Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine

Chapter 298: Do You Have Someone In Mind? (1)

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Chapter 298 – Do You Have Someone In Mind? (1)


A clear sound echoed, and Mo Rongzhan’s cheek was covered with a shallow palm print. His warm lips were still glued to Ye Zhen’s cheek. Although he did not feel any pain, this was the second time he was hit, and by the same woman at that.

Ye Zhen bit her lip tightly, a layer of mist formed in her limpid eyes. Every time she saw him, she was reminded of the melancholy and solitude that had accompanied her for two years instead of the husband she longed for. Just when she had stowed him away like a precious, beautiful dream, and told herself he must have forgotten her, he had taken in another woman as her … and showered the imposter with all his love and affection. She had stood there and watched in silence, his apathy for her and love for the who he thought was her. She felt she had made peace with it all, nursed her aching heart while living her second chance. But reality proved otherwise. Even after so long, she could not NOT feel nothing for him … she could not treat him as a stranger when she saw him. She was unreconciled with herself.

How much she loved him once was how much she hated him now …

“This is the second time you have hit me.” Mo Rongzhan’s fingers gently stroked the skin around her neck, his fingers were a little rough rendering her delicate skin limp and numb.

Ye Zhen pressed both her hands against his chest and looked at him coldly. “Your Majesty, this official’s daughter is not a shameless person. Please let me go.”

Mo Rongzhan pushed forward further, almost holding her whole person in his arms, his breath brushing her ear. “Should Zhen sentence you to death, or … should I punish you through other ways?”

“Had you not acted in such a way, I would not have hit you.” Ye Zhen held back her tears refusing to show her weakness before him. When she had loved him with all her heart, he had heartlessly turned a blind eye to it. He had trampled her heart, emotions and threw her aside like a rag. Now that she had a second chance, being reborn in her sister, the last thing she wanted was treading the same path that had once lead her to bleakness. She wanted to stay as far away as possible from him, never to have any contact with him. And yet, he provoked her again and again.

What did he want to do?

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Mo Rongzhan did not speak a word. He simply lowered his head and kissed her lips. Unlike the kiss a while ago, that was just like a dragonfly grazing past the water, this time it was more intense. He forcefully pried open her pursed lips and like a hurricane, stormed into her mouth. In retaliation, she clenched her teeth, stubbornly refusing to loosen up. But the man didn’t care, he sucked her pink lips hard until she breathed out softly in pain. His tongue took advantage of her momentary lapse in attention and burrowed deep into her mouth and absorbing all her sweetness.

Ye Zhen couldn’t push him away, nor could she endure him. She felt sick at the thought of the many concubines in his inner palace, how he had would have entangled with those women. She felt her stomach churn.

Mo Rongzhan couldn’t stop kissing and loathed to part away. Her lips were really soft and tender, the more he tasted the more he wanted to indulge. He clasped her hands on the wall with one hand, slipped the other into her jacket … gently kneading her well-endowed bosom.

This bastard … This scoundrel …

Ye Zhen’s tears gushed out of her eyes, her hate for him growing deeper. Mo Rongzhan kissed her tears bit by bit, and then covered her lips again. He was just that reluctant to let her go.

Bitterness filled her heart, she hated to be dominated by him all the time. Why do I’ve to hurt myself like this? So what if he’s the emperor? If worst comes to worst, I’ll die again!

Go to hell! Asshole!

“Ugh…” Mo Rongzhan groaned in pain as a metallic but sweet taste spread through his mouth. He looked at her coldly with low eyes. “You bit me?”

Finally free from his grasp, Ye Zhen glared daggers at him and gasped for air. She was going to bite him to death!

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Mo Rongzhan chuckled, smiling in a seemingly frightful manner. As if she had challenged him, he blocked her lips hard once more, and let her experience the sweet taste in his mouth.

“Mo Rongzhan, back off! Go away!” Ye Zhen kicked him like crazy. She found him repulsive, disgusting, and making her feel sick in the stomach.

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