Guild Wars
Chapter 54: Draco's Paradise 3 [R-18]

When their filthy hands touched him, they began stripping Draco of his armor. Unlike how they were uncaring towards their own garments, they were a lot more gentle with his own.

As they pulled off pieces of his armor, Draco's lean body was displayed more and more. Although he couldn't be described as ripped, he was no longer looking like a slim macho.

Draco couldn't understand how his armor was taken off so easily. If it were a typical type or armor, that would be understandable. But this was an unranked armor that had the embryo of a consciousness thanks to the infusion by the Dragon Soul.

When he thought about that, Draco was hit with the surreal feeling that his armor was… refusing to make eye contact. He could almost hear it say;

'This owner of mine, I decline from involving myself in this crisis. If you manage to survive afterward, we can continue to stomp on the world together.'


Draco turned to the Dragon Soul, but the fellow had placed a blindfold over his eyes and had stuck his fingers into ears. Clearly, he wasn't about to involve himself in this matter too.

Draco was left alone, n.a.k.e.d and weak in front of 20 women who were licking their lips with sharp glints in their eyes!

When his package was unveiled, the 20 Elven females froze. Their expressions were one of bafflement, as they had never seen such a…'wondrous' rod.

Oi, can that thing really fit? This Queen is not in the mood to have my insides pulled outwards, you know?

However, these girls in particular need not fear. Their wide h.i.p.s, thick thighs and lovely thigh gaps formed a combination that allowed them to fit such impressive peckers in with much more ease than usual.

The Elven female with the darkest skin went on her knees in front of Draco, staring at his manhood with a fascinated and enraptured expression. She breathed in the scent of his member, her face becoming slightly intoxicated due to it.

Draco wasn't a neat freak, but he always made sure to keep his genitals clean as often as possible. It was a trait drilled into him by Maria, one that he could never break.

Feeling her hot breath and taking in her enthralled expression, Draco's flaccid member began to rise to attention.

The Elven females felt an even more intense desire as they took in this sight. Two of the girls went of each side of Draco and began kissing as well as licking his ears.

The one behind him began caressing his back while rubbing her chest all over him. Although she - as well as all of them - had a very muted chest size, she wasn't totally flat per se.

Also, it was believed that girls with smaller tits had much more sensitive, and the way this particular Elven female was gasping, it seemed to be true.

The three girls who were kneeling before Draco's now rock hard c.o.c.k looked at each other and nodded.

Then, they took his member into their mouths, the one with the darkest skin taking in the head of his p.e.n.i.s while the other two took each side of his shaft.

Draco's mouth dropped into an :o when he felt that. He was the type to stick to one on one s.e.x.u.a.l encounters and the worst he had done was a threesome. Having more than two mouths slurping on his c.o.c.k was a feeling that was unimaginable.

The chemistry between the girls was perfect. They each moved with a set and comfortable rhythm, causing Draco to feel a mind boggling amount of intense pleasure assail his c.o.c.k.

Each time they moved up and down his shaft, their tempo increased. It was amazing for Draco and he made the mistake of m.o.a.ning a little from it.

One of the females who had been rubbing herself down there took that chance to plug Draco's mouth with hers, kissing him with a fervent desire.

Draco was feeling a wide range of sensations. His back was being caressed by soft hands and soft b.r.e.a.s.ts. His ears and his were being licked. His mouth was being violated by a female who tasted like a fresh berry.

His c.o.c.k was being devoured by three different mouths all at once.

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Draco didn't even know what he was feeling, but it was euphoric. He had never been one to look for orgies, but now he realized what he was missing out on.

Soon, his legs began to shake a bit as he felt the pleasure intensify. He felt a piping hot liquid climbing his urethra slowly, gathering momentum as it waited for the right time to burst.

The girls, seeing that he was throbbing so powerfully, felt excitement wash over them. They increased their tempo and began massaging his testicles, bringing Draco to climax almost instantly.

The dark skinned girl who was sucking on his tip wasn't selfish. She removed her lips and allowed Draco's c.u.m to bathe herself and her sisters in its wondrous essence.

Once they got a whiff of that manly scent of s.e.m.e.n, their hormones began to rage violently and their desires were magnified.

Still maintaining that position, one of the girls with the palest skin, came to stand in front of Draco. Two other girls held his arms apart with knowing smiles, while the one behind him braced his back properly.

The light skinned Wood Elf girl bent over, displaying her amazingly fat and thick ass to Draco. Her skin was flawless and her vulva was the closed bud type, bringing Draco, who was slowly going down, back into power.

She placed his c.o.c.k over the crack of her ass and clenched her butt cheeks. Bent over like that, she began to move up and down his c.o.c.k, using the flesh of her ass to stimulate Draco.

The pleasure was great, but it was the visual effect of seeing her thick and soft ass gripping his c.o.c.k and caressing it that made Draco feel an intense sensation. His eyes were unable to leave her fat butt eating up his c.o.c.k, making him pant with a returning ecstasy.

The girl herself was feeling great. Teasing such a huge rod with her ass made her become embarrassingly wet, as it was all she could do to prevent herself from forcing it inside her.

She wanted to be ravaged and inseminated by this c.o.c.k, but everything had its time.

The other girls looked on with envy and l.u.s.t, patiently awaiting their turns to be filled with c.u.m.

The light skinned Elf increased her tempo and even twirled and shook her ass as she teased Draco. Se began to m.o.a.n as his shaft passed over her back road, stimulating her in a way she found intriguing.

She hadn't thought that such a place could feel good, but she realized that she might like it there more.

Draco realized that he couldn't hold it in any longer. For the second time in less than five minutes, he released a heavy load of s.e.m.e.n. It spurted on the back of the Elf girl who teased him, as she m.o.a.ned happily.

Feeling the searing hot s.e.m.e.n coat her back made her feel ecstatic.

Draco panted lightly this time. The orgasm feature was a bit broken in the early updates, allowing Draco to ejaculate as long as his brain could handle the intense stimulation without crumbling.

The girl knew that her turn was up and she relinquished her spot to another Elven female, who was a medium tanned babe. This girl got into a similar position as the previous one, but she didn't play around.

She angled Draco's still hard c.o.c.k at the entrance of her canal, pushing it in slowly as she pushed herself onto him.

Draco could only grit his teeth as he felt the intense stimulation from parting her folds. She was extremely tight, but her p.u.s.s.y was able to swallow him easily and conform to its shape.

It wasn't as quick and exaggerated as with Zaine, but these Wood Elves had clearly evolved in a way that allowed them to extract s.e.m.e.n as easily as possible.

Once she had swallowed Draco's whole rod, a feat which shocked both the watching Elves, herself and Draco, she began to move up and down his shaft slowly.

She marveled at how pleasant a human c.o.c.k felt compared to an Elf's. The Elven males were too rare and too few. They had weak s.e.x.u.a.l prowess, but their d.i.c.ks weren't tiny at the least.

Still, it held no candle to Draco's, which was hard, hot and throbbing. She moved her ass back and forth, allowing his fat c.o.c.k to bash her cervix over and over again.

She quite liked that feeling, although majority of her sisters probably didn't.

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Every time he hit her cervix, she felt some liquid pouring into her, which was Draco's prec.u.m.

Draco himself was growling deeply. If watching the previous Elf girl rub his c.o.c.k with her fat ass was exemplary, watching this one swallow his c.o.c.k with her similarly huge bum was even more stimulating.

Every time she enveloped his c.o.c.k to the fullest, her ass would collide with his thighs. When they did, it rippled like the waves of the ocean, making Draco pant with a strong desire.

During s.e.x, what most guys thought about was how to hold back so they could prolong the pleasure. Draco however, was struck with the rare urge to fill this girl with so much of his seed that she would drown in it.

When that thought crossed his mind, he felt the rising of the s.e.m.e.n in his shaft. However, he felt it was not enough! He clenched his teeth and held back, allowing more s.e.m.e.n to gather and build momentum.

The Elf girl, who had no idea the kind of trouble she had provoked, raised her upper body and little and grabbed Draco's torso, which was behind her, to balance herself.

She increased her tempo and felt her canal begin to tingle. She too felt the onset of an orgasm, as Draco's pounding and ravaging of her canal was too pleasurable for her to hold back.

Each movement she made brought her closer and closer to her ecstasy. She did not notice the evil glint in Draco's eyes, which should have made her feel worry and trepidation.

Eventually, Draco felt that he could hold it in no longer, releasing his acc.u.mulated load into her with unparalleled vigor.

The poor Elf girl who was riding his large rod with an ecstatic expression had her expression change as she felt that hot liquid bursting inside her with such force.

She screamed in pleasure as the s.e.m.e.n filled her w.o.m.b to the brim, its heat and thickness making her feel rapture. Her eyes almost rolled into her head as her saliva began to leak from her mouth.

Her legs trembled as a golden shower erupted from her special place, coating the floor in its majesty.

After being filled up and orgasming from it, she fell to the floor in defeat, her consciousness clearly gone for the moment.

The other girls saw this a felt a mixture of apprehension and interest. They wanted to be f.u.c.k.i.e.d silly like that, but were scared that the stimulation might be too much.

Draco, who was now more lucid, released himself from the hold he was put in. He grabbed one of the tanned elf girls and threw her on the bed.

Then he jumped on her and spread her legs open, taking in the sight of her slightly closed vulva. With a wicked smile, he pierced into her with his c.o.c.k, making sure to go all the way in her.

The poor Elf girl thrashed on the bed as her hot and wet canal was invaded by a huge c.o.c.k. The pleasure of sudden penetration was too much for her and she screamed out in bliss.

Draco didn't pause. He began thrusting into her constricted canal in a missionary position, plunging his c.o.c.k into the depths of her at a fast pace.

The unfortunate girl who was pressed beneath him looked overwhelmed as she was ravaged by Draco's member, her legs hanging in the air as he smashed into her h.i.p.s.

Her hands tried to grip something for dear life, but she couldn't grab anything useful. She could only receive his power packed thrusts as her eyes slowly became lidded and dazed, an expression of foolishness on her face.

She began to laugh in a silly manner as the pleasure of being destroyed by such a d.i.c.k soon overwhelmed her sense of reason. Like the girl before her, she released a golden shower of mercy as she screeched in pleasure, but Draco wasn't done with her.

He raised his h.i.p.s a bit higher and began thrusting downwards with crushing force. The Elven female under him couldn't even feel her waist anymore, she just m.o.a.ned loudly every time Draco thrust into her canal.

Draco pounded her like this for a whole 10 minutes before he released his load into her, not filling her to the brim like the other one, but definitely making her feel his seed sloshing about inside her.

In those ten minutes, she had orgasmed three times.

She was now an unconscious mess of happiness and bliss.

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Draco lifted her from the bed and placed her aside gently. Then he turned to the remaining girls who were looking at him with hesitant expressions. He cricked his neck and flexed his shoulders, staring at them with a wolfish grin.

He walked up to one of the other pale skinned Elf girls and grabbed her. She was thrown onto the bed, but on her front this time.

Draco leapt up over her and she felt his rod begin to press on her canal. Her wet p.u.s.s.y became even wetter as she half feared and half l.u.s.ted for the incoming penetration.

With a scream, she gripped the bedsheets as Draco rammed into her without pausing for a second. She felt her whole abdomen being re-arranged by Draco's fat d.i.c.k and she panted with a dazed expression.

Draco for that matter began pounding into her like this. He slightly regretted choosing this position though, because it allowed him to view his d.i.c.k piercing through her fat ass and into her canal.

In the missionary position, this sight wasn't the focal point, so the visual stimulation wasn't as strong. But now, with this prone bone position, he felt a strong sensation that made him m.o.a.n.

Visual stimulation was important for dudes during s.e.x and even the fellows with the highest s.e.x.u.a.l stamina might release in two seconds with their preferred visuals placed in front of them.

Draco pounded her p.u.s.s.y with exponential intensity, as he knew his time was limited when he was treated to such a sight. The girl beneath him wasn't even able to muster any thoughts before her golden shower shot out.

This was because Draco's d.i.c.k was hitting spots that he should not be allowed to touch in this position, bringing her to orgasm quickly. Draco didn't acknowledge her predicament, instead it motivated him to press on her harder.

Her legs curled up behind her and she gripped the sheets beneath her with a tight hold. The bed began to creak and shake from the sheer force of Draco's pounding.

The unfortunate Elf girl felt her backside go numb as her canal was ravaged by Draco, her cervix the last line of defense for her w.o.m.b. If it weren't for it, he would pierce into her w.o.m.b and destroy her totally.

Draco, who could no longer hold back after taking in the sight of her ass clapping from his pounding, pierced deeply into her, even pushing her cervix apart a little.

This allowed the opening of his p.e.n.i.s to penetrate her w.o.m.b and his c.u.m poured directly into that place with maximum force.

How could the poor girl deal with such an intense stimulation? She screeched until her voice went hoarse as she orgasmed again, her mind fading to black from the intense stimulation.

Draco laughed as he got off her and carried her limp body off the bed. Her blissful expression coupled with those eyes and that drooling mouth made the other girls feel fear.

They had provoked a beast!

He wasn't trapped in here with them, they were trapped in here with him!

Draco grabbed two girls this time, throwing them onto the bed. Both of them were made to lie down on their backs, one near the head of the bed and the second one near the foot.

Draco dived into the p.u.s.s.y of the girl near the head of the bed with tongue, slurping on it like it was his last meal. He placed his c.o.c.k over the face of the girl near the foot, plunging it into her mouth.

The one near the top was having her cunt eaten out while the one near the bottom was having her face f.u.c.k.i.e.d.

Draco plunged his tongue into her canal and licked her walls like a starved man, making her grip the head of the bed while m.o.a.ning loudly. Draco didn't devour her slowly, but was rapidly tasting her v.a.g.i.n.a in its entirety.

The one near the bottom, who was having her mouth ravaged, was playing with her chest and her c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s as Draco's c.o.c.k plowed her throat. Her eyes were glazed over and her breathing was erratic.

Even as she played with herself, she enjoyed the feeling of having her throat devastated like this.

The one who was having her p.u.s.s.y devoured also began to rub her sensitive chest on her own and even began to twitch and scream when Draco pinched her c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s with his fingers, still maintaining his intense tempo.

Both of them orgasmed with proud golden showers, sharing their womanhood with the ambient area. The one below Draco, who was gorging on his c.o.c.k, had passed out due to the overload of s.e.m.e.n.

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The one who was eaten out was still lucid though and Draco brought his still erect c.o.c.k to her canal.

As he drove his c.o.c.k into her and she screamed, he turned to the remaining Elf girls and pointed at them with an evil smirk.

"You're next."

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