I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 348: : Shen Tian VS Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus

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Chapter 348: Shen Tian VS Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus

Why cultivate the Chaotic Golden Body?

This was the peerless Golden Body recorded in the Chaotic Tinder Sutra. One could use chaotic aura to cultivate a constitution.

When cultivated to the highest level, one’s physical body could even transverse the void and become virtually indestructible, to possess a physical prowess that would make a Perfected Immortal tremble.

Of course, Shen Tian’s Golden Body was still far from that level.

After all, a true Chaotic Golden Body Ninth Refinement Stage always started with using chaotic aura right from the first stage, building a good foundation through all the stages.

However, Shen Tian had only started using chaotic aura from the eighth stage. Although his body was far stronger than your usual Golden Body Ninth Refinement Stage, there was still quite a lot of room for improvement.

“Looks like I will have to go back to the Chaotic Star Island domain to get more chaotic aura whenever I have the time.”

The seclusion chamber which Shen Tian was in had turned into dust after his breakthrough.

Shen Tian stood there 3,000 feet under the sea, smiling confidently.

With his Golden Body Ninth Refinement Stage and his partial control of chaotic energy, Shen Tian’s prowess had once again increased.

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Now, Shen Tian might even be able to defeat a somewhat weaker Sage in an impromptu battle.

It should be pointed out he was still a Golden Core cultivator!

Of course, if the Sage knew of Shen Tian’s trump cards beforehand, it would not be so easy for Shen Tian to defeat said Sage.

After all, even the weakest Sage would have already undergone a tribulation and was half a step closer to the immortal realm. His power was definitely not something that a Heavenly Venerable could compare to.

Even if they could not handle the chaotic aura, they could definitely just get rid of Shen Tian.

As long as they could maintain a certain distance, they could use their powerful Sage energy to launch attacks at Shen Tian. Even with his chaotic aura, Shen Tian would find it hard to defend.

It would be difficult for Shen Tian to beat a Sage in an upfront battle. He could only hope to do so via a sneak attack. But the reverse was also true.

It would be nearly impossible for a normal Sage to kill Shen Tian.

The strength of a Chaotic Golden Body Ninth Refinement Stage was beyond imagination.

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On top of that, Shen Tian had his supreme-grade Sage artifact, the Longyuan Divine Armor, as well as the powerful life energy and healing abilities gifted to him by the extraordinary items inside his body. It would be very difficult for a Sage to kill Shen Tian in just one move.

As long as they could not kill Shen Tian in just one move, he would be able to execute his void technique and hide inside the void.

However, if the opponent was someone like Wang Shenxu, even if one was able to escape into the void, they would not be able to conceal their aura.

A Sage could easily detect and zero in on your aura and pursue you into the void.

Fortunately, Shen Tian was able to completely mask his own aura. Entering the void would be like a drop of water merging into the great ocean.

By then, even a Great Sage would find it difficult to locate him.

As long as Shen Tian didn’t try anything suicidal, few people in the five regions posed a threat to him.

What did “try anything suicidal” mean?

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Very simple. For example, trying to break through to the Nirvana realm now.

The adverse after-effects of the Tinder Sutra would make Shen Tian’s providence drop drastically.

If careless, he might meet with some unlucky incident. And no one knew just how unlucky he might be.

Thus, Shen Tian had resolved to not try and break through to the Nirvana realm before completely attaining his Chaotic Golden Body.

And before trying to break through to the Nirvana realm, he would also go out and find some great fortuitous opportunities first, to bump up his providence.

In the meantime, Shen Tian could start preparing to crack his core to form the Nascent Soul. He wanted to see what kind of Nascent Soul would be born out of a Golden Core as big as a pumpkin. Would it be some kind of giant Nascent Soul?

Shen Tian’s Saint Token vibrated and exuded a faint golden glow. The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader was calling him.

Shen Tian took a deep breath and spread open his golden wings.


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At 3,000 feet under the sea, the water pressure was extreme. Nonetheless, this pressure was like nothing to Shen Tian.

His wings sliced through the water as he morphed into a golden light and shot straight up to the surface!


Massive waves appeared on the surface of the boundless ocean.

A dazzling golden figure shone under the sun, like a god who had just descended to earth.

“Well now kid, looks like your power has increased. Come spar with your Martial Uncle!”

A loud holler echoed through space. Chu Longhe charged toward Shen Tian with his golden staff. He was coming at Shen Tian with tremendous force.

“Supreme Ocean Staff: Mighty Awakening!”

Chu Longhe was just a Heavenly Venerable, but few people would view him as a normal Heavenly Venerable. This included Shen Tian.

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After all, this guy had once killed seven Sages many years ago. His powers might have been stripped down, and he had to re-cultivate a Godfiend body, but his battle prowess was still far beyond that of a Heavenly Venerable.

Remember that Chu Longhe had previously beaten that Blood Kill Sect Master into such a wretched state on the Primordial Battlefield’s periphery.

This old man! Launching a sneak attack on me after finishing his enlightenment tea?

The corners of Shen Tian’s mouth twitched. A black divine light appeared in his hand.

The divine light then magnified and became several dozen feet long.

As the giant golden staff came toward Shen Tian, the fabrics of space disintegrated into dust as the staff crashed down heavily on that black divine light.


Tremendous energy spread across the surface of the ocean.

Massive waves surged and crashed as storm clouds streaked with lightning gathered.

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It was like Armageddon!

This was the power of truly mighty cultivators. To a normal mortal, having such power was as good as being a real immortal.

If Shen Tian was willing—with his control over lightning, his divine wings, and his ability to summon the winds and water—he could set up his own powerful country in Eastern Wilderness.


The black and golden lights clashed with a thunderous noise that sounded like a dragon’s roar.

“Punk, you do have some strength in you!”

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’ golden staff vibrated intensely as the Ocean Divine Hammer deflected it.

The old Taoist priest narrowed his eyes. His first attack had just been a testing move, so he did not exhibit his full power. But it was still enough to make many Heavenly Venerables defend themselves with full force.

But his little martial nephew of his managed to deflect his golden staff so effectively with just one flick of his hammer.

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In fact, if Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus had not reacted fast enough and braced himself, the counter-force would have sent him flying across the sky.

“Martial Uncle, what the hell are you doing?”

Shen Tian stared at Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus in exasperation. This old man was too much. He was even attacking his own people.

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’ golden staff glowed brighter as he smiled. “You have caused quite a ruckus in North Sea. I want to see how strong you are now. Stop wasting time. Here I come!”

The golden staff came straight at Shen Tian.

Every stroke was full of power, such that the fabrics of space were being turned to dust.

It was clear that while Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus didn’t exhibit his full power earlier, he had turned serious now.

The corners of Shen Tian’s lips twitched. “In that case, let’s go.”

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Since a free training partner had come knocking on his door, Shen Tian would not hesitate to make use of him. Anyway, he was also very curious about just how strong he had become.

“Heavy Water, Reincarnation Disk, Feather Immortal, Nan Ming Li Fire, Hurricane Lily: Activate!”

A multi-colored divine light engulfed Shen Tian, and his aura surged.

He had his Ocean Divine Hammer in his right hand, which was covered in a layer of the silver First Essence Heavy Water.


Lightning crisscrossed the skies as the roars of dragons could be vaguely heard.

Shen Tian spread his wings, and he turned into an after-shadow.


Tremendous waves rose again, sending countless sea creatures scurrying off to hide.

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The golden staff once again clashed with the Ocean Divine Hammer with equal strength. At that moment, neither side was giving way.

“You are indeed my Martial Uncle Azure Lotus. You are strong!”

Shen Tian was secretly shocked. He had been bursting with confidence after attaining the Chaotic Golden Body. He had been under the impression that his power was already enough to dominate all Heavenly Venerables.

But he was unable to gain any advantage over Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus at all. He was able to perfectly counter every single one of his hammer strikes.

It was true that Shen Tian wasn’t using his Executing Heaven Sword or his most powerful flying sword technique. But Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus also had many trump cards in his back pocket, which he had yet to utilize. He had not even executed his full strength.

Shen Tian just had his ego puffed up before being beaten right back down.

There were so many hidden talents in the five regions. It was better to maintain a low profile!

Meanwhile, Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus was even more shocked than Shen Tian.

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He wasn’t using his full strength or all his best techniques, but he was fighting seriously.

There was no one whom Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus needed to use his Supreme Ocean Staff with maximum strength among all the Sage-level and below practitioners in Eastern Wilderness.

But now, he was unable to completely suppress Shen Tian. In fact, he was at the risk of being struck by a hammer if he got careless.

It should be pointed out that the kid was just a Golden Body practitioner!

Who the hell was so powerful at just the Golden Body realm?


Another exchange of blows later…

Shen Tian shot toward space like a cannon while Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus crashed onto the beach under the hammer’s massive force. Dust flew everywhere.

“Alright! Stop it!”

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A dazzling golden light appeared on the beach.

The Divine Firmament Sacred Leader’s lightning and heavenly aura rippled. “Senior Brother, you are the elder here. What kind of behavior is this?”

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’ mouth twitched.

Weren’t you the one who wanted me to test this kid’s true power, making me spar with him?

If not for the fact that you offered me such a tempting price to do this, I would never have attacked this little monster!

This is strenuous and doesn’t get me in his good books. And now you are jumping in to play the good guy?

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus was about to erupt in rage but was suddenly interrupted by the Sacred Leader.

“Tian’er, you have finally emerged from seclusion.

“Junior Sister Golden Lotus sent a message that the restrictions on Immortal Abode Island borders have been completely cleared. Cultivators from the various powers have already entered the island.”

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Immortal Abode Island! We can enter now?

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus’ eyes lit up. He promptly forgot about exposing the Sacred Leader to Shen Tian.

After all, everyone knew that the Golden Crow Thearch’s tomb had countless fortuitous opportunities. In addition, plenty of prodigies and strong practitioners would be going there in search of those fortuitous opportunities. And they would definitely have all sorts of treasures on them.

Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus licked his lips and sent a secret voice transmission to Shen Tian.

“Little Martial Nephew, you are so powerful now! Why don’t we join forces at Immortal Abode Island? Get a few big scores?

“I will be able to greatly enhance my powers if I can meet with some great providence there!”

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