Harmless Obsession for the Captivating Male Lead

Harmless Obsession for the Captivating Male Lead

다정한 집착 남주에게 사로잡히면

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Harmless Obsession for the Captivating Male Lead novel is a popular light novel covering Adult, Fantasy, and Josei genres. Written by the Author Rofan Sisse. 35 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


I reincarnated as the villain’s younger sister who will be punished by the male lead. It was a forgone conclusion that both of us will die to the male lead if my older brother continued his evil ways. So I tried to live quietly while trying to change my wicked brother, but for some reason the male lead is lying in front of our villa? I can’t let him die, so at first I helped him up, but…the male lead’s condition is a bit strange.

Wait a minute…did it start already? The male lead’s mana poisoning? There is only one way to calm the enormous amount of mana within the male lead’s body. Immediate physical contact…

But that’s the female lead’s job!

Aren’t I the villain’s sister? Why me?! What the hell is going on?!

“Rose…Please, I need you. Save me…”

This is driving me crazy…I can’t turn a blind eye to the dying male lead, and there’s not enough time to find the female lead!

…Gosh, I don’t know!

Let’s save the male lead first! I’ll help him, then once I find the female lead, we’ll break up! I quietly approached him and we kissed. But as if that alone was not enough, with a deep sigh, he spoke.

“Let’s have a deeper relationship.”


“Kissing, and other things…”

He looked at me sorrowfully. I couldn’t take my eyes off this great beauty when he looked at me in such a somber way. Absentmindedly blinking my eyes, I inadvertently nodded my head. Then he pulled me in and locked his arms. With a dazzling gaze and a bright smile, he spoke.

“Rose, you’re my first.”

No, I can’t be your first time!

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  • lotushilib
    Jan 11, 2021

    haa if only such men were actually real and cared about me i would literaly be the happiest person on earth

  • lnwUser20432
    Jan 09, 2021

    Its really creppy but i keep reading this smh

  • HollyBird
    Jan 04, 2021


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honestly i find it irritating how he acts like a little baby i thought he could be pretending more i'm in chapter 15 and he gave no sign !!!! so I gave up on this story because he is an insurmountable crying man

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WOW I LIKE THIS STORY SO MUCH! i feel little I feel a little sad because I need more chapters this story is really addicting! the FL brother is very cute I want more childhood stories of rosenia (FL)

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I just read to chp17 BUT HONESTLY NEVER THOUGHT THIS KIND OF NOVEL AVAILABLE HEREEE😍😍😍. although, indeed i like the romance like hourglass villain of Aria, this too intrigued me 🤭. Thank you and although it is not r-18, im really thankful because the translation so good made like r-18 and im bashful whenever I read them. I totally come for Cale Henituse to this website but thank you to widen my horizon🎉🎉

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Oh my god! I love so much!!! Wish the update will come soon! Rosenia
Rosenia must have felt troubled, on both sides there were possessive boyfried and also a possessive brother. Anyway i wisll wait for another update, WISH I CAN READ THIS SOON!

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I love this. To be honest, I didn’t expect a lot of the things that would happen. The FL is still the typical protagonist, not much different than the others, she just doesn’t deny his feelings as vehemently. And as always, the ML is the only one putting effort into the relationship, but the FL isn’t because “he belongs with the original heroine” typical cliche in novels like these. Still quite enjoyable, though.

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I really like the story,, I hope there will be many childhood stories about Adrian and Rose. They seems to be a good siblings and funny.

And idkm i wouldn't call Adrian's and Duke's obsession as harmless tho. They keep Rose caged won't make any good for Rose. Iam looking forward to see the encounter between Duke and Adrian,, cant wait for next chapters..

High quality translations and I thank the translators for their work.

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This is such an amazing story. The pacing is slightly quicker than other stories since they skip through a lot of the childhood scenes. It’s a little cliche too and has a pretty predictable storyline. But it’s not bad at all and a little refreshing. The female lead is funny and strong, but she’s not the reason why I love the story.

It’s the male lead. Oh my god, I love the male lead so much. He’s hot, reasonable and asks for consent before doing anything. Plus he actually cares for her not because of her looks but because of who she is. Like every single one of his actions scream: “I love you.”

All in all I would sum it up as:
Pacing: 8/10
Character Development: 7/10
Storyline: 7/10
Translation Quality: 9/10
Romance: 10/10

It’s really good. I’d highly recommend ❤️

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This is a nice story. It has me hooked up....It's a pity the number of chapters are so low...seriously I want more. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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Extremely infuriated with our FL at times while reading. She describes how good looking the ML is rather than ask reasonable questions to clear suspicions on topics. Completely a pushover with the ML - went from first-base to the home-run REAL quick.
And here we have our ML...where most of the chapters he's declaring how much "pain" he's in while creeping on our pushover FL. I don't know if the reveal of his backstory can redeem him, I wouldn't get my hopes up. I'll stick around to see how the brother will attempt to kill our ML.

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