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Chapter 1127: Bid War for the book

Chapter 1127 Bid War for the book

As Meenal continued with the auction, she presented several other items, each with its own unique appeal and purpose.

First up was a sentient sword, a beautifully crafted blade with an ornate hilt and a gemstone-encrusted scabbard. Meenal held it up with reverence, her voice dripping with melodious allure.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this sword is not just an ordinary weapon," she purred. "It's a sentient blade with a soul of its own. Imagine having a loyal companion in your battles, a sword that can anticipate your every move. Bid now, and you'll gain a partner who will never let you down."

Bids started rolling in, and the sword eventually went to a noble who saw its potential as a family heirloom, paying a hefty 300 million gold coins.

Next was a beautifully drawn treasure map, detailing a remote island said to be filled with riches beyond imagination. Meenal unfurled it slowly, revealing intricate illustrations of uncharted territories and hidden caves.

"Seeking adventure? This map could lead you to untold wealth," Meenal enthused. "And for just one million gold coins, it's a small price to pay for a lifetime of thrilling exploration."

The map garnered several interested buyers, with a well-known explorer ultimately winning the bid, grinning from ear to ear as he dreamt of the fortunes he would unearth.

Finally, Meenal revealed a spell scroll that promised to create a miniature sun, radiating warmth and light. The crowd marveled at the concept, picturing the comfort of an eternal summer garden.

"The bid starts from two million gold coins. Imagine having a mini sun at your command," Meenal coaxed. "Perfect for those long, dark winters or for any occasion when you simply need a touch of brilliance in your life. Or to torch your enemies into ashes,"

The bidding for the spell scroll was fierce, but in the end, it was an old man sitting in the commoner area who triumphed. He bought the spell scroll for five million gold coins. With each item sold, Meenal's popularity as the auction host continued to soar. Her melodious voice and magnetic charm had a way of making every purchase feel like a fantastic opportunity, and the crowd couldn't help but be swept away by her charisma.

Finally, as anticipation swelled in the hall, a blue portal shimmered open behind Meenal. A hushed murmur swept through the crowd as a dark, ancient-looking book floated gracefully through the portal and landed gently in her delicate hands.

"Ladies and gentlemen, what you see before you is no ordinary tome," Meenal declared, her eyes shining with reverence. "This book was penned by the very hand of Goddess Seshat's angel. It contains powerful runes as locks, waiting for a talented runemaster to unlock its secrets."

The crowd exchanged intrigued glances, their curiosity piqued by the enigmatic book.

"Imagine the possibilities," Meenal continued, her voice a silky temptation. "This book holds knowledge, untapped knowledge that could change the course of history. As the saying goes, knowledge is wealth, and you simply cannot put a price on the treasures of wisdom that lie within."

A hush fell over the audience as Meenal revealed the starting bid, "The starting bid for this ancient book is two million gold coins."

Nobles from the VIP pavilions leaned forward eagerly, their eyes fixed on the book, and a fierce bidding war erupted. Fingers snapped to raise paddles, and numbers flew into the air as the price skyrocketed.

"Three million!"

"Three point five million,!"

"Four million!"

The atmosphere crackled with tension as fortunes were wagered for the mysterious book. It was a testament to the allure of knowledge, and the belief that whatever lay hidden within those ancient pages held the potential to unlock unimaginable power and insight.

Meenal watched the bidding war with a sly smile, her allure weaving a web of desire around the nobles. This book, the creation of a divine angel, had captivated their hearts and minds, and they were willing to pay any price to possess it.

"Something feels fishy," Rurik stroked his beard, his brows furrowing.

As Rurik voiced his concerns, he turned his gaze toward Michael. To the dwarf's surprise, Michael gave him a discreet, worldly signal to bid for the book. At first, Rurik frowned, trying to decode Michael's signals. Vedora, ever helpful, utilized their three heads to make the signal unmistakable. First, Sarba looked at Raphael briefly, and then Ayag turned her head toward Rurik, clearly signaling him to bid for the book without Raphael catching on.

"Okay…" Rurik dragged out his words as he began to bid for the book.

"Four point five million," Rurik raised the bid, though he harbored doubts about the book and the knowledge it might contain.

Raphael, on the other hand, turned his gaze toward Michael, noticing the unconcerned look on his face. He believed that the dwarf was truly coveting the book, so he chose to remain silent. If Raphael had known that Michael wanted the book for different reasons, he might have started bidding just to make things more challenging for Michael.

As the bidding continued, a murmur of doubt rippled through the commoners. They exchanged cautious glances and began to voice their reservations about the book and its supposed value.

"What's all this fuss about a book that doesn't seem all that valuable?" one commoner questioned aloud.

A nearby noble, caught off guard by the comment, replied defensively, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Think about it," the commoner continued. "If that book truly held knowledge that could change history, the Divine Towers wouldn't be auctioning it off. Something just doesn't add up."

The conversation spread among the commoners and even some of the nobles, who found themselves reevaluating their enthusiasm for the book and the knowledge it purportedly contained.

Meanwhile, Michael shared their skepticism. He knew that information on how to kill a god wouldn't be so readily available. There had to be more to the book than met the eye, and Michael suspected that it might be enchanted, hiding its true purpose behind layers of mystery.

Just as the bidding war seemed to be coming to a head, a rough and authoritative voice echoed from one of the VIP pavilions. "We need that book," the voice declared, an undercurrent of urgency evident. "It would be in your best interest to cease your bidding."

Rurik couldn't help but chuckle at the audacity of the statement. "This is an auction," he retorted with a sly grin. "Anyone with enough gold coins can bid as they please."

However, it seemed that someone else shared the sentiment. From a different VIP pavilion, another voice rang out, confident and unwavering. "Let's talk using coins, shall we?" the voice challenged, raising the bid to fifteen million gold coins.

The auction hall fell silent for a moment, the tension palpable. Rurik, Michael, and Raphael exchanged glances, realizing that the competition for the book was far from over.

As the mysterious voice demanding a halt to the bidding only fueled the competition, suspicions and tensions continued to mount in the auction hall. The nobles, now more convinced that the book held valuable secrets, were determined to secure it for themselves.

"Fourteen million coins!" Arlen's voice cut through the mounting tension, indicating that the Silverbrook family had thrown their hat into the ring.

"Shit," Rurik cursed under his breath, realizing that he might have to part with a considerable sum of coins to fulfill his promise to Michael. Though he had his doubts about the book's true value, a promise was a promise.

Just as Rurik was preparing himself for the inevitable, another faction entered the fray. "That book belongs to the Runemasters of Goldpsire. We wont give up!" The Runemasters of Goldspire, known for their expertise in runic magic, vehemently declared their interest in the book.

With each new bid, the stakes grew higher and the auction hall buzzed with excitement. Just when they thought the situation couldn't get more intense, a voice from the common area, where commoners and less affluent attendees sat, boomed, "Twenty-five million!"

The shock that rippled through the hall was palpable. Even the nobles, who had been engaged in fierce bidding, were taken aback. It was inconceivable that a commoner would offer such a staggering sum.

"Interesting…" Raphael mused, stroking his chin thoughtfully. Michael, however, felt a growing sense of unease. If this angel decided to claim the book, it would undoubtedly complicate matters significantly.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have never seen such enthusiasm for an item like this before! The Runemasters of Goldspire, the esteemed Silverbrook family, the commoner from the crowd, and many nobles, all vying for the secrets hidden within this ancient tome. Who can resist the allure of untapped knowledge, locked behind intricate runes?"

Her words worked like magic, spurring even more frenzied bidding. The noble families were determined to outdo each other, while the commoner from the crowd displayed unwavering resolve, not yielding to the elite.

"Thirty million!" Rurik, caught up in the whirlwind of excitement and competitiveness, raised his voice, pushing the bid higher.

The auction hall was alive with the rapid exchange of bids, growing more heated by the second. As the price continued to skyrocket, it became clear that the book had ignited a fierce battle of prestige, knowledge, and, above all, pride.

"I need to get that book no matter what," Michael said, staring at the dark tome. That book held the answers to how to kill a god and killing a god would make him the deadliest assassin in the whole universe.

Chapter 1127: Bid War for the book
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