I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens

Chapter 634: Isn't This Someone Familiar?

Chapter 634: Isn’t This Someone Familiar?

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Su Ye obtained the blood pearl and he cultivated at every possible moment. However, the speed was really slow.

He was stuck at the crucial point between stage seven and stage eight.

“What is going on? Why are the world dao laws so thin?”

Su Ye frowned and didn’t understand what was going on.

Logically speaking, since he obtained the key point to breaking through to stage eight, he should have been able to easily break through. After all, he had spent such a long time at stage seven and his foundations were full.

But when he was comprehending the dao patterns he realized that they were lacking and it wasn’t enough for him.

“Sect leader Su, did something happen?” Someone asked curiously.

Su Ye shook his head, “Nothing, I just faced something. Dao Realm Stage Eight is indeed really tough. It is not something that can be crossed in a short time.”

“Actually just thinking about it and you can understand. How can it be such a simple thing? I think you still need to work hard for a period of time.” Another sect leader said.

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“Eh.” Su Ye nodded. He was filled with hope towards reaching stage eight. At least he wasn’t filled with as much despair as before.

Shortly after.

“We have searched many places but we still see no tracks of evil gods. It is really hard to find them. Who knows when we will meet them?”

Su Ye didn’t expect it to be so difficult.

At the same time, he felt fortunate.

If he didn’t make his mind up to consume the blood pearl, it would be much more difficult to get one more now.

There were many sect leaders who regretted it.

Why did they have to be afraid?

If they weren’t, then things wouldn’t be so tough anymore.

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But fortunately, Su Ye didn’t leave after getting the blood pearl and searched along with them.

Suddenly, the area in the distance ripped apart and the dimension broke down. Numerous sharp shrapnels shot forth. They were extremely sharp, landing on the ground and opening up a really deep hole.

Shortly after, a thunder-like explosion resounded in the area.

“Stop, don’t run.”

When they heard that voice.

Old Monster Heaven Slaying’s expression changed and it turned ashen white. He was familiar with this voice and it was as if he had heard it before. Maybe he saw the person before but it definitely wasn’t good news.


A giant body was hammered out of the dimension and fell to the ground. It was really terrifying and the body smashed into the ground, causing it to crack and spread in all directions.

“An evil god.” Su Ye exclaimed. But before he reacted, another person chased.

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It was as if that person had suppressed the evil god.

Moreover, the evil god seemed really terrified like he had seen a ghost.


Lin Fan frowned. He sensed several familiar auras. They weren’t evil gods and they were people that he had seen before.

He glanced.

Everyone looked at one another.

“It’s him, it really is him.” Old Monster Heaven Slaying’s mouth opened wide. He saw the most scary person, the person that said that he wanted to capture him.

Su Ye recognized that person right away.

Sect Leader Lin.

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The person that forced the sect leaders of the four alliances away. It was too terrifying and they had no way to fight back at all.

“Long time no see, I didn’t expect to see all of you here. Don’t think about leaving, stay. Whoever moves will face the consequence.” Lin Fan smiled and said.

At that moment, the evil god that was smashed into the ground roared and fought back, attacking Lin Fan right away.

“Lay down.” Lin Fan pressed him down with a palm. That evil god felt a terrifying power cover his body and it had no way to react at all. It was smashed to the ground once more and laid in the deep hole.



Dao Patterns rotated in the air, forming a large net and covering him.

The evil god was suppressed in the deep hole.

Lin Fan originally wanted to swallow this evil god.

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But he didn’t expect to meet them here.

To swallow the evil god so openly would have a bad influence and he would scare them off. It was also not good to let them remember him in such a state.

Lin Fan’s actions shocked all of them.

They could sense the strength of that evil god and he was much stronger than the ones that they had met.

But he was still suppressed by Lin Fan.

One had to say that this was just a little terrifying.

Lin Fan landed on the ground and didn’t attack right away. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to but because he listened to what Old Ancestor Xiao said to him.

Let four alliance sect leaders kill evil gods.

That was indeed an idea.

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Evil God’s location was hard to grab and it was tough to meet one. It was based on luck and to find all of them was really difficult.

If people of the four alliances were all searching for evil gods, then the search area would become much smaller.

“If I remember correctly, you should be Su Ye, and also you are… Eh, Old Monster Heaven Slaying, I didn’t expect you to be here. I told you to wait for me at Monster God Mountain, so why didn’t you wait? You ran?” Lin Fan’s eyes laid on Old Monster Heaven Slaying’s body.

He was really interested in Old Monster Heaven Slaying’s ability.

Martial Path Mountain lacked such talents.

Unfortunately, he didn’t cherish the chance.

Look at Saint Ru Fo, he knew his position and survived so comfortably on Martial Path Mountain. He could even eat blood pearls to increase his cultivation.

Then, look at Old Monster Heaven Slaying.

Just one look and one knew that he didn’t consume the blood pearl.

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To search for evil gods, they had to look at luck.

Lin Fan’s appearance made them really uneasy.

They avoided Lin Fan for so long and didn’t expect to meet him here. They felt really helpless and sad. Some even thought about dying.

Old Monster Heaven Slaying’s gaze was shifty. As Demon God Mountain’s boss, naturally he wasn’t afraid of anyone. But when meeting Lin Fan, he really panicked.

He saw Lin Fan’s ability.

It really made no sense at all.

Especially after this half a month, how much did his strength increase?

It was hard to pinpoint.

Although without blood pearls one could only reach stage seven, did this fellow look like he had stage seven strength?

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He was just a monster.

“Why aren’t you speaking? Are you shy from looking at me?” Lin Fan smiled and asked.

If he faced them a while ago, he would have insulted them and fought them right away, suppressing them from the start.

But he gave them face and was willing to talk to them.

The other sect leaders looked at one another and didn’t make a move.

“Sect Leader Lin, now that the four alliances have disbanded and we hid all around, why don’t you let us off?” Su Ye said.

He wasn’t rash and wanted to talk to Lin Fan nicely.

“Keke, when did I not let you off? I met you because I was chasing the evil god and it was a coincidence. Why so nervous?” Lin Fan said.

His gaze still landed on Old Monster Heaven Slaying, “Will you follow me back or will you stay here? I think with my strength, even if everyone attacks, I can still bring you away. I can also kill those who help you.”

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The other sect leaders were scared of Lin Fan’s words.

Some sect leaders were practical.

They snuck slightly far away from him in case they were misunderstood to be helping him.

“Sect Leader Lin, I have my own life and thoughts, please show mercy and let me off.” Old Monster Heaven Slaying said. He admitted that he was afraid and that he didn’t dare to fight Lin Fan.

He had no choice.

What could he do?

He couldn’t beat him.

As for hoping for the sect leaders to help, that was impossible. They probably wanted to draw the line with him.

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He could only lower himself.

That wasn’t embarrassing.

After all, no one present had any face left.

“Haha.” Lin Fan smiled, “Forget it, I never force people. But since you said that then what else can I say? What a waste, you missed a chance, there won’t be such a chance in the future.”

“Oh right, you are here to kill evil gods and search for blood pearls. That mysterious black shadow tempted you right.”

Su Ye asked, “Sect Leader Lin knows about that?”

“Of course, isn’t he an evil god?” Lin Fan replied.

Till now, he didn’t understand what that evil god was doing.

What did he need by leading these people here to kill evil gods?

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Was it…

Lin Fan turned his eyes to the one that was suppressed. Maybe he needed the corpse.

Apart from that, there should have been no other reason.

“Evil God?” Su Ye and the others were shocked. They didn’t expect that mysterious person to be an evil god. After all, they were killing evil gods, so as an evil god, why did he have to do that? This was something terrifying to them.

Lin Fan didn’t tell him that this was a guess.

Anyway, it didn’t matter.

He just treated him like he was and other things weren’t important.

“Sect Leader Lin, why is he doing that?” Su Ye could tell that Sect Leader Lin didn’t want to do much to them. If he really wanted to kill them, he would have attacked. He wouldn’t have bothered to wait until now.

So, he relaxed.

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He wanted to ask some questions.

“Who will I ask if you ask me? You need to use your own brain for this.” Lin Fan said.

If others answered Su Ye like this, their brains would explode from the beating.

But regretfully, the one who replied to him was Lin Fan, and even if he was not happy, so what? He just had to bear with it.

Su Ye took in a breath to suppress his anger. He warned himself not to be rash, he couldn’t be rash.

Lin Fan wanted to laugh.

Looking at those sect leaders that wanted to rage but couldn’t. He just felt like it was great to be strong.

He was just so overbearing.

Moreover, he could do whatever he wanted.

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If not for the rage point, he wouldn’t have known what they were thinking.

But it didn’t matter.

Their anger and hatred were good.

At least it proved that they were still of some use.

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