I Hate Systems
I Hate Systems

I Hate Systems

RANK 240
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I Hate Systems novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Mystery, and Action genres. Written by the Author Overlord_Venus. 954 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Talent? Unnecessary! Wealth? Doesn’t matter! Brain? Eat it!

Even if one was the greatest of gutter trashes with zero redeemable qualities, as long as they had a System, they are bound to reach the pinnacle of life.

Compass Carburettor, a dirt-poor orphan with absolutely zero f**king qualities managed to reach the peak of the business world by the age of 35, all while relying on his Money-Making System like a blinded barnacle.

But at the peak of his life, he was betrayed by his System.

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  • Muramasi 1

    I can safety say that light novel ranking system is finished i just caught up and this is 100% a master piece on the level of reminiscent reader and this is at the rank of the later 200s

  • angad_sanwal 1

    Is this inspired by the book 'Reality Transurfing'? The concept of pendulums is similar to systems here.

  • typicalanimewatcher 9

    Can someone explain what happens with his daughter? I don't mind spoilers, just want to know how it got resolved

  • FelipeGeocze 1

    is there any romance in this story or at least some romantic interest?

  • Harukai 1

    Im at chapters 545 and the novel has been 100/10 so far, but i dont really vibe with MC splitting in 4. Can someone tell me if they merge back into 1?

  • Overlord_Venus 1

    And folks, that concludes Volume 4. If you have reached this far, tell me your thoughts. Interested to know your opinions

    • BlackCatReader 1

      if there's anything wrong with this novel, sometimes you didn't describe the problem with mc's characterization (1 small mistake similar to your old novel) but in general the plots are good. You built the worldview of this novel that advised me to open my eyes and couldn't stop reading.

    • TheWise 1

      whut is he the real author .OoO. If you are the real author then I salute you this story is pretty unique and orig gotta say I love that noice.

      Edited: 19d
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  • Kaminuku 4

    I dont like dad mc's so i dont think this is my cup of tea (just my opinion) unless the child is adopted and doesnt get much screen time, like its not centred around the daughter being motivation or smth

    Edited: 4mo
    • Old_Demon 2

      Moon's labyrinth is a nice story, a father of one (daughter) whose wife and bestfriend betrayed him "together" for profit. Has action, dungeons, harem (if I recall), and a sweet revenge on them both, I liked and enjoyed the novel, was pretty nice.

  • RaheemAzmi 4

    I have read 70 chapter and this feels slow does the plot get fast later or is it of the same pase?

  • Varkolak 1

    Enjoyable for the most part, after chapter 500+ the story gets a bit distracted by side stories so I think I'm done until there is a larger chunk released.

    • Rookie_Draconian 1

      U can resume now, alot has hapnd since chap 500, and i mean A HECK LOT

    • __Snow__ 1

      Hmm Yeah I am stuck at chapter 504😢

      • Unknown_LibrariaN 1

        Well same for me at 545...

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  • RandomReaderS 2

    Le me: Proceeds to read another system novel after speed reading this :)

      • edonist 3

        ultimate scheming system spare me, great lord sign in buddha’s palm

      • TyCooN 1

        Spare me great Lord was good, but later on, it kinda became a mess and also the ending was like. . . meh! ! . I was really disappointed with the ending, otherwise it's good

        Edited: 2mo
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