I Became The Pope, Now What?
I Became The Pope, Now What?

I Became The Pope, Now What?

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I Became The Pope, Now What? novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Adventure, and Action genres. Written by the Author MisterImmortal. 145 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Johnathan, an old man with an extraordinary past but an ordinary end, gets reincarnated in a dark fantasy world full of magic, darkness, and mysteries furled.

However, he committed a grave blunder by taking the fiction he had read as a reference. Reborn as a baby, he hoped to be deemed gifted by speaking early.

One thing led to another, and tragedy struck. The villagers declared him a demon-possessed and called the church. Johnathan, now known as Sylvester Maximilian, realized that he had messed up.

When the church's inquisitors came to judge him and burn him on a pyre. As a last resort and to welcome his soon to arrive second death, he started chanting holy hymns as his last breath.

Overwhelmed, they kneeled, thinking he was a messenger of Solis.

From there, the story of how Sylvester Maximilian rose through the ranks to sit at the top began.

But his life won't be ordinary, as he uses his cunning and the tag of 'God's favored' to his advantage. Fighting treachery, unearthing secret plots and world mysteries, facing the darkness around him and creating his place in history, engraving his name in the annals to be forever remembered as the—Immortal Pope, The Young.

[A/N: To not mislead you, the novel's name does not mean he instantly becomes the Pope from the start. The story will follow the life of MC. Though he will become the Pope at a pretty young age. 40% of the novel will be based around MC fighting to sit on the supreme throne.

If you enjoy world building and lore building, then you will like this story.]

***Main Tags: FANTASY, ADVENTURE, MAGIC, DARK, STRONG MC(Weak at the start because he's a baby. Not an instant OP though.), WHOLESOME, COMEDY, KINGDOM BUILDING. MENTALLY OLD MC, Politics, Backstabbing, World Building.***

[WARNING: MC will not go around saving everyone. Absolutely not if it puts him in danger. But if he can save someone using his status or position in the church, he will. He will kill innocent people if he has to. MC is not crazy, cynical, or unsociable. The world at some times may seem very DARK.]

The religion will be fake. I won't make it similar to those existing in our world not to trigger anyone. However, the Church terminologies and designations may feel identical as they are simple vocabulary words.

Again, everything you read in this novel is fictional and has no relation to our world.

I hope you enjoy my work. Stay safe and eat healthy bananas.
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  • solorzato
    Reader KP:25

    Behold!! Everyone's best poison tester returns! Okay this novel caught me off guard in a goodway. Some parts of the story are off putting, like the whole sp*rm reincarnation and talking about white snakes...yeah. On the other hand the story is quite dark and gritty. You go on expecting the MC to just plow through his enemies with his isekai powers but no. Bloodlings are super OP and MC has to figure out a way to combat them. One thing that irks me is power scaling. The MC has never before seen super divine light powers and has a halo and no one thinks "hmm maybe this kid is blessed by Solis?" The mother not telling her son about his origin when it can directly impact his future bugged me. On the other hand the university ark ended quickly which is a plus, many novels stay in the school phase indefinitely. Then there are parts surprised me, him killing a witness to his secret and potentially his friend; it was sudden and felt a bit tense as I was reading. This novel is def a plus.

    4 hours ago Reply
  • RaheemAzmi
    Reader KP:266

    Can someone give me a quick review on this plz ^_^

    yesterday Reply
  • mildo123
    Reader KP:0

    I genuinely hate this author they just seem like the biggest loser in the world

    2 days ago Reply
    • pluto16
      Reader KP:4

      Can u explain, because I don't understand why you hate him.

      20 hours ago Reply
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  • SlothSlave
    Reader KP:27

    a FBI agent can reason to stop being weird and be a normal baby and the calmness that i showed where the author spoke about sp*rm was already very high bc i wanted to find something to read not to be disgusted. if u want to make a serious story than be reasonable and not dumb u dont need 2 minutes of brainstorming to come to the conclusion that the start is the most important point of the story

    Edited: 26 Sep, 12:11
    4 days ago Reply
    • Limitlesss_Venerable
      Reader KP:190

      Yea, that was stupid plotpoint, I too dont share author vulgar sense of humor. Its just feel offputting. Story, imporve for a while after that incident but it just feels boring for the most part of it. It just down complete downhill after that argument with his mom before graduation. Couldnt make myself continue after that.

      4 days ago Reply
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  • pengoo
    Reader KP:89

    May I ask if whats his current powers compared to his enemies? And hows the pacing of the story. If its slow, i might stack more chapters than usual

    5 days ago Reply
    • tiutiutiu
      Reader KP:370

      against his main enemy? we don't know, they haven't been revealed, only mentioned but the underlings which the mc cannot defeat outright have said the mc is not even close.

      5 days ago Reply
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  • plasticbottle
    Reader KP:55

    Is the girl in max's visions his wife? Maybe she too re incarnated? if it is true, i don't know how to feel, i'm on the side that wants mc to move on from his previous life and get a complete new start But knowing the author's writing style, i wouldn't mind it either. edit: just read chap 137 and im not so sure anymore of the girl being his wife from his previous life, but you never know.

    Edited: 24 Sep, 05:30
    6 days ago Reply
    • tiutiutiu
      Reader KP:370

      i believe i saw a comment saying the author confirmed the mc's wife has been reincarnated.

      5 days ago Reply
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  • DaoistPoisonTester
    Reader KP:10

    Struck gold with this one

    6 days ago Reply
    Reader KP:142

    Void keepers should just kill bloodlings instead of massacring and killing cities and villages.

    7 days ago Reply
  • napcansen
    Reader KP:160

    Okay spy stuff is good then the snake parts are ridiculous just skip them and reach where he reborns. The rest is quite good.

    7 days ago Reply
  • heedkneesnshoulders
    Reader KP:490

    please tell if this worth the read cause i might read this depending on your comments

    8 days ago Reply