Guild Wars
Chapter 79: The Darkness of the Night 4

Draco's eyes narrowed. Discussing the terms of surrender was fine and dandy, but the way these fellows had gone about it showed that they held out hope until the very last second.

Firstly, there were the core members who had been forced to form a last line of defense after the common members scattered to the wind. It was as if these three hoped that those people might be able to weaken Draco's momentum a little and give them more room to bargain.

Secondly, they had left a very skilled assassin in the hallway, whose duty was probably to assassinate Draco when his guard was down. Not just in the hallway, but probably in the various rooms.

After all Draco was young and he was a ruthless criminal. There was hope that he would be the type of person who enjoyed pressing himself on others, which was why these three allowed those innocents to stay inside.

Once he was in the throes of passion, he would lower his guard.

Thirdly, the way they sat around wasn't like they were literally the only 3 people remaining while Draco had a powerful force. In fact, Draco himself could slaughter them all in a split second.

So the question was, what was their source of confidence?

"You will give up this castle as well as $10,000,000 in cash. You will release Jada and Jade this instant, allowing them to come to my side. Finally, the person who orchestrated the idea of capture them will commit suicide before me."

Draco's voice was nonchalant as he gazed at his fingernails arrogantly.

Baron D'our's smile cracked as his lips twitched. This fellow was like a goddamn whale opening its dog mouth to swallow all the water. He was too greedy and avaricious!

Ferdinand was calm as Draco made his demands, which was what these three expected. However, his last demand made him lose all color. After all, it was he who made the decision to have these girls captured.

Both women on the Cardinals' side remained silent, their faces locked into neutrality. Inside however, they were fearful and worried. They weren't as confident as Baron D'our, and now that Draco wanted the life of Ferdinand, they couldn't help but go cold inside.

"Good Sir's requests can be met easily. We can provide this Castle, as we no longer have the means to manage it, and the money. We can also free the two ladies soon enough. However that last condition… would Good Sir like to discuss it further?"

Baron D'our's tone was smooth and clear. If this fellow had a charisma stat, it would be higher than Zaine's. The art of speech was his forte and he prided himself in it. There was always ambiguous meanings in his words, as well as exit points and misrepresentations.

In other words, he spoke in a way that sounded as if he was saying A, but he was actually saying B. When you complained afterward that he clearly said A, he would use the misrepresentation to defend himself. He left exit points in his statements so he could always renege on his promises logically and legally.

Draco wasn't the world's best detective, but Baron D'our's reputation was well known. One had to listen to his words carefully in order to understand what he was saying.

Draco replayed his words over and over again in his head, trying to find the various loopholes within. He was able to identify a few problems in this short sentence.

The first was Baron D'our's assertion that requests could be met easily. The keyword here was easily . This implied that should a request of Draco's climb into the realms of difficulty, they would default in their execution of it.

Secondly, he stated that they could provide the castle to Draco since they no longer had the means to manage it but… what if they acquired the means to? What if all Baron D'our needed to do was just escape the combat range of Draco, and he'd be able to draw heavy external support?

After all, aside from whatever he was relying on to keep his fear in check, he was no different from a French Noble underneath a guillotine. No amount of twisting and turning would free his neck from the falling blade.

Thirdly and most importantly, he said that they'd release Jada and Jade 'soon enough' not 'immediately'. This was what had Draco frowning so heavily as his eyes became cold.

Now that Baron D'our had finished speaking his nonsense, it was time to see exactly what he was basing his confidence on.

"I see. However Baron, I do not see why I need to discuss anything further. You are all within the scope of my Void of Perfection. I'm assuming a learned man like you knows what that is."

Draco's eyes flashed and his aura began to erupt, but only on the brainwave side. He didn't manifest it into reality yet.

However, for the three humans seated in the couch, it was like waking up to find a laptop sized poisonous black widow lying on your chest.

The primal fear, the notion to remain absolutely still until it left, washed over them.

Baron D'our barely managed to smile through this terrifying aura, and he could only curse his stupid son for abducting these two girls without doing a proper investigation on their backing.

"Good Sir is right, we are too weak to negotiate. But if we do not, we would be killed and plundered. Since that is the case, Good Sir should understand that a cornered rat is the most fearful."

Baron D'our still kept his noble and respectful tone, but it was laced with a heavy amount of resolve and ferocity. It was as if he had made a crazy decision and was determined to see it through no matter what.

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"Baron D'our, spit it out. What the f.u.c.k are you relying on to talk to me like an equal, even though you are a dog while I am a wolf?"

Draco's sharp words left no more room for civility. He had directly ridiculed the Baron and dragged his existence through the mud.

The Baron didn't seem too bothered on the surface, but deep down he grimaced. Truly, the young were difficult to deal with, since they lacked patience and refinement.

Even though Draco had used harsh and rude words, it didn't mean the Baron would stoop to his level. He felt he was too mature for that.

"Good Sir should understand that we had predicted situations where our very foundations would be attacked. We aren't omnipotent and we can't block all arrows. What we can do, is make sure that if we are on our last legs, we can take our enemies down with us."

Baron D'our's eyes flashed with subtle wildness as he said this, opening his suit jacket to reveal a strange contraption attached to his chest. Ferdinand and Cherry did the same, showing the exact same devices there.

Draco gazed at them with a bland expression, his demeanor remaining light. However, inwardly he was sighing.

'So, this is why Jada said they had a 10% chance to live.'

What they had was nothing new to Draco. In fact, such a method existed since almost 50 years ago. They had attached heart monitors to their chests that were remotely linked to a bomb.

The moment their heartbeats stopped, even just one of them, the whole place would be blown to smithereens. Jada and Jade would be unable to survive while Draco would, if he utilized his Control to the extreme limit.

However, he would be unable to take the two girls away easily. He would need a combination of lucky circ.u.mstances an the will of heaven in order to survive. This amounted to the 10% chance they had.

Draco shook his head. "Baron, Baron… you are truly too clever for your own good. Using the lives of Jada and Jade to threaten me while protecting yours is truly clever and insidious. A normal Control master could only gnash his teeth as you all fled, unable to even harm a hair on your head."

Speaking up to here, Draco's bland tone became a bit ferocious and menacing.



Baron D'our's mind trembled from the way Draco said 'however'. It implied that he had a way to circ.u.mvent his clever failsafe that he put all his trust in.

Suddenly, a resounding shockwave erupted in the room, blowing everyone back a few steps while scalding them, only leaving Jada and Jade who felt that warmth they had come to crave.

Their faces became a bit silly as they bathed in this comfort, as if the threat of death no longer bothered them. They had a 100% belief in Draco due to his aura alone.

For the other four… it wasn't as pleasant. Aside from Cherry and the black-clad girl, Baron D'our and Ferdinand were akin to bacon thrown into hot oil. They began to scream as they cooked.

Their skin released the horrifying sound of something being fried, as it bubbled and popped like something being coated with acid. It was agonizing to inhumane levels, but not enough to kill them.

For Cherry and the black-clad girl though, it was like they were frozen in ice. They could only remain still with their thoughts as their husband/father was subjected to such torture.

Since this occurred behind Jada and Jade, as they hadn't been blown back, the continued to bathe in the comfort of Draco's aura while a horrifying scene occurred behind them, much to their obliviousness.

"Come to me."

Draco's soft command wafted into their ears and they blushed slightly as they unhesitatingly walked to him and sat on each side of him, their cute and adorable faces smiling happily, even Jade.

Although, with her dead eyes, it made hers a bit more adorable than Jada's in a way.

(Author's note: She kinda looks like Arin Kannazuki from Trinity Seven)

It was at this time that Draco turned to the other two women. Since the two men were in the throes of agony, they were no longer a part of this discussion.

"The two of you shall have your fates decided by me. You, Cherry, are complicit with the abduction of my assistants. Your sentence shall be light. You will serve as a trophy in my collection, there to receive and please my guests in anyway I want you to."

Draco's voice reverberated calmly. It didn't sound like he was abducting someone's mother to become a servant used to 'receive' others, but like he was buying cabbage at the market.

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Cherry's face blanched when she heard Draco's judgment and her lips began to tremble. She looked so pitiful and frail that one couldn't help but feel a surge of hatred for Draco.

So after all that talk, you are nothing but a bastard!

However, Draco based his judgment on the fact that Cherry was no frail woman. She had sat beside Ferdinand all this time, as the second in power of a mafia group that was the seventh most powerful in the city.

She was extremely complicit in the murders, and plundering of various families and other mafia groups. To think that her hands were clean was utter foolishness.

However, that wasn't the main deciding factor of Draco's decision, no. It was just a side reason.

The main reason was the fact that she would be useful as a personal courtesan. That was it.

Draco wasn't going to pretend that he was an Arbiter of Justice and her punishment was fair. He was a bastard and he knew it. He was despicable, amoral, heartless and vile.

However, that was who he was… what he had become.

The difference now, from before, was that with the third thoughtstream taking prominence in his mind, he needed solid logical reasons for taking majority of his actions.

Logic did not factor in morals, only pure reasoning. As such, there was no revolt from his thoughts.

He turned to the black-clad girl. "What is your name?"

His tone was charming and had a certain lilt to it that sounded hypnotic. This was an application of the dark charm of the Dark Angel Inheritance, although it was barbaric and unseemly to the eyes of any Lucifer Lineage member of this Inheritance.

Had Draco's mother been here to see this, she might have taken off her slippers to spank the fellow for embarrassing her so strongly.

But to these common humans, just this simple application was like hearing the call of the sirens. They were unable to resist.

"My name is… June…" The black-clad girl answered in a dazed yet intoxicated voice.

"June. Good. For being complicit with the abduction of my assistants, as well as performing s.e.x.u.a.l harassment on them, your sentence shall be moderate. You shall become my personal breeding slave, existing only to increase my family count."

June's heart became cold as she heart this and she snapped out of her daze.

"No!! I don't want!!"

Draco was startled, and so was Cherry as well as Jada and Jade. One should note that both Jada and Jade weren't technically in love with Draco, but they would still not mind being with him s.e.x.u.a.lly, simply because they were a.d.u.l.ts and found him attractive.

Cherry loved her husband and wouldn't normally consider Draco even with his charm, but she would prefer being his personal breeding slave over being some second hand courtesan who anyone under him could touch.

At least, it was better than dying abruptly, especially for someone like June. The side-effects, aside from her continued suffering by being dehumanized, were great. She would receive protection from a young Control master, as well as a higher status than what she had.

If she was clever, after bearing his children, she would find ways to manipulate them into hating their father, using them to kill him and swipe away everything he had.

That was Cherry's thinking.

However, her daughter's staunch refusal made her think of something. Could it be…?

"Oh? What makes you think you have the right to negotiate your fate? You are either dead or a breeding slave, and the choice isn't even yours to make." Draco's tone was filled with mockery and disdain.

June's face paled when she heard Draco's vile words. Her whole life now existed on his palm, whatever he wanted her to do, she had to do. She was extremely unwilling, but she had no choice.

At this moment, Cherry spoke. "June, why don't you want to?"

She was curious because she had some speculations, but she wanted to confirm them first.

June's face alternated between gloomy and pained, as she struggled to decide whether or not she would share her secret.

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At this moment, Draco spoke. "Say it."

With that solicitous charm in his voice, June's eyes became dazed as she spoke out her secret clearly.

"I prefer women."

Cherry and Draco's eyes widened, while Jada and Jade became uncomfortable, folding into Draco even more as if they wanted protection. Of course, Jada and Jade had long been aware of this, since they had been frequently s.e.x.u.a.lly harassed by June.

However, Draco, and even Cherry, believed that she was at worst, bi-s.e.x.u.a.l, or just a bit sadistic and abnormal at best. Knowing that she only liked women wasn't bad at all, but strange.

Draco just smiled. "All the better. If you had liked men, you would have eventually fallen in love with me, which would negate the purpose of this being punishment. Since you don't, this is very apt."

Draco no longer bothered with the crushed June who fell to her knees and began sobbing.

He turned to the deformed Baron D'our and Ferdinand, whose life and death were unknown at this time. He just shook his head and said, "The two of you, for trying to kill me and my assistants, your fate is extreme torture before death. Preferably, death by a thousand cuts."

The two, who had been lying limp like dead dogs, suddenly shivered and became fearful. If death was clean and painless, one could accept it depending on their character. However, hellish torture before death was not a preferred way to go by even the most stoic fellows.

Draco ignored their begging, summoning Sanji and Akainu. The two entered the room with flair and grace, especially the handsome Sanji. He puffed out a cloud of smoke from his cigarette and adjusted his glasses.

"So, a remote bomb that's tied to their heartbeat huh? Who still uses that in this day and age?" Sanji muttered this while pressing on his holo-screen rapidly.

When Jada and Jade saw Sanji and Akainu, their eyes lit up, Jada when she saw Akainu and Jade when she saw Sanji.

"Big Brother Akainu!" Jada cried happily.

"Hello, Brother Sanji." Jade greeted with a slight smile.

Akainu smiled when he saw Jada and petted her gently. "Good to see you're safe, Little Minx. The world would be boring without you."

Sanji finished what he was doing and carelessly mussed up Jade's hair. "Yo! Little Jade Beauty, you're growing up so fast. When are you going to bring me nephews and nieces?"

Jada pouted when Akainu called her by her old nickname and Jade blushed at Sanji's question.

"Yo, Bossman. The bombs are disabled by the way, and all the surveillance and tech have been rerouted to my holo-screen. I control every piece of technology in and around this castle right now."

Sanji said this almost as an afterthought, rendering Draco speechless.

'Hey there… just because you've seen your junior sisters doesn't mean I'm no longer relevant…'

Draco sighed and gave a thumbs up to Sanji. He turned to Akainu and gave his commands.

"Take the two men and kill them with a thousand cuts. The blond haired woman with blue eyes will become a courtesan of mine. Train her on how to serve male and female guests who have high statuses."

He then pointed to June. "As for her, she is to become my personal breeding slave. Clean her up and make sure she can't commit suicide. Situate her in one of the rooms and hire a proper courtesan to train her in the ways of s.e.x.u.a.l pleasure."

Akainu puffed out a thicker cloud of smoke than Sanji could ever muster, making the latter feel depressed. He tapped the tip and let the ash fall to the floor as he sighed lightly.

"And you?"

Draco thought for a bit.

"Purchase Virtua Helmets for yourself, Sanji and the twins. When you come online in the game called Boundless, search for the Umbra guild headquarters and look for a woman called Riveting Night. Tell her I sent you."

Eva was aware of the mafia group distribution in this city because she had moved here at some point during their relationship and had remained here during their fallout.

She knew Jada and Jade as well as Akainu and Sanji.

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"As for me…"

Draco spawned a Draconic appendage and admired his sharp claws.

"I have a world to takeover."

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