I am a Scarecrow and the Demon Lord of Terror!
I am a Scarecrow and the Demon Lord of Terror!

I am a Scarecrow and the Demon Lord of Terror!

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I am a Scarecrow and the Demon Lord of Terror! novel is a popular light novel covering Horror, Mystery, and Supernatural genres. Written by the Author Laughter and Joy. 430 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Upon waking up, Flanders traveled to a modern world that had magic and turned into a scarecrow that had zero mobility! Fortunately, as long as he absorbed fear, he could continue to evolve! From then on, an existence that caused a headache for the Wizard’s Association was born!

He was called the Demon Lord of Terror, Master of Nightmares, Ancient Evil Now, Nightmare’s Edge… He, was the most powerful existence in this world!

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  • NovelFan 4

    honestly I didn't see the R-18 tag didn't expect it at all lmao

  • IrrelevantGuy 1

    This feels like it's similar to Fiddlesticks from league of legends, the scythe, fear, absorbing, and crow abilities, it's cool.

  • Yami69 1

    How can he be a scarecrow and say that he is a normal person and has a sexual desire, and when Olena speaks in a soft voice, he begins to feel a sense of conquest in his heart????? What the **** Chapter 324

  • ElliotMossberg 1

    The story is completely different from the original Chinese novel. This is either a very poor translation hidden behind a re-telling, or its a copycat which is a big problem with Chinese novels. To begin with, the original Chinese novel is already a less blatant copy of another Chinese novel that translates “from puppet to the lord of terror.” Furthermore the author is credited incorrectly, the real author’s name is SUPPOSED to be “silent scarecrow”. Stay away from this novel, its a sham.

  • Aztecccccc 2

    When I first read this I was like so excited cuz the first few chapter is really good and the novel has a really good concept so i was expecting a lot But in the end the story become worse and worse after chapter 150 or something. But I still read it till the end My review is that the author really rush the novel he didn't explain thing thoroughly and i don't like how the MC get a happy ending at the end cuz the MC is a villain not an anti hero

  • constellation69 1

    chapters 200+ became Chinese trash

      • DeidaraBOOM 1

        i haven't read up to that point but going off my knowledge i'm going to assume that it becomes like every other Chinese novel and either copys many other novels which have been done or makes the plot become really bad to where the story becomes almost predictable

        Edited: 2mo
  • Gabriel_Muerte 1

    The end was so fast, and the other dimensins wasn't realy explored, neither the term "seed of the demon god of fear" or the reaper's scyth that hell's god of death wanted. It appears that the author wanted to rush things for some reason

  • eewcem 1

    I'm currently on the chapter 200. Although I enjoyed the story, it became difficult to read after the chapter 40 (as a plus that English is not my native language). Gender and names change from time to time. I hope it improves in the following chapters or I won't be able to continue reading :(

    • Gabriel_Muerte 1

      It doesn't improve

  • teoriasdragonzsuper 1

    Why are the genders of the characters mixed and names of characters change as well in the middle of the chapter.

  • Dethofmany 1

    Yes it finished