How To Survive as a Villain

How To Survive as a Villain

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How To Survive as a Villain novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Drama, and Historical genres. Written by the Author Yi Yi Yi Yi. 178 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Xiao YuAn transmigrated into a novel as the homosexual young Emperor imprisoning the Male Lead of a Stallion Novel.

This is indeed miserable, and sad.

Because of this, Xiao YuAn began to work hard to survive.


“To those cannon fodders, even if you want to treat the Male Lead bad, can you stop sending him to my bed?” Xiao YuAn thinks that there’s nothing wrong in pampering the Male Lead, but that’s just because he wants to bathe in the Protagonist halo!

Xiao YuAn: “Don’t abuse the Male Lead ever again!!! You guys aren’t afraid of death, but I want to live!!!”

A story that starts out with the Shou taking care of the Gong, and then, the Gong takes care of the Shou.

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  • Killerbean13

    The story is really good. Also i like the slow building romance between the two. The bunch of misunderstanding on this story is hilarious. The translation is pretty good.

  • lnwUser26762

    I dont like the emperor.He don't act like one hays i dont think i keep reading this translation is very confusing

  • Muffintopgoddess1

    The translation of the summary is already confusing to start with. I don't think I wanna keep reading.

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I really love the novel.. I am at chapter 110 now... I wish I will be able to read the full novel soon ... thanks for uploading this .. I was searching for the novel for a long time .. thank you so much


This novel is so lit! It's just that, there are so many misunderstanding that make this
novel long but its plot twists is so amazing!!!!!!!!


The first 5/6 chapters were confusing and just talk about his past life, but after that it goes on a roll. Also, I don't know if it's just me, but I cried a lot over the things that happened to the mc and the ml, I've already cried like 4 times in the past 100+ chapters. It's so well written that I fully felt like I was there, watching everything happen, and feeling the character's emotions. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the story.
I also want to thank the author and the translator for this amazing piece of work!


I’m currently reading the manga to, and I must say I find the story pretty entertaining. The beginning was weird, so I was unsure if I was going to continue. But I read the whole thing and it’s worth it. Exited for the upcoming chapters. (*≧∀≦*)


this has a manhua :to be or not to be.Although i was a lil confused that it has different name.i comfirmed it,Anyway,the plot itself is nice with slow is enjoyable to read if i say so .give it a try if you don't have anything to try at the moment..


Ok i actually read this somewhere else before but in case some of you try to read it . For me this novel is kinda good , the interaction between Mc and ML is cute (esp when mc try to gain mL favors to prevent him from kIlling mc in future🤣) , the mc really change ml from harem into gay real quick . The plot is good .. really worth reading .. give a try !