Guild Wars
Chapter 71: Parkins

"So, what do you plan to do now, My Darling Nephew?" Fyre asked Draco with a smile.

Draco thought for a bit. His original plan was to beat up Fyre till she divulged all the information of the Lineages, or her Lineage, but since she was family, he couldn't even muster the will to argue.

"I was planning to head to a new house and build my own force in the human world."

Calling society 'the human world' sounded bizarre to Draco, like he was in some cheap , but it was the best description for society now.

After all, the 'humans' of the world were actually… sub-humans. The Lineage members were the real humans… in fact, they were even demi-humans at best. Only the 9 progenitors were humans.

However, calling everyone a sub-human was a bit too much, even for a bastard like Draco. It was best to just refer to them as 'humans' in this case.

Draco's reply made Fyre's eyes light up. "Does my Darling Nephew want his Aunt's help?"

Draco wanted to shout 'NO!' but he couldn't. Instead he said, "Aunt Fyre, I would rather do this with my own efforts as a form of tempering myself."

When he said it like that, how could she continue to be troublesome? With a downcast look, Fyre nodded.

"This Aunt… understands… all young heroes of the family must sooner or later abandon their elders for adventure. You can go freely, my Darling and Beloved Nephew, This Aunt will be perfectly fine even though I will be alone and abandoned."

Draco wanted to bash his head on the wall. No wonder his father ran away from Aunt Fyre for her sister, who was his mother. Such a troublesome woman could frustrate one to death!

"Aunt Fyre, don't be sad. This Nephew is doing this partly because of you." Draco said quickly, patting his Aunt on her shoulders.

"You are…?" Fyre asked with surprise.

Since Draco had decided to bullshit his way through, his face's thickness suddenly magnified and his shamelessness leveled up rapidly.

"Of course. This Nephew has little care for the mortal world but… if I were to carve a piece of my own Kingdom, part of it could be attributed to Aunt Fyre and her supportive behavior towards me and my actions."

How could Fyre not see through all the bullshit? Still, she looked moved and smiled. "Then, This Aunt shall keep you no longer. Go out and conquer, my Nephew."

Draco smiled and walked out of the room the same way he came in, with a black t-shirt, red burberry shorts, long white socks and black slides. A small, red drawstring bag was hung over his back with a few items inside.

Looking at this scene, it was too much like a young and handsome son going out on a journey to the west, his old mother watching him leave with teary eyes.

However, what ruined this scene was the evil glint in the "mother's" eyes.

'Teehee, what a shameless boy. Still, that is what I loved most about his father. Truly like father like son.'

Her eyes glowed with nefarious intent.

'Still, wanting to get rid of This Aunt is easier said than done! I won't let anything happen to my handsome nephew!'


Draco walked along the streets of the low-class district.

Looking at the way he was dressed, like some trust fund kid out on a stroll, various eyes locked onto his form. However, when they did, they looked away almost immediately while sweating.

His killing intent was too heavy!

F.u.c.k, that boy was more evil than we were! How could a youth who looked like a f.u.c.kboy be so evil?!

The area was filled with noise and a slight bustle, as the people went about trying to make that minimum amount of money to survive. It wasn't the usual bustle of a city, but like a marketplace.

On the streets were various stalls selling various things, and there were small buildings situated behind in which the stalls were set up on behalf of.

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Draco saw at least three people getting pickpocketed, one girl suddenly being dragged into an alleyway and a young guy being led into a trap by a little girl.

Truly, this area wasn't for the soft! Once one passed through here, they'd best treat everyone with utmost diligence and wariness, otherwise they'd end up facing more than just a simple inconvenience.

Draco watched all of this with an apathetic expression. He was disinterested in solving the sufferings of the world because unless he became an tyrant that used force and threats to stifle crime, it would always exist.

He wasn't so bored that he'd become such a person, neither was he a Hero of Justice at heart. Maybe he would've done something about all this before the event, but he had changed far too much during his war on Darkrow to ever truly go back to being 'good'.

Draco turned into an alley and walked along it stately. The cutthroat fellows who were based here watched as Draco passed by, their faces still and their eyes sharp.

None of them even tried to stop him. Not even one person took that step forward, or mumbled anything to interrupt his walk.

For them, it was like sitting in a rocking chair on the porch, and then suddenly noticing a 10 foot python sliding by right in front of their house.

Naturally, one would freeze and remain still until the python passed by, since it seemed uninterested in you and was just moving through.

At the end of the alleyway was a door. Behind the door was the sound of heavy bass music. Two fellows stood on each side of the door, their arms folded on their chests and their eyes covered by thick black shades.

They wore tight black lacoste t-shirts and black trousers with black shoes. The one on the left was light skinned and had a thick mustache. The one on the right was dark skinned and was bald.

They were both buff and tall as hell.

When they saw Draco approaching, they moved to stop him but were stunned silly by his aura.

Damn, a person like this with such an aura… do we even dare to stand in his way?

Then again, do we have a choice? If we allowed him to barge into the establishment without checking him first and he caused trouble… could we handle the fallout?

This was the issue one faced when they were low level members of unorthodox and illegal groups. In a legal business, the worst consequence one could face was being fired.

A person like that would cry and whine that life was unfair.

But for people in the illegal scene, failure equaled death or worse! Depending on the weight of the failure, they could even face torture or implicate their loved ones too!

These two fellows were caught between a rock and a hard place. They had to stop this youth and inspect him properly, but… with such potent killing intent, he was probably a killer that was worse than anyone in their organization currently.

Draco stopped before them and smiled. He might not have the Eyes of Caelo in the real world, but he could see what these fellows were thinking based on their aggrieved expressions.

"I'm here to see Parkins." Draco spoke with a smirk.

The two bouncers' expressions changed when they heard that. This kid… wasn't simple!

To know the Boss's name and to say it so casually… just who was he?

Before either of them could speak, they heard a slow and gentle voice emerge from a speaker above them. The bouncers looked up and saw a tiny spider-bot camera situated right above them.

When they realized that their boss had been watching everything they'd been doing since day 1, they began to sweat so heavily that one would think it was raining.

"Let him in."

The light skinned bouncer took up the task of leading Draco to the voice that spoke, while the dark skinned fellow remained outside to watch the entrance.

Once Draco entered, he was blasted with the sound of loud rock music, dark lights and the smell of alcohol, sweat as well as s.e.x. The lights were constantly flashing and the throng of people were so thick that everyone was pressed against one another.

Draco's passive Control showed him that more than 90% of these people were junkies who were high. Among them were about 40% of them having different styles of s.e.x while pressed together like this.

The rest were just too high to even do anything except get pushed around.

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The remaining ten percent were the dealers and the watchers, who made sure that nothing went awry while their throng of drug addicts expressed their idiocy.

Draco wasn't led through the crowd but rather through a door that looked like a janitor's closet near the entrance. Inside it was a clean hallway that was well lighted.

The moment the door was closed, the sound of the music was muffled to almost non-existence. Draco noticed this with a smile. It seemed that Parkins was still the king of tech in this age.

They walked down the hallway up to a wide double door that was reddish brown in color, with some lion carvings as well as some flowery designs on it.

The bouncer stopped here and knocked on the door gently. The door clicked open slowly, revealing a plush and well-decorated office with a bookcase that covered the totality of the walls on the left and the right of the room. The floor was brown polished wood and more than 70% of it was covered in a light blue rug.

In the center of the room was a wide coffee table and two long couches on either side of it. Near the north section was a large and wide CEO's desk with various items on it, from books to a lamp and a computer.

Seated on the couches were two girls who were twins. They looked to be in their early twenties, with modest chests and twin tails. They had round and cute faces, with big eyes, small noses as well as rosebud lips.

The one on the right couch had aqua blue hair while the one on the left couch had fiery red hair. They both had dark black eyes and wore long sun dresses which had colors that matched their hair.

They were barefooted, their gladiator sandals lying askew beneath them. Both of them curled into comfy positions on the couches, the red-head having a plasma pad in front of her while the blue haired twin had a holo-screen before her, clearly in the midst of typing something furiously.

Seated in the chair at the desk was a young man who looked like a young master. His face was long as well as sharp and his eyes were a light black. His hair was long, having being tied into a traditional Chinese hairstyle which was similar to a ponytail, its black l.u.s.ter shining in the light.

His lips were a bit long, but and slightly thick. His eyes were sharp and oval, giving him those dreamy eyes that young girls loved to see in the love interests from female-targeted media.

He had a light smile playing on his lips as he stared at some files before him. He wore only a light red long-sleeved shirt and some black pants, looking less like a CEO and more like Draco's kind of person.

They both looked like young masters!

However, Draco unfortunately resembled a f.u.c.kboy who thought every girl was his plaything, while Parkins looked like those gentle and refined young masters, who were a bit too soft on the inside.

When Draco entered, the red-head looked up from her plasma pad with a bored expression, wondering which fellow had come to lick her brother's boots this time.

However, when she saw the devilishly handsome Draco, her eyes widened and her face became flushed slightly.

'Wow, he's really handsome!'

It was a perfectly normal reaction when seeing such a handsome guy, especially from a female of such a young age. Of course, it wasn't so exaggerated because Draco's physical appeal was high, but not soul stealing… yet.

The blue haired sister looked at Draco as well. Her expression remained placid, but her cheeks did flush a bit. She stared at Draco in such a manner, with cool and emotionless eyes as well as reddened cheeks, her fingers still typing away.

(Authors note: Naturally, the red-head is a tsundere and the blue hair is a kuudere. If you have no idea what those mean, google em.)

Draco walked right by them without even gazing in their direction, his eyes locked onto Parkins. For that matter, Parkins pretended not to see Draco, his eyes still roaming over the doc.u.ment in his hand.

Draco sat in the only seat across Parkins, placing his bag on the floor beside him as his eyes bored into the fellow. He released his aura, making the bouncer and the red-head blanch. The blue haired twin showed no outward expression.

Parkins raised an eyebrow at that and decided to drop his doc.u.ment, staring Draco right in the eye. The two maintained such an intense eye contact, the room's temperature dropping rapidly to the point where it felt glacial.

Parkins had a small smirk playing on his lips as he rested his cheek on his left fist, which was also placed on his desk. Draco had crossed his legs in the gentlemanly way, his arms folded and his face impassive.

Those in the room felt their heartbeats slow down rapidly, until they could feel a wave of lethargy assail them as blackness creeped onto their field of vision due to panic.

Parkins eventually sighed and shook his head. "To what do I owe the pleasure, Mr… Draco?"

When he dropped the doc.u.ment, one could see that it was freshly printed. Parkins had referred to it when he mentioned Draco's name, intentionally bringing the fellow's attention to the fact that he had information on him compiled.

Draco ignored the theatrics and went straight to the point. "I want an S-class assignment with the option to cancel as I please."

When he said this, everyone's faces changed and Parkins expression became stiff.

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S-class assignment with the option to cancel…? Did this lad think he was the son of Superman?

The red-head looked like she wanted to crack open Draco's skull and find out how such a beautiful man could be so dumb. The blue hared girl though, seemed thoughtful.

Parkins also didn't rush to speak nonsense. He simply considered the information he had gathered so far as well as his own impression of Draco. After being silent for a while, he spoke.

"Jada and Jade will be your handlers during the mission. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt this time, but I must be sure. Here's your assignment."

Parkins flicked his hand and small chip shot forth towards Draco's chest so quickly that it almost looked like bullet. Jada and Jade, the two twins, were shocked by this.

Was Parkins trying to kill the fellow?!

Draco however, moved his hand slowly, so slowly that one would wonder why he even bothered. However, when the chip got close to his chest area, it appeared in between his fingers, which had returned to where they had moved from.

It almost seemed like the movement of his hand was just an illusion, and the chip had simply disappeared and reappeared in between his fingers.

Parkins breathing stilled while the twins paled. The bouncer was also shocked, but he was mostly clueless.

However, the other three understood everything, as well as the reason why Draco was so incisive, possessing such a dark aura.

He was a Control master!

My God, he was so young too!

Majority of the Control masters in the world were old men and women who had been refining their combat abilities while experiencing an unholy amount of life and death situations in order to develop Control.

However, here was a 20 year old Control master, possibly one of the few in the world, if not the only one!

How could they not be spooked?

Draco took the chip and nodded to Parkins. "I'll be back soon."

Parkins didn't respond. Despite his power and influence, A Control master was someone he dared not to play around with by heart. Even his earlier actions made him feel a bit stupid currently.

However, what made his heart go cold was when Draco stopped and stared at the twins.

"What are you waiting for? Get up and follow me."

The twins became worried as they looked at their elder brother, but Parkins had a look of pain and grievance. He opened his mouth many times in order to say something, but nothing came out.

Jade, the blue haired girl, sighed internally and stood up, moving behind Draco quietly and obediently. Jada was a lot more reluctant and unwilling as she did the same. What if Draco was a l.u.s.tful beast that would play around with them?

Parkins stood up and finally managed to speak. "Mr.Draco, there's no need to go with them. They would only slow you down as it is."

Jada looked hopeful that Draco would agree. After all, who wanted two pretty and seemingly useless girls tagging along while they undertook such a serious mission, especially one that was rated S?

Draco smirked arrogantly. "They won't. After all, their unique abilities are well-suited for espionage and fixer work."

When he revealed this, Parkins immediately pulled out a gun and shot the light skinned bouncer, who had been lost all this while. The fellow looked shocked that he would be killed for doing absolutely nothing.

Parkins complexion was wan and the twins took a step away from Draco. Even the ever-cool Jade was terrified this time.

How did he know? How did Draco know about them?!

They had made sure to hide their abilities since they were born and thanks to their big brother's power, they had been able to live peacefully in the dark spots of society, undetected and unmolested.

But now, they were discovered!

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And by a young Control master too!

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