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Chapter 34 8 months ago

I can see why others won't like this one very much. But I love it! It was one of the first novels I happened to read. The enemies and fights were satisfying. The romance was sweet. All the Buddhism crap they brought later is weird but I don't mind it haha (bias). I never lost excitement reading this one.

  • preprem

    is the romance here only towards one love interest? like no harem and all that? been wanting to read this but im not a fan of the harem genre!

    • CeRes

      One lover only yes! The FL is not a jade beauty but she is a badass!

Chapter 34 one year ago

This novel is seriously confusing, they are using some terms but aren't even explaining it how does the author expect me to understand what he wants to tell me?Extremely Frustrating

Chapter 34 one year ago

Just to fix the rating. Read all the popular titles...
this is not below a 4 star novel.

Cons: Nothing new
Pros: Not like most of autistic autors with a gold fish brain for memory. Decent coherent and no major plot holes (400ch in)

Conclusion: If you read most of the "good" titles this one will offer nothing new but is a decent read. Doesnt deserve a rewiev of 3 because its cut above mediocrity would be a above average (in novel writtings...) intelect of the author.

Chapter 34 one year ago

I've been reading this novel off and on for years. When I first started, I remember being intrigued by the plot of the MC being thrown into the body of a typical bully senior brother type character from a standard xuanhuan. Then he meets the hero and turns his world upside down, he also meets other reincarnators and a person stuck in a time loop. Your typical hero plots.

This idea of meeting all these trope heroes is quickly abandoned by the author and your left wondering... what now?

Well I won't spoil it but ill give a general outline. The author pivots To an amazing post apocalyptic 'Journey to the west'. If you don't know what journey to the west is, read the Wikipedia article for a brief synopsis. Its not an exact retelling, its just heavily inspired by all the characters from JTTW.

Its not a fast read, its not pages and pages of gallery reactions and typical Chinese novel tropes. ThereS no Harem, and the MC is super smart and resourceful. There are lengthy explanations involving the history of Buddhism and daoism.

I can't comment on the early chapters, but the later ones were all immaculately translated. This novel definitely rewards the reader with a richly detailed world and amazing characters.

Chapter 34 one year ago

This should be called "History's strongest senior brother's Father" with his cultivation always lagging behind his father the title loses its thing after a few chapters who isn't even his real father and a spoiler I read which obviously I shouldn't have that this novel ends with his father and mother finding out he isn't his son and doesn't accept him and needs time to think things through MC somehow gives his so-called father and mother there real son soul shadow after they confront him.

Chapter 34 one year ago

Please fix the translations. it's not that good, though it's understandable. it's just that it ruins the mood for me. it's kinda boring to read a novel in which you barely understand it.

Chapter 34 2 years ago

This novel could be called: how to become what you swore to destroy?

To understand why, a few explanations are necessary.

If like me you started reading wuxia and xanxia novels several years before this kind of website exists then you obviously encountered the same situation in all these novels.

The MC had to confront a talented but cruel young master and overcome him. Classic, boring most of the time (it was quite good in 'i shall seal the heaven') but it became a part of the DNA of this kind if story.

So the author made his MC become this young master and confront the real MC fated to kill him.

I was quite pleased with this idea and liked many things about it but without giving too much details to avoid any spoiler, it was badly done.

The author didn't use the strength of his idea to make the MC struggle. Everything was smooth sailing, the most interesting situations were simply avoided, and in the end, this arrogant young master became another regular OP/omniscient MC we all know and read in a hundred different stories.

Except that it was better done in many of them.

Is this a must read? Definitely no
Is it still readable? Yes but if you already read too many of this kind of story like me then you must know that it has nothing really special to offer.