I Hate Systems
Chapter 824: Rise of the Aggressor

"I'm done." One of the Secret Society members announced as he exited Compass Carburettor's Dreamland, "My Dreamland is complete."

"Get inside." Compass Carburettor said while facing Truck-Kun, "You'll be safe in there. That Dreamland has been created using Mental Fragments sourced from all these Core Skill Manifestations and the current Genre Representation. It's stable enough to house you."

"Alright, don't die." Truck-Kun stared at his eyes before entering the Dreamland, bringing Hazen and Gehera with him. Following that, the member attached himself to Compass Carburettor's body.


He took in a deep breath before staring at Stencil with a pained expression upon seeing her limbs being cut off. His body seethed in rage, unwilling to stare at his daughter being harmed.

But, he had no choice. He had one chance to pull this off, failure of which would mean his daughter would either be consumed by Zaira or be killed by a Genre Representative.

The world became eerier and eerier as from time to time, the Systems were stuck in illusions they couldn't break out from, rapidly aged like mortals, and even lost their minds. If the other Systems didn't help them with activating myriad Core Skills to shave off the effects, they would have lost their lives, especially since they encompassed their whole selves now.

Staring at the scenery of the world rapidly flickering as Magister targeted Stencil, Compass Carburettor awaited the best time, watching the Systems be on the verge of killing Immortal. Soon, Immortal's eyes lost their light as his body collapsed into fragments of light spectacle.


Instantly, more than a billion streams of Mental Energy gushed out of the ground, with a good fraction of them flowing through Immortal's dissipating body, unleashing Spirit Morph on the loosely scattered power to absorb them all before flowing towards Stencil.

The rest of the Mental Energy streams blasted out into mist and Punisher Lightning, alarming everyone, for they had never expected Compass Carburettor to amass such a frightening level of strength in a short amount.

And worst of all, the quality of his powers was many times greater than before.

'He was holding back all along?' Arnark was alarmed before shaking his head, hurriedly turning around to stare at the truck, only to observe in horror that the truck had vanished. Truck-Kun, Gehera, and the unconscious Hazen had disappeared.

His eyes shot towards Immortal's corpse, noticing a smile on his face before it was drowned by the millions of Mental Energy Streams that brushed past.

Slayer was before Stencil, his fist gradually inching towards her in order to deliver the killing blow. His eyes widened in shock as Mental Energy streams began to converge around her.

He instinctively activated countless abilities, watching in alarm as they were drowned and devoured by the millions of Mental Energy streams. He didn't have the time to unleash a stronger attack.

Zaira's limbs weren't functional anymore. She needed a lot of time to recover from Immortal's devastating attacks. By activating her remaining power, she leaped forth, inching towards Stencil as her mouth opened wide, intending to devour both Stencil and Slayer.

That would be like dealing with two of her enemies in one attack.

"Master!" Arnark activated all his power to push away Zaira and defend Slayer.

"No!" The Regression System leapt onto Arnark to stop him while the other Systems all ganged upon the core of the scene, all to satisfy their respective efforts, all while the Mental Energy streams congregated around Stencil.

They swirled before condensing into the figure of Compass Carburettor that sported a maniacal expression, his body covering Stencil in a protective embrace as she was forcefully knocked unconscious before being placed into the Dreamland of one of the members.

Mental Energy streams spilled out of his body to create a cacophony of arcs that blinded the senses of everyone, whether it be the Systems, the Genre Representatives, or even the Main Character—Arnark.

Each Mental Energy stream was a Secret Society member that he had created ever since he obtained an infinite energy supply from Immortal.

Using that, Compass Carburettor created multiple modes of avenues that engaged in a battle. First was the Compass Carburettor that fought against the various entities. They were constantly switched up, preventing the Systems from verifying whether it was the true body fighting them or not.

As everyone was the same, and the original, they couldn't make a difference.

The second was the constant collection of abilities through the usage of Spirit Morph, targeting the attack exchange of the colliding parties.

The third was the collection of the terrain and its essence using Spirit Morph. The resultant Mental Fragments were used to properly construct the Dreamlands of the members. After all, only then would a member be able to unleash his true power.

The fourth was to create an army of ants that burrowed into the ground and devoured the bits and pieces of Systems that broke off during the attacks. This also included the blood of beings like Slayer, Arnark, Zaira, and even Immortal.

Fifth was the consumption of Immortal's broken body after his death.

And finally, it was the repeated usage of his abilities of mist and Punisher Lightning that caused everyone to be wary of them and work hard on creating countermeasures.

It was these six points that veiled what he was truly creating, using the Main Character System fragment that he stole from Arnark, a fragment that accompanied Compass Carburettor first, appearing the moment he became a System Slayer.

All along, using the infinite supply of energy, he had been using tens of thousands of members to unleash the power of Spirit Morph to gradually break it down into Mental Fragments that he processed and birthed a member out of.

The substance of this member was created out of the blood and body parts of Arnark, Slayer, Zaira, and Immortal combined. His Dreamland was created with the greatest foundation by deriving Mental Fragments out of the two Core Skill activations and the Genre Representation.

And finally, there was the spice necessary to pull this off…

"Wait…" Arnark's face paled in response as he shouted in alarm, "Where's the Tell-Tale System?"


Zaira was fighting Immortal, and in the final phase of their battle, she wasn't able to extricate herself from him, almost pummelled to her death.

The Systems were busy fighting the Genre Representatives to protect the Tell-Tale System, all while being unaware that Compass Carburettor was eating it out from the inside. After all, with its body constricted by the mist and messages blocked by Punisher Lightning, it couldn't express its state to the Systems.

Moreover, as he gained Mental Fragments from its body, Compass Carburettor layered it carefully in his Dreamland, synchronising it with the power gained from Truck-Kun, creating a version unique to his own.

Thanks to that, he could rapidly vary the potency of his mist and other abilities, causing him to steal power from the Tell-Tale System even faster, eventually reaching a point when he consumed it entirely.

Following that, he was working on three Dreamlands in total. The first was his own Dreamland, created using Mental Fragments sourced from Truck-Kun and Tell-Tale System.

The second was the Dreamland of his right-hand Secret Society member, created using the various worlds that had appeared during this battle, creating a Dreamland where Truck-Kun, Stencil, Hazen, and Gehera currently took refuge.

And finally, there was his left-hand Secret Society member, created using Mental Fragments sourced from the Main Character System fragment, bodies of the various Systems, and the attacks launched by all the parties.

The eyes of every single entity widened in shock upon seeing a single Compass Carburettor stand in the centre, at a location where Stencil was before.

This was the Compass Carburettor with a maniacal gaze, the left-hand Secret Society member that grinned as suddenly, a voice resounded throughout the place.

"I was born a beggar, my talent suppressed by a money-making machine created by a slayer's scheme. When betrayed, I found a path, through the route schemed by the machines, only to become enlightened as I forged my own path to become the main character."

"But, I was wrong, for the main character too was a machine, just with different ideals. Alas, the realisation came too late, but I persisted, with the power I made my own. And now, as a merchant, I will aggressively give return gifts for the hospitality I had been shown, with gratefulness stemming from the bottommost part of my heart, to make all the schemers have a small taste of your own medicine, a minor sting if you so say."

The voice became emotional to give a conclusion, like an orator, "And that is my tale, of a failed, useless merchant, and a helpless father who vows to deliver my vow of aggression to everyone, as Compass Carburettor."

The body of the Secret Society member resembling Compass Carburettor shone with a resounding hue as he smirked, "Now that I've told you my tale, have a taste of my gift. After all, I was originally a merchant that sold weapons."


With the Mental Fragments of the Main Character System at the core, following the fusion of all the attacks unleashed onto the battlefield until now, and finally, the calamitous implosion that Immortal was about to experience, created with that was something that humans on Earth prided themselves with, as the race with the most experience in eradicating other races.

A Bomb!

'Ahh…damn.' Zaira's mouth closed slowly upon seeing the Secret Society member shine with suffocating energy, bracing herself for the impact as in the next second, there was deathly calm.

Light spread around and covered the entire world, one that was a combination of the Apocalypse System's Core Skill Manifestation and Magister's Genre Representation, vaporising it in an instant as all the peak entities were drowned by the power.

The Grade 2 Systems stared with a helpless sigh as their bodies were vaporised by the resounding sheen that drowned everything in its path, revolving like a sphere that now encompassed the battlefield world, vanishing after a second, leaving nothing behind, signalling the rise of another power in the multiverse.

Volume 4: Rise of the Aggressor—The End!

Chapter 824: Rise of the Aggressor
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