Humanity's Greatest Mecha Warrior System

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Chapter 359 29 days ago

i had a lot of fun reading the story the story was fun and hype i liked the characters and sci fi elements but the first couple of chapter did almost gave me an aneurysm trying to read it tho

Enoa 5
Chapter 110.2 2 months ago

I would not recommend this unless you have spare time and nothing more fulfilling to try. The potential for greatness is there, but it falls short in execution. The main character's friend is more dynamic and has more personality than the main character himself. The story lacks depth outside of the mechs themselves and the dialogue is minimal. While the battles are intriguing, they are also one-dimensional and sometimes leave unanswered questions. It's an improvement on the author's previous novel, but I was definitely disappointed in what it turned out to be.

lnwUser69958 2
Chapter 96 5 months ago

A very good story if you like some future military action. Later as the story evolves, you start to see more political elements being introduces and how they influents relationships and battles. There are some weak points like character development that seem to reach a more static line, but you avoid the whole "teen drama" that so many novel pushes for, and the storyline can actually focus on the world building, slowly introducing more characters, and a general increase in the world. I am surprised after reading 80+ characters how much content you get in that short amount. The whole growing up, "academy/training arch" is over relatively fast, with a move to multiple battles, tactics and some plot armor ;) But in general, it's a good read where you do not feel that the combat is over complicated, where you get a real MechWarrior vibe despite only introducing a few combat mechs and armaments. So, you are not overwhelmed with dozens of different mechs or weapon systems. Actually, having enemies that are not mindless monsters, makes it more enjoyable, just for the whole surrender politics and how enemies threat each other with respect when surrendered. It's a solid read so far.

sngtlm 6
Chapter 4 6 months ago

Overall: 6. 5/10 Sections: Characters, Plot, Writing, World-Building, Technicality Characters: 5/10 The characters are meh, and do not change very much. You are given a good insight into what they think and why, but that’s because Max has a power of mind reading. Good writing device. Plot: 5/10 Simple enough, he’s a military officer active duty. Follows what he does in deployments and beyond, but doesn’t have any overarching, unifying story. World-Building: 4/10 This is a barebones story, that only gives as much info is needed to produce a story. Most things are told as we go. Technicality: 9/10 This is where the story shines. It makes you feel like you are in the heat of battle listening to comms. Pretty good action. Review stands as of Nov 29, 2022.

Cederjack 3
Chapter 235 6 months ago

I love it. I’m a big Mech person, I love Warhammer 40k and Mech Warrior and this is like a mix of both. From the discription of the mechs sounds a bit like Warhammer. The battles are all extremely detailed. 10/10 this is some good shit

  • Rokan 3

    The First thing i thought after seeing the novel cover was "ayo is that WH40k knight?"

immune 5
Chapter 151 6 months ago

Well-detailed interesting battles and plot, despite the unnecessary inclusion of “vacations” and gaming tournaments arc into the story. The relationships between the characters, Max, Nico and now Moonie still do not fail to entertain despite 242 chapters in

Mangafan_LV 2
Chapter 151 6 months ago

This story is written fairly well, with the translation having few grammatical errors. Without getting into spoilers, it is just as one would expect from the title, it's a military-mecha focused story with the MC having a system. However it is a far cry from what one would expect. The system is rather something everyone on the MC's planet has. The action and tech-related sequences are also done well so it's a decent read. If this author/story grows a bit, I'll edit the score up. Right now it is good, but is lacking that extra something to boost it to 5 stars. I have only 2 critiques so far, For one many of the characters seem too, well, flat. There is not much depth and character development. In fact, some of their attitudes border on sociopathic. Traumatic incidents are simply treated with stoicism. And the other is the writer does not seem to have a main story arc or plot. At least so far, it is possible that the author plans to reveal this later, but I would have expected at least a few hints by now. If there are any, I have not been able to glean them. Note: As of this review I have read through chapter 151.