I Don’t Want the Obsession of a Twisted Archduke

I Don’t Want the Obsession of a Twisted Archduke

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I Don’t Want the Obsession of a Twisted Archduke novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Fantasy, and Josei genres. Written by the Author Bultandat. 60 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


I reincarnated as the wife of the cursed archduke in my own twisted novel.

As the author, I have a responsibility to fix this novel.

I have lifted the curse, which is the main problem of this story.

I thought my job was done. But when I was trying to go back, the archduke asked me, “Did you really think I wouldn’t know that you’re planning on returning to your fiance?”

‘My fiance?’

What I’m gonna do? He completely misunderstood the situation!

All I want is for him to please let me go home!

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  • Nee
    Feb 22, 2021

    I love it, the misunderstanding they even have makes it all the more adorable. Worth the read

  • Lady_Have_A_Heart
    Feb 12, 2021

    Finally that trash of a father is getting what he deserves.

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Honestly, it's wonderful yet thrilling at the same time. Sometimes your afraid something bad might happen then sometimes you feel jittery from their interactions with each other. So far, this novel has left me wanting more and bench reading for 2 hours straight just because of how good it is. Please, for yourself. Read this novel. Enjoy.

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I hope the curse will be lifted soon and the misunderstanding about the ex-fiance is resolved. Aaahhh quickly confess already
(ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┻━┻

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nice read. it's another 'beauty and the beast' remake but it's pleasant enough to read. wonder how long it will take until the curse is broken.

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Cold ML gets drawn in by the MC. Love cold domineering ml's who can't resist cool, calm, & collected beauty mc's. Def worth a read. The story is evenly paced. The romance isn't forced or rushed. So far (up to ch 50) the relationship is very organic.

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Totallibg shipping the ML and FL. Hope she can melt his icy hesrt and cure him from his curse. ML is too adorable and clueless about the depth of his feelings yet super consistent in his pursuit of the FL. I also love how confident the FL is and liking the the plot trajectory so far. MORE CHAPTERS PLS ♡♡♡♡

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This is one of those love stories where they don't realize how cluelessly in love they are with each other. And yet somehow it isn't always passive, there are tense and dramatic scenes!

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The story was interesting. The interactions between the FL and ML are kinda tense yet hilarious. I don't know how to describe it but the storyline is very unique. Give this novel a try! It has potential.

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