Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation
Chapter 146: The Power Of Ghastly Troops (2)

<How will you respond?> ▶Decide for yourself ▷ Leave it to the system

Seol-Hwi hesitated this time.

If this was from him being under the curse of sensory confusion, then maybe leaving it to the system would be better.

For some reason, there was a vague expectation that the system would be able to ignore this.

But that thought only lasted a moment before he quickly shifted his gaze

Seol-Hwi knew it too. The moment he depended on the system, his growth would stop there.

After all, a crisis depends on whether one can overcome it or not.

The AI said so.

Do not let the system eat you.

5… 4…

Seol-Hwi was looking for a countermeasure using the short time he had. He thought about the Simulation but didn’t proceed with it.

He had no intention of using such an absolute power for something like this.

Moreover, didn’t he think of something else to use the Simulation for?

I have no choice but to lean into that.

For now, this is the best way.

<You have selected ‘Decide for yourself’>


At some point, a single Soulless approached right in front of him. Even though it had a large body, its movements were swift.

<Supreme Low Temperature Ice is being used.>

Seol-Hwi used the same technique again.


In a situation where time seemed to have come to a standstill, Seol-Hwi moved his right and left hands along with his left and right feet.

The reason to slow time down wasn’t to defeat the enemy but to check how his body would move.

Through a few movements, he found a way to protect his chest.


As soon as the skill was released, he was pushed back by the Soulless.


The Soulless who fiercely followed up looked like he seized an opportunity.

As if to prove its combat power of 29.99 million, its movements were markedly different from the others.


Seol-Hwi’s eyes widened as he tried to protect his chest with both hands again.

The energy shot from the hands of the Soulless was aimed at his lower body.

When Seol-Hwi hurriedly moved his legs to avoid it, his balance collapsed, and as a result, he couldn’t avoid it.


Seol-Hwi barely managed to fly past it.

He hurriedly tried to stand but couldn’t. It would be a proper blow to the chest.

“For now I figured out how to block its moves.”

Seol-Hwi struggled to get up and regain his balance. He learned how to control his right and left senses even though they had been switched.

And the Soulless, as if waiting for this moment, began to approach one after another.

“Right. Let’s do it right this time.”

<Combat Method, Free.>

Seol-Hwi changed the combat method.

This fight.

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It was his determination to get through this without any help.

“Stop him!”


The place where the rest of his group was located was a mess.

Seol-Hwi wasn’t the only one who was afflicted with sensory confusion, it spread to the rest of them too.

His subordinates couldn’t adapt to this situation where left had become right and right had become left.

And despite being surrounded by the Kangshi, they couldn’t even respond.

At this rate, they would die without a chance to fight back.


At that moment, Songhwa showed his wits.

Maybe a little more energy was left within him or the curse placed on him didn’t matter.

The curse on Yorim was lifted.


Yorim didn’t take much time. As soon as the curse was lifted, he unleashed the unique ability.

The Kangshi were already running for him and it was his best move.


Six different waves immediately soared out from the tip of the spear.

It was Reaper of Souls, an energy based technique which wasn’t just stronger than those of normal warriors but one that also obeys the will of its caster.

It immediately pierced the heads of six Kangshi at once, making them collapse on the spot.


Yorim didn’t rest.

Dozens of Kangshi were running for them, and as a result, the unique ability was unleashed another three times.


Eighteen spears. There were 18 spears spread out in each of the 18 directions, taking down the Kangshi.

Not a single one could do anything in response.

This was because in addition to being invisible to the naked eye, the speed of the energy was lightning fast.

At the sight of enhanced energy being used like some form of water, the emotions of the Ghastly Troops watching it drastically changed.

“What is that!”

“Is that the Air Sword!’

They were saying so.

The energy that came from the tip of the spear and something moving according to the caster’s will were all characteristics of the Air Sword.

So they all faltered.

Taking advantage of it, the members caught their breath.

“Ah, now one more…”

Songhwa who was running out of energy thought through which person should be next.

Just one more.

He was contemplating on whose curse he should cancel.

“Seo Ryeong, walk,” Jeok Song said.

Yong Jin was good in close combat.

Although he was skilled with ranged attacks, he knew how exceptional Seo Ryeong was.

She would be the most helpful in this situation.

“Yes, right. Right now she needs to be able to move.”

Songhwa chanted the spell and collapsed!

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Jeok Song cried out while Seo Ryeong quickly grabbed him and gently laid him on the ground.

“I am free too.”

Looking around, she told Yorim,

“The two of us have to handle this.”

“Should we aim for the humans instead?”

“No. It will become dangerous if they split up. We have to solidify our position here.”


Smoke dispersed and came at them from all sides.

Those whose heads had been smashed or had their limbs cut down were now standing up again.

They were the ones who were already expected to be immortal.

It was then.

“I think I might be of some help.”



Imugi approached the both of them. He was clearly cursed but still managed to move?

“How did you release it?”

“I didn’t.”

At Jeok Song’s question he shook his head.

“Kuak, there is one thing I learned from my former master. No, not exactly learned or anything but rather just realized while being there…”

Imugi moved his head and hands back and forth.

Fists and kicks.

He was moving on his own will.

“Kahaha. You didn’t think I could do this right?”

This guy… is he a genius?

He looks like such a moron, did we miss something…

Jeok Song and Yong Jin exchanged glances but,

“But my reaction time is slower than usual even though I can do normal movements.”

Hearing that, the both of them shook their heads.

As they thought, he couldn’t be a genius.

Right now in this situation speed is what mattered the most.

“How long can you last?”

Meanwhile Seo Ryeong asked Yorim,

“Well, I don’t know. If another curse comes…”

He continued and looked at the Ghastly Troops.

“Is that it?”


The battle between Ma Taryong and Wolsa was fierce.

Swords clashed in all directions, creating sparks along with a halo of light sometimes filling the surroundings.


After several clashes, it was Wolsa who was on defense.

Ma Taryong’s movements were far beyond what was expected while his techniques were sharp and intimidating.


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So Wolsa wanted to see the fight from a distance rather than be in close range.

By rapidly releasing sword energy, he tried to push the opponent far away.

But he then soon realized his mistake.

The enemy’s punches were one step ahead of him, and it was because their punches were sharper that caused him to take a blow in his stomach.


Wolsa faltered back. Fortunately the opponent didn’t push him further so he sighed.

As if he had forgotten what happened, he began to praise the response of his opponent.

“Wow, you do a punch from there…”

If it was like an aura or maybe a wind blow, he too could have reacted right then. But this punch held no energy.

An attack which reduced its energy in an attempt to try to make the opponent careless.

“Do not mess around.”

Despite pushing the opponent back, Ma Taryong didn’t seem pleased. Well, he knew what the opponent was made of.

Even though this man had suffered internal wounds and was in the process of recovering, he didn’t take damage from the attack.

What spell was used on him was unknown, but his body seemed to be absorbing the attack.

“Do not be like that. I am not the only one who is doing it, right?”

And it wasn’t just Ma Taryong who thought that.

Wolsa also knew his opponent wasn’t going all out.

He had his spear in one hand. If he had gone all out for just one attack, he could have died.

He experienced it with his own body why this guy was known as the Black Spear Demon Soul.

“But, I ask you now that this came out. As someone who has been judged to be extremely rational, what happened for you to trust him and involve yourself in such a situation?”

Wolsa turned and looked at the place where the fight was in full swing.

As expected, the battle was progressing in an unfavorable manner for Ma Taryong.

The captain was busy being beaten continuously, and he didn’t seem to be able to overcome the curse on his own.

It was the same elsewhere.

Thanks to the Fangshi’s movements, some of them managed to escape the curse, but the number was too small.

At first glance the two subordinates seemed to be doing something, but it did not seem to last long.

Because the members of the Ghastly Troops who are in charge of the Kangshi handling will curse them again.

“I am curious. There must be a reason why you made such a choice.”

A person who is sober enough to side with the Fourth Disciple wouldn’t bring him a loss of power like this, which made him curious.

What was the reason they moved into this hopeless fight?

“Do you really believe that?”

Ma Taryong turned to a place.

Following the gaze, that was where the captain was.

As expected he was constantly under the attacks of the Soulless.

“…What do you mean?”

“His achievements are already so great at this age. Actually I cannot believe it.”

It sounded like he thought it was absurd and Wolsa asked,

“It is surely a significant achievement at his age, but it isn’t unbelievable. There are a few disciples of the elders who are also quite outstanding. If you look at it more broadly, there are a few men who managed to achieve that.”

“I see. Then how many would make such a choice?”


Ma Taryong turned to Wolsa.

“In this desperate situation, he chose to fight. I haven’t seen him more than a few times but I knew it. He decided to take the chance, to take a path no one else would want to see.”

“…So it has been proven that he’s an odd one. Look around now. What he brought you all into.”

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“Let’s both watch it together.”

Ma Taryong spoke with a curious expression.

“From where he will find his answer.”

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