Humanity's Greatest Mecha Warrior System
Chapter 338: 338 Older And Wiser

When the girls saw that Nico was getting dressed as a Princess for her birthday, they giggled, thinking it was a thing that every mom did every year if you didn't stop them, but they happily got dressed up for the event.

Max knew that there would be an awful lot of drunken 'Prince Charming' sorts tonight, but the party should be a pretty fun gathering for everyone involved.

It had been a while since they had a good reason to just let loose and party, and Terminus had more than enough space for it, even if they had invited ten times as many guests as they had here today.

Max entered the room holding Nico's hand and waving at the sound of cheering that was filling the bay, which had been renovated into a four-level ballroom, complete with themed decorations and bars on every level.

Sound barriers would let the zones become different moods, with different music, once the party was in full swing, but first, there was an introduction from the guest of honor, and then the servers would start coming around with drinks and the much anticipated birthday cake.

"Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate another birthday with me. I know for most of you, this is the first time, but it won't be the last. I do love a good excuse to party. I see that the room looks more like a high-end dance club than the storage bay of a Colony Ship today, but fear not, the bars are open and drinks are free.

Don't forget to grab a slice of cake on the way by, and let's get this party started." Nico called out to the crowd, patching herself into the ship's intercom.

[Max to Maintenance. When you clean up the decorations, leave this entire space as an event hall. I think Terminus could use a full-time tavern on board as well, so keep the top floor stocked and we can work it into the duty rotations. We can just close the other levels when there isn't a big event going on, or we don't have visitors.] Max sent the order through to the teams who would be in charge of the cleanup tomorrow, adding an impromptu amenity to the ship beyond the Mess Halls.

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Sure, you could get the same food in either place, but that top floor, with the comfortable seats and the cigar lounge atmosphere, seemed like the sort of thing that the crew would enjoy on a more regular basis.

"Commander, congratulations. Both on your successful test of the new pattern Line Mecha, as well as the completion of another year among the stars. I am Garth, of the Garth Maul Mercenaries. We heard a rumor that the Reavers had found a few geniuses who had been displaced by the fighting in Kepler and I am very glad we came to investigate." A tall and nerdy-looking man in thick black rim glasses greeted him.

"Nobody is happier with the new unit's performance than we are, I assure you. After all, we are keeping the first batch." Max laughed back, making the Mercenary smile.

"So, which among you is the older and wiser?" Garth asked, looking to where Nico was floating among the crowd, using the gravity control of the Archangel suit hidden under her angel princess outfit.

"Older goes to Rage, but wiser is still firmly in my court," Max replied with dignity.

"You have a point there. She is too much like her father. If it wasn't for the appearance, which she took from her mother's side, you would swear that they were the same person reincarnated." The Mercenary Leader insisted.

"I haven't had much time to interact with him, are they really so much alike?" Max asked.

"Ask Mary to tell you about how they met sometime. Her father and I were friends forever, and it's not my story to tell, but yeah, they're just alike. I even recall the day that he rigged an orbital bombardment cannon to go off on a planet so he could get around the international treaties on the deliberate orbital targeting of species not capable of space travel."

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That had Max's attention, but the elusive Tarith Family Patriarch chose that moment to break up their conversation. "You always did have a way of telling other people's stories in the worst light. Come, Garth, let's get a drink before Mary catches me again."

With that, they were gone, and Max was met with more well-wishers. This time Reaver Captains that he recognized from the wedding of General Yaakov. If anything, they might actually be more dressed up today, to match the prince and princess theme of the event, than they had been for the very formal and fancy wedding.

"My gift might not be a physical thing, but I brought something just for you Commander. At the far southeastern edge of the Death Wind Territory, we have located an Emissary that is very interested in meeting with you.

Apparently, their species made this ship and left it behind when it had issues during their colonization efforts. They saw the feeds of the battle here on Rae 5, and they seemed intrigued by the changes that you had made to get it operational again.

I can't imagine that they will want the ship back, they are in what the Northerners call a World Ship, a thousand times the size of Terminus and their technology is far more advanced than anything I've seen you use, so this thing is most likely a historical relic from their viewpoint." The Reaver told Max quietly.

"Then what would they want with us at all?" Max asked.

"The World Ships aren't fast you see, nor are their shuttles. They're just indestructible, and they can do things that seem like magic with their technology. I think they might want to trade techniques with you. They're not warlike people, and if anyone attacks them, they just leave and blacklist you, so that you'll never get a chance to deal with them again." He explained.

"I'm glad you told me and not Nico first. If you told her we would already be on our way to the Galactic South to go looking for them. She goes crazy for shiny new toys." Max sighed.

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"You've got it hard, Commander. But you seem to run a tight ship. I don't see any signs of dissent or disunity among your troops, and that is a very rare thing with a new Commander. It's how a lot of Companies recruit, by taking in those who are unhappy with new leadership, and I suspect it's why Mary Tarith invited us all here to party so that we could see that the Terminus Trading Company was standing strong under your leadership."

"As much fun as you two are having whispering about this and that, the dances have started. Get yourselves to the floor." A female Mercenary Captain informed them, then extended a hand for Max's.

"Shall we?"

"A wonderful idea. But we are finding some of that cake on the way by." Max laughed, then looked for the staff who should have the trays.

"I've got you, Commander." Colonel Klinger informed him, coming over with a full tray of cake and an annoyed-looking server following him.

"One for you, one for me, and one for the pretty lady. Tell me little girl, is your Mother here? I bet she's a true beauty." The battle-worn Pilot teased the Mercenary who likely wasn't much younger than him.

"Flattery will get you everwhere, Pilot. Wait until I'm done with your Commander, I will be back for you." The woman smirked, then took a bite from the rich chocolate cake, wiping the cherry filling from her lips as they moved to the dance floor.

"They weren't joking, this cake is amazing. Well worth taking a shuttle halfway across the solar system." She whispered to Max as she spun him into the first steps of the lively dance.

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