I Hate Systems
Chapter 806: The Dragon of Systems’ Return

"Hmph…futile resistance." The Regression System fragments burrowed in the timelines of the Xianxia worlds snorted in disdain before unleashing more power, "Accelerate into your demise."

"Dad…kiyaaaa!" Stencil suddenly regained consciousness and screamed in horror before her eyes blanked out once again.

"Stencil!" Compass Carburettor's eyes were red in madness as his body continued to grow in response. His Spirit Morph and Punisher Lightning flowed into her body and targeted the power of regression flowing into her, attacking it nonstop.

But the sheer volume of the influx was beyond what he could handle as his Mental Strength collapsed at rapid rates. All the Secret Society Members he had created transformed into Mental Energy and flowed through her body, transforming into Punisher Lightning to attack the power of regression.

There was war in her, one that Compass Carburettor was losing despite his desperate resistance.

"H-Hazen, do something!" Compass Carburettor shouted as his reddened eyes shed tears, unable to handle seeing his daughter's current condition.


Hundreds of wounded Secret Society members flew out of Stencil's body and shed Mental Fragments that combined to form a tiny fragment that Compass Carburettor threw at Gehera in a hurry. "Quick, target the ones aiming at her!"

"Yes!" Gehera nodded in hurry and focused on the fragment to course her consciousness through it and land upon a Regression System fragment taken root in a Xianxia world. She trembled like a leaf upon staring at the mental projection of the other party resembling a planet, with her being the mere size of a pebble before that.

"A fool dares to steal my power?" An arrogant voice resounded from the other party as the sheer show of mental strength almost destroyed her Mental Projection.

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But suddenly, the figure of a man appeared beside her, shielding her from the show of mental strength, surprising the Regression System fragment.

"To think there's a native creature with such vigorous mental strength." The Regression System fragment snorted in praise.

"D-Dad?" Gehera was stunned, wondering if she was delusional before breaking out in joy, "You didn't leave me! Dad!"

"Of course." Her dad let out a wry smile, "I've become the Ruin of Amagoth itself to protect you from harm."

His hand gently patted her head before vanishing, "Unfortunately, I've yet to recover enough strength to talk freely with you. If you grow strong enough in the future, we'll meet. I'll transfer all my strength to you. Use it well."

"Dad!" Gehera screamed shrilly, feeling her throat turn hoarse as she sobbed, becoming alert upon understanding where she was at the moment, noticing her mental projection turn hundreds of times stronger until she resembled a moon, "Thank you, dad."

The Regression System fragment stared in alarm and was about to attack her when the moon opened its mouth and unleashed a terrifying suction force, taking a large chomp out of the planet to digest it.

Gehera sensed an ocean-like stream course through her, causing her Ruin of Amagoth to tremble under the sheer power influx as the moon took another chomp out of the planet.

"Huff…puff!" Gehera was exhausted already, looking like she might fall unconscious at any moment. Taking two chomps out of the planet was her limit already. After all, just this power was equivalent to a newborn Grade 2 System. It was already exceeding her limits by a large amount.

If not for her dad giving all his strength to her, it would have been impossible for her to do this.


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The moon trembled as it slammed into the planet and took out another large mouthful, almost devouring most of the planet.

"Screw you!" The planet struggled to escape as most of it was devoured by the other party.

"Heh…hehe." The moon that Gehera transformed into laughed giddily, "Even if you're this strong, I still stole your power."

The moon crumbled as Gehera's consciousness faded.

"So what? You'll be mine soon after." The Regression System fragment snorted when suddenly, it flinched, screaming in alarm, "Y-You, what the heck are you? No, this is impossible!"

"Begone!" There was an angry shout as suddenly, the planet collapsed, vaporised in an instant, "You've wrecked my world entirely and now you've abandoned it to save your skin? Is that what you wanted, you blasted hypocrite? Shen Ze!"

"Shen Ze? Who…is that?" Gehera muttered as her consciousness faded away. The last she saw was of a dragon created out of Mental Energy rushing at her at full speed.

"Gah!" Gehera woke up with a start, looking around in a hurry to notice that it had only been a couple of seconds since she targeted the Regression System fragment, even though it seemed like hours for her.

She hurriedly took out a totem and said to Compass Carburettor, "This will impede the power of regression!"

"Great, do it!" Compass Carburettor said in a hurry as he extricated himself from Stencil, watching Gehera stab the totem into Stencil's stomach.

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Instantly, the totem shone with starlight radiance as the power of regression was absorbed into it in full swing.

"Compass!" Suddenly, a familiar voice resounded as Compass Carburettor stared at the source, noticing that it was from the totem.

"…Dota?" Compass Carburettor muttered in surprise, "Where were you?"

"I had gone to visit my home world." Dota's voice resounded from the totem, filled with sadness, "Unfortunately, it's no more. Shen Ze stole its foundation before defecting to Mascot's side."

"There's no hope for my kind to live anymore." Its voice full of sadness echoed in the surroundings.

"Dota?" Gehera muttered, tilting her head in confusion before recalling the voice to be from the entity she had seen at the end of her fight with the Regression System fragment, "Were you the one that…"

"Thanks to you, I managed to come here on time." Dota said, facing Gehera, "My body was on the verge of disappearing already. At least, before I vanish, let me do something."

It then stared at Compass Carburettor, "I've sensed that the Regression System was targeting Stencil through my home world."

"I have a solution."

"Please do it!" Compass Carburettor didn't even hesitate to ask in a hurry.

"Idiot, relax." Dota said, "I've watched her grow more than you. I was preparing her for this already."

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Dota—Dragon of Systems!

The totem suddenly shone with a bright radiance as the figure of a starlight dragon manifested before flowing into Stencil, "I'm a product of both Immortal's world and the System World. So, I'm the perfect candidate to form Stencil's core. Stencil had absorbed my body's essence into her long ago while trying to fuse it with Anthozoa."

"So, leave it to me."

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