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Chapter 1441: Ill Settle It for You

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Chapter 1441: I’ll Settle It for You

Huo Shaoheng was deep in thought. “You’re saying that the person who sent the text also has doubts about this?”

Chen Lie nodded and replied firmly, “Of course. If the other party was certain, then wouldn’t it be more effective to mention Gu Nianzhi’s name directly? Then there would be no room for negotiation.”

“So, you’re saying that he’s the one who cured Nianzhi? You must be joking! At most, he’s someone who covets other people’s advanced medical skills. He probably has low morals, and wants to deceive the world!”

Chen Lie was addicted to talking and chattered on, “Do you remember? I once mentioned that Nianzhi has an old injury on her spine.”

“That kind of injury resembles that commonly seen in a cat. It’s caused by being thrown down from an upper floor many times.”

Huo Shaoheng’s expression changed slightly. He felt that he had already found the right direction amidst the fog. “Then we can be sure that the people who cured Nianzhi and the people who kidnapped her this time are two groups of people.”

“Before Nianzhi came to us, there should have been two groups of people who were familiar with her. One group was made up of the people who cured her. For the time being, we can assume that this was a group of good people. The second group was the ones who had abused her and experimented on her. The second group might very well be the ones who kidnapped her this time.”

“That’s very possible!” Chen Lie nodded continuously. However, his face quickly turned pale. “If it’s the second group of people, then wouldn’t Nianzhi be back to being a lab rat again?!”

Chen Lie’s heart tightened at the thought of those terrifying experiments that might be conducted on Gu Nianzhi again.

He was extremely ashamed of himself for trying to take advantage of Nianzhi’s special constitution.

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This test had baptized him from head to toe.

This was how a person’s spirit and consciousness grew and improved over time through self-reflection and self-criticism.

“Huo Shao! You have to save Nianzhi as soon as possible!” Chen Lie’s face turned pale. “She’s not a child anymore…”

Huo Shaoheng’s feelings could no longer be described with words.

It was as if someone had taken a sledgehammer and placed his heart on a hot metal plate, before roasting until it turned red. Following this, the sledgehammer was used to smash down on him incessantly…

It didn’t matter if he was smashed to pieces, but he could not hurt the little girl he had doted on since she was a child…

Huo Shaoheng gulped and raised his hand to glance at his watch. It was already midnight.

It had been 15 hours since Nianzhi went missing at 9 am.

The prime time for a missing person to be rescued was 24 hours after they went missing.

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In other words, they only had nine hours of prime time left.

It was dark outside the window, and Huo Shaoheng’s sleep-deprived brain was still working at high speed.

Nianzhi, where are you?

He was mentally and physically exhausted, and his vision went dark. He fainted in Chen Lie’s office.

In the headquarter of the Special operation forces’ encampment ground, Huo Shaoheng woke up on the sofa in his office. He was covered with a blanket.

Zhao Liangze sat on a single sofa at the side. There was a laptop on his lap, and he was checking on the information.

After realizing that he had woken up, Zhao Liangze immediately said, “Huo Shao, you fainted at Doctor Chen’s office. Doctor Chen asked someone to bring you here.”

Huo Shaoheng immediately looked at his watch. It was already six in the morning, and he had slept for about five hours.

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From the military base in Rihe City, he had truly had not slept for four days.

Huo Shaoheng rubbed his temples. “Yes, how is it? What’s the progress?”

Zhao Liangze quickly replied, “… we have found three of the four cars.”

Huo Shaoheng jumped up, his expression was unsightly. “Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?!”

“You haven’t slept in almost four days. You have to get some rest.” Zhao liangze sighed softly. “Besides, they were all empty cars… There was no point in waking you up.”

“Empty cars?” Huo Shaoheng lifted the blanket and got up. He walked into the small bathroom to wash up.

He hadn’t slept or rested for several days, and the stubble on his chin had grown.

Zhao Liangze stood at the bathroom door and reported to him.

“Yes, they’re all empty.”

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“The car headed east was left at the exit of the highway. The license plate number was identical to the one we saw. There was no one in the car.”

“The car headed south had already left the capital, but it was abandoned at the quarantine zone by the highway. There was no one in the car.”

“The car headed west didn’t go far. It was parked in the parking lot of a shopping mall and was the first to be reported by the crowd. Of course, there was no one in the car either.”

“I’ve already asked someone to tow all three cars back.”

Huo Shaoheng washed up and shaved his beard before asking, “What about the car headed north?”

Zhao Liangze was a little ashamed. “That was the only car that escaped our search.”

He had hurried over, but the other party still managed to escape.

In other words, the fourth car was too fast, and it was different from the other three cars because it had changed three different license plates to pass through the checkpoint of the Traffic Control Bureau.

They didn’t realize it at the time, but when they checked the license plates of all the black SUVs that left the capital, they discovered that there were three other scrapped license plates!

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Then they locked onto the target again.

Huo Shaoheng’s hand paused mid-air, and he stared at the mirror in front of him. “You mean, it has left the capital?”

“Not only has it left the capital, but it should also have already left the border…” Zhao Liangze said, his face pale.

Huo Shaoheng flung away the automatic razor and his face darkened. “Hurry up and chase after them! No matter where you go, you have to chase after them!”

“Yes, Sir!” Zhao Liangze quickly saluted.

The car headed north. There were two countries across the border, Outer Mongolia and Russia.

Zhao Liangze went to inform the special operations forces field personnel from the two countries to take over the search.

Huo Shaoheng’s face was as calm as water as he walked downstairs.

He wanted to personally check those three black SUBs.

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In the special operations forces parking lot, three tall black SUVs were lined up in a row. It was a rather majestic sight.

Huo Shaoheng had someone bring little corgi over.

The other staff stood far away and did not follow.

In the empty parking lot, the first rays of the morning sun shone through the clouds.

A tall man in military uniform stood next to a cute short-legged little corgi. The scene was indescribably funny, but none of them could laugh.

“Go up and see if… your mommy has been inside.” Huo Shaoheng said expressionlessly.

Fortunately, the staff was far away, or else those who heard it would have gotten a shock.

The short-legged little Ah Ke wagged its tail and ran towards the black SUV on the far left.

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Although there was no key, it was not difficult for the people of the special operations forces to open the door of a car.

The doors of the three cars had, of course, been unlocked.

The short-legged little Ah Ke leapt forward lightly and jumped into the car.

It sniffed around the car and quickly turned around to get out. It ran to the middle car and also quickly got out and went to the ca on the far right.

Within less than three minutes, it had finished checking all three cars and returned to Huo Shaoheng’s side, shaking its head and tail.

Huo Shaoheng squatted down and stroked its head.

The short-legged little Ah Ke barked. It wagged its tail and bit Huo Shaoheng’s sleeve, wanting to leave the parking lot.

Huo Shaoheng understood what it meant.

There was no scent of Gu Nianzhi in the three cars. She hadn’t even gotten in.

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This meant that they were just a front.

Huo Shaoheng wasn’t even interested in going in to check.

Where exactly was Gu Nianzhi?

Could she really be in the fourth car?

The fourth car that had already left the borders?

Huo Shaoheng frowned.

Just then, his phone rang. Huo Shaoheng answered the call.

Zhao Liangze’s anxious voice came from the phone. “Huo Shao, we just found the whereabouts of the fourth car. It’s heading towards Russia and Siberia! Was this done by the KGB?!”

Huo Shaoheng hesitated and shook his head. He didn’t believe that the Committee of State Security (KGB) had done it.

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If they knew the secret of Nianzhi’s constitution, it wouldn’t have been so easy for the two of them to escape unscathed in Russia the last time.

Huo Shaoheng had an indescribable feeling when he thought of a trip to Tungus, Siberia and Russia.

He frowned. The Committee of State Security (KGB)’s second-in-command, Vladimir, had given Gu Nianzhi his personal number. His driver, Uncle Ivan, was a good friend of Gu Nianzhi’s.

Huo Shaoheng remembered their phone numbers.

Could he trust them?

Huo Shaoheng hesitated for only a second before he quickly found the driver’s Uncle Ivan’s number and called him.

The call was quickly picked up, and a string of hard Russian words popped up like fried beans.

“Hello? Who are you? Who are you looking for?”

Huo Shaoheng paused and said in Russian, “I’m Huo Shaoheng, Cereus’s fiancé.”

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The driver immediately understood when he mentioned Cereus’s fiancé. He quickly said, “It’s Major General Huo?! Hello, why did you call me? Where’s Cereus? How has she been recent? I heard that she’s very busy?”

A series of questions clearly showed that he was thinking about Gu Nianzhi.

Huo Shaoheng took a deep breath and said, “Where’s Vladimir? Is it convenient for him to pick up the phone?”

The middle-aged driver was unhappy. “Cereus is the best to me. She gives me the biggest red packet. What is it that you can’t tell me?”

Huo Shaoheng replied calmly, “I can tell you, but I’m worried that you don’t have the authority to help me.”

“Tsk! Tell me!” the middle-aged driver patted his chest. “Let me see if I can help!”

“Okay.” Huo Shaoheng pursed his lips, he said casually, “As you know, our military parade and exercise has just ended. I’m on vacation and wanted to take Cereus on a trip to Siberia, which is why I called you. Cereus and I want to enter the country under our own personal identities. Do we need to make any arrangements?”

“Oh, oh, oh! That’s great! But I haven’t been on vacation recently, so I can’t go see Cereus.” the middle-aged driver was extremely regretful. “But you don’t have to worry about entering the country. It’s a small matter. I’ll settle it for you.”

“Okay, thank you, Ivan.” Huo Shaoheng’s voice was very relaxed. The driver did not notice anything unusual at all.

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He happily took the documents that Huo Shaoheng had faxed over and went to settle the immigration formalities for him.

The Committee of State Security (KGB) would have to approve a private tour to Russia with Huo Shaoheng’s identity.

Huo Shaoheng had used this method to get into Siberia and Russia because he did not want the kidnapping of Gu Nianzhi to become a hot topic in the community.

He did not want to attract the attention of the KGB, although he did not think that Gu Nianzhi had been kidnapped by them.

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