I Am the God of Games
I Am the God of Games

I Am the God of Games

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I Am the God of Games novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Green Pepper Bat Donburi. 404 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


This is the tale of an earthling, who transmigrated as a dying third-rate god but somehow rose through the ranks, gaining followers and eventually causing the Fourth Great Apocalypse.

“Have you ever heard of the God of Games?”

“The God of Games..?” Eleena shook her head in puzzlement. “I have never heard of Him…”

“What if the God of Games could give you the power to defeat your enemies?” Xi Wei coaxed patiently.

Eleena remained silent for a while, before resolutely lifting her head and fixing her gaze on Xi Wei. “Then I am willing to become a believer of the God of Games!”

“Belief isn’t something to only be spoken by mouth. Close your eyes and envision His name in your mind, and feel His power with your heart,” he said solemnly.

“O Master of Games, grant us new life!”

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  • LaLocaDiceCuack_

    Tengo una MEGA duda!! Es que acaso ya no se va a actualizar, recuerdo que hace varios meses no e entrado a esta pagina y veo que aun no esta actualizado, no se si el autor haya avanzado o no, pero espero que lo continue por que me estaba gustando mucho

  • Tannie

    It's been on hiatus I think. But seeing how it's been long since it was updated, it might have been dropped

  • Chaos021109

    A shame this was dropped

    • Benevolent_butcher

      You should try 'The boss behind the game'. The premise in the same and the story is also decent.

    • Sinestro

      Dropped?like never seeing the day of light again?

      • Chaos021109

        I've searched literally everywhere for the other chapters, but I haven't found any. Even on MTL websites, it doesn't exceed 500 chapters. Of course that was the last I checked, don't know if there are any more now, but I don't think that there are new updates.

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  • Littledreamer

    At first i thought its about games like card games, luck games etc but its actually about the mc who became a god among many gods and gives all his believers a game system, its quiet an interessting idea and also quiet interessting to read, but for my taste the story is still a little bit to slow because after chapter 200 they only have about 200-400 believers. . . and at the end of chapter 404 he has still only under 5000 believers(most are still new and weak) because most of the time its about quests and good fights, we also get often new characters and relationship presented (believers) but sadly we dont know how much time passed between arcs because there are no time skips only some informations between the lines our mc god use many ideas from the earth for example from movies, animes, novels etc. Most of the time we read 60%+ about his believers.

    Edited: 8mo
  • infinity

    I want more

  • Alchemic_Emperor

    i like how there's 404 chapter like error 404 (not available)

  • MrCurator

    I love it

  • Onion_violet

    not bad

  • Thistleheart1234

    hes ugly xd

  • DaRonXX

    Please, please update Just once please im desperate