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themadman 1
Chapter 130 2 days ago

Its great. Good story with humor. I like it a lot. The misunderstandings are good. The way The mc eliminates threads based on his knowledge of the series is also smart. Killing them early and confirming the enemies that are bot yet evil. Aldo he is blind sometimes to the main love felling everything is well done.

MovingDown 7
Chapter 130 3 days ago

I enjoy this one the most out of all the 'villainous' mcs usually the dense mcs piss me off but here it seems pretty well done by the author so I really enjoy it and im hooked for more

Cantstopreading69420 4
Chapter 82 7 days ago

This story is very generic but still enjoyable nonetheless, MC is very dense about his harem, There are many comical moments but some makes me cringe. It's also nice to see a villain MC who doesn't just mindlessly kills everyone though it is more of a Romcom than a superhero novel. Overall it's a decent novel and a good read. I would give 4. 5/5 but alas I can't.

mqnaxa 1
Chapter 62 8 days ago

- The writing is overly simple, no world building, no unique setting, no creative effort on the power. Everything is straight up taken from a a generic comic ( one that can probably be used as an example for ancient cliques ) - The characters is bland at best and illogical at worst, their backgrounds are not properly explained, their personalities are bland and sometimes confusing. A character is introduced as a future terrorist with capabilities of facing entire Korea but she got collected by MC without any effort in the beginning, granting him unlimited supports like hacking and information gathering ( not to mention near absolute loyalty ), another ally of MC is also an ex-terrorist, she was almost killed by MC but then got collected, her role is vague with her offer no necessary purpose for the MC when all she got is computer skill, which is already covered by the other ally ( also gained near absolute loyalty in a short amount of time ) - The main love interest of the book also suffer similar situation with other characters, she was given a set of generic personality with near to no proper background, she has no depth, no interesting personality quirk that can make readers intrigued by her - The main and biggest problem, the MC. I will say this straight, the MC is a self-insert. No defining background ( again ), humorous demeanor, a unconvincing goal, references to films like Dark Knight and Squid Game, he's the biggest plot hole of the entire book. The MC can also be classified as a "brain dead fanboy" with no goal other than making his idol looks good ( he can joined the heroes and support her without any risk of accidentally killing innocents but nooooo, the MC need to be a villain so we can have a enemies-to-lovers story ) + Subpar humor, most of the joke are ruined by translation but I guess it is acceptable in most cases

LongestEnergyBlade 8
Chapter 127 8 days ago

Its a hilarious and lighthearted romcom that does get deeply emotional sometimes. It well written and the translations not too bad either. Worth a read if you like romcoms without a deep sense of reality as the superhero plus magic stuff is nuts.

Gungonomat 6
Chapter 127 9 days ago

The MC, Egostic, is Megaminds idol. The way he commits his 'villainous' crimes is stylish and he is loved by the people. The story is not a complex one, but also not brainead. He doesn't only gather women in his crew but also men, he is funny and there aren't any plotholes that I noticed. Can only recommend

ProstSpezi 1
Chapter 127 9 days ago

Very good very recommended I like. Please give me moar. MC is dense but its okay, you need reason to make the novel progress, I can overlook it.

Freefreth 5
Chapter 17 9 days ago

This is a very good novel in a sense however I can't get through all the cringe moments and only managed to read up to chapter 27 it is very cringe which i actually like however it is too cringe for my liking. This is too heavenly I cannot take it's magnificence

Wisdomz 1
Chapter 15 14 days ago

The main character is a massive simp. Every action he does is driven with the need to help or boost his favourite character within a generic 'I fell into a fantasy world' storyline. Writing is simplistic, lots of jokes lost in translation that simply break the tension

  • Resistance 13

    I respect everyone's opinions but I'm going to counter your arguments. First off, the MC isn't a massive simp. I think you forgot that the only reason why he likes her is because she's his favourite character. So even if the OGMC was male, he would still most likely simp for them too if he liked them. His actions is not always driven to boost Stardus but to also ensure his and his crew's survival. I can't really counter your generic 'I fell into a fantasy world' take since I don't know what you think is generic. Simple writing isn't exactly bad and for the jokes take of yours is something I agree on. But tbh most jokes of other novels also disappear due to the translation unless the author is from your country or uses jokes that everyone can laugh at.

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BaronMayCry 2
Chapter 108 15 days ago

This novel is truly a hidden gem that everyone should read. It doesn't have romance in it though it'll probably come out soon when the mc reveals his feeling or the fmc reveals it. it's also very funny to read and you'll probably get invested in it to if u read