

Body of Godliness could prevent him from feeling any physical pain but proved ineffective against a soul merger. Once again, Draco was thrust into the throes of anguish. This time though, he didn't scream, instead he just stood rock still. He had no attention to spare for meaningless actions like screaming or groveling. All of his attention was focused on surviving this intense ordeal.


The Dragon Soul, who had been sleeping all this while, woke up feeling refreshed and chipper. It rubbed its eyes lazily and planned to bully his host for a bit to relieve boredom. However, when it looked around, its face changed immediately.


Even though the language of Dragons did not have the equivalent word for such an exclamation, it managed to fire one out due to its extreme distress. What the hell was this nonsense? Why was its host's soul crumbling like this? What was that invading power that was trying to merge with the fellow's soul? It was far too powerful for him! He would definitely die!

If Draco died, the Dragon Soul would expire as well! It was just a remnant after all, it could not sustain his own existence. That was why it had used Draco to make the Dragorugio set as well as the Dragon's Blessing potion. Both allowed it to become more solid by mixing its own essence into the armor and potion.

But it still wasn't enough!

'Yikes, if this Dragon Lord doesn't do something, I'll have to go meet that my dominating wife in the upper realms! Oh Lord, she'd whoop my ass for running away! Shit! F.u.c.k!'

Realizing that, the Dragon Soul didn't hesitate anymore but started to use its own essence to stabilize Draco's soul. While doing this wouldn't kill it, the Dragon Soul would definitely be extremely weak for a long time. Luckily, it still had a good bit of Sacred Force left which managed to even out the damage caused by the merger.

Suddenly, a giant pair of eyeballs with red irises stared at the Dragon Soul coldly from inside Draco's soul. At first, the Dragon Soul was going to cuss and threaten this dumbass for causing so much havoc in its home, but stopped when it felt that divine aura.

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'I..It can't be… not that guy…'

If it was really that particular fellow, then wouldn't this merger be too unfair to all other existences on this plane? The Dragon Soul shut its trap which was about to spew creative insults that the Dragon language never accounted for. Instead, it quietly resumed stabilization of the soul while greeting the eyeballs.

"Good day, Grandpa Caelo. This young lad was just trying to ease the difficulty in merging with this dog host. I'm gratified with your presence and hope you would remember this little one's sacrifice later on."

The Dragon Soul wasted no time in flattering the spirit of the eyeballs while defaming Draco shamelessly. The pair of eyeballs just stared coldly all the while, forcing the Dragon Soul to become silent while feeling gloomy inside. Damn dude, could you at least acknowledge if my flattery was working?

After about a minute, the Dragon Soul noticed something strange. There was a bizarre resonance between its essence of some part of this fellow's soul. Could it be that this fellow is a descendant of some God Rank Dragon out there that copulated with a human? Impossible, it'd have been able to tell when it scanned his memories before!

The Dragon Soul decided to investigate and saw something that almost made it scream! In the depths of his soul was a huge black mass that was locked under multiple chains and seals.

If that were all, this legitimately divine Dragon Soul wouldn't be so spooked. The problem was that the black mass morphed into various shapes and forms, most of them being mythical serpents! At one time, it was the Nine-Headed Hydra, another time it was Ouroboros and in another instant, it was what scared the Dragon Soul the most, a Black Dragon!

For comparison, this Dragon Soul was a red dragon, which was the most common type of Divine Dragon. Different breeds of Draconic beings existed and there was a hierarchy between them! Black Dragons stood at the apex of the Draconic food chain because they had the powers of purest destruction! Even their diametrically opposite counterpart, the White Dragons, couldn't heal damage done by a Black Dragon.

In fact, since all Black Dragons were males and White Dragons were females, the latter group were usually pressed under the former as playthings, but that was for later.

The Dragon Soul quietly retreated from the depths of Draco's soul while pondering.

'This fellow has such a powerful origin. A Black Dragon, huh? If these eyeballs dare to offend that mass down there, it could only pray for a swift death, even though that mass is sealed.'

While this was happening in his soul, Draco was in the midst of a strange development. Since the Dragon Soul had taken away the pain by stabilizing him, he was able to see inside his soul well and truly. Inside his soul was a realm of pure blackness that seemed to extend until the reaches of the universe.

Strangely, Draco could see in this void as if it were day. In the center of this world was a mass of absolute darkness that was locked under some strange looking words as well as chains. Draco instantly put two and two together to assess what this was.

'Is that… the true form of my bloodline? The true form of my soul?'

As if responding to his query, the blob morphed into three different forms. The first was the legendary eight headed, eight tailed draconic serpent Orochi. The second was the legendary sea monster of colossal size, the Leviathan. The final form was the one Draco's eyes were locked on, the one he felt the most resonance with, the Black Dragon.

The other morphs stood one step behind the Black Dragon as if emphasizing his superiority over them. When Draco looked into the eyes of his true form, he instinctively understood some facts about himself and his origin without needing to be spoon fed. Most of it was some form of bloodline memory while the rest was simple logical reasoning based on acquired knowledge and sensible assumptions.

In certain media, Lucifer is depicted as a horned demonoid with red skin, frayed wings and goat hooves. In others, he is depicted as the epitome of male beauty with black angelic wings. Both of these depictions were true, but were only aspects of his true nature.

Lucifer's most popular and accurate depiction was that of a serpent! This also held true in reality, as he was the God of Serpents! As long as it was cold blooded, it would only find ways to serve Lucifer, since he was their deity.

As a descendant of Lucifer, Draco obtained two aspects of Lucifer that he could utilize, which was Lucifer's almost angelic handsomeness and his serpentine supremacy.

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As seen from the blob, various legendary serpents were at his beck and call, but he was most affiliated with draconic beings, namely the Black Dragon!

Draco realized this all in a split second, but he was curious as to how the f.u.c.k this was even occurring. Wasn't he in a FIVR game? How could his bloodline characteristics be displayed here? After all, this character was based solely on his brain's visualization of his physical makeup. The VR helmets obviously couldn't perform full body scans.

He wasn't given any more time to theorize when the eyeballs that caused all this pain invaded the dark space with a haughty gaze. As it spotted Draco here, it was startled, but felt it might be due to the Dragon Soul up there.

However, when it turned to face the soul's true form, its haughtiness froze and was left with pure shock. The Black Dragon also turned to view the troublemaking eyeballs with a cold gaze and roared!

Whatever pain or anguish Draco felt, it felt! They weren't two different entities, but one and the same! All it felt was anger and indignation from being suppressed by what it felt was an ant!

The Dragon Soul above was sweating bullets. He cursed and swore, regretting not being forceful enough. This whole time Draco was getting in touch with his true self, it had tried to stall the eyeballs and prevent it from going down there. Now, it was too late.

It didn't need to do anymore stabilization since the fellow's soul's true form had showed, so all it could do was pray and hope all will be well.

However, what shocked the tiny soul was that the eyeballs regained their haughtiness after the Black Dragon's roar. The Dragon Soul couldn't comprehend what the divine eyes were doing. Did this fellow not know how to write the phrase 'I am already dead'?

The eyeballs spooked both Draco and the Dragon Soul as it lit up and fired a black beam that seemed to eat away not just light, but darkness too. The Black Dragon was startled as it watched the terrifying beam collide with it.

Just when both Draco and the Dragon Soul expected a battle to break out, the Black Dragon seemed to calm down and bow to the eyeballs. The eyeballs also seemed to lose its haughtiness as it gazed at the Black Dragon amiably and bowed back.

What the f.u.c.k? The Dragon Soul was totally lost, but Draco understood. Whatever the Black Dragon felt, he felt! They were one and the same, just separated by a troublesome seal.

The eyeballs had achieved resonance with his true form! Its beam had contained the purest elements of destruction, which was exactly the nature of the Black Dragon. The two were like siblings who had discovered each other after being separated from birth.

The eyeballs didn't create anymore drama after that, rather opting to blend its aura into the seal. Draco noticed the words on the seal were slowly dimming, but the rate at which it did wasn't quick at all.

However, he couldn't help but tremble, a sentiment shared by the Black Dragon and the Dragon Soul. The seal was weakening! It was only matter of time until it broke under the efforts of the eyeballs! By that time, this God of Serpents true soul would be free!

The most powerful descendant of Lucifer, the most potent and feared devil, would be free to roam the world again!

Before Draco could celebrate further, he was ejected from his soul and returned to his body in the Divine Chamber. He saw a worried Madam Carrie.

When she saw that he came to, she breathed out an audible sigh of relief, thanking the Gods for being merciful. She eyed Draco curiously to what what was different about him, but nothing really stood out… until she looked him in the eye.

When she did, she felt a heavy pressure that made her feel inferior to her very core. She felt as if she had spent her life living arbitrary to his wishes, and as such, should kowtow for his forgiveness.

It wasn't until she struggled out of eye contact that this feeling subsided and she noticed that in that singular instant her body had released more sweat than she ever excreted in her life. She felt alarmed inside at the fact.

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Paying respects to a mortal? Impossible, she only worshiped the Gods!

But then how…?

Draco didn't notice Madam Carrie's little episode. He was taking in the changes to his sight, as that was the only real improvement he made. Even the discovery of his soul's true form didn't really mean anything since it was locked under a tight seal. At best, it allowed him to see his potential and understand what he could do if he was unsealed.

「Congratulations, Player Draco for achieving the impossible event of a 100% merger between yourself and a fusion type divine item. Your item's passive and active abilities will be three times stronger than their default at your rank」

「Eyes of Caelo – Fusion item

Rank: Divine


Passive 1 – True Sight: You are able to see everything and anything, through everything and anything as well as beyond everything and anything.

Passive 2 – Subservience: All organisms, souls and entities must bow down to the Ultimate God.

Active 1 – Omega: Fire out a blast of the purest destruction energy that can rend anything and everything under heaven. No cooldown.

Note 1: Casting this skill would reduce your health bar to 1% and render you incapable of movement for 1 minute after firing.

Note 2: This is a beam of unparalleled destruction! Anything hit by it will CEASE TO EXIST. There will be no drops or any form of reward after usage.

Note 3: Usage of Omega is prohibited on players. The attack wouldn't only delete their accounts, but possibly fry the players' brain in the real world.

Description: These are the Eyes of the Supreme God, Caelo, God of Destruction and the Ultimate God. Due to a resonance, the player is able to bring out the full potential of the divine eyes. Due to a special event occurring in the s((%&)))l [email protected]& Err(*&), the Eyes of Caelo are limited because they are unlocking &**6Dra^#$CRITICAL ERROR!!! The Eyes of Caelo would become more powerful after every rank up. 」

Draco read through the description and felt amazed. The abilities of these eyes were beyond amazing. The Omega skill was beyond overpowered in that it could kill... no, erase anything under heaven. Even Richmond would have to kiss the world good bye after one blast. However, the skill had far too many cons for it to be anything other than a life saving trump card.

However, True Sight and Subservience were great, especially the former. Draco noticed that he could see… everything. This was more than having hawk eyes or eagle vision, it was like having omniscient eyes. He could see literally anywhere and everywhere within Boundless because his eyesight tore through space itself to see there.

He could see the particles in the air, the atoms, the protons and electrons. He could see the worldly energy of the universe in its truest state, see what it was made out of. He could see the Divine Energy remnants in the room, see their source, see their makeup.

Draco could see.

However, Subservience he chose to deactivate for now. He would only use it during opportune moments in battles or negotiation. Having people dropping to their knees the moment they made eye contact would be screaming that he had a divine item, although he didn't need to fear individual hidden powers anymore even without Richmond. However, if they ganged up on him, he could only hope that they'd be merciful.

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Draco turned to the panting Madam Carrie and saw his woman lying down unconscious, feeling a twang of worry. He rushed to her side, grasped her extremely light body into his and tried to revive her. After a bit of shaking, she finally came to, although she was a bit confused.

"If this is heaven, then it's absolutely perfect." She murmured with a smile as her dazed mind took in the sight of Draco's face.

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