I Killed the Player of the Academy
I Killed the Player of the Academy

I Killed the Player of the Academy

I Killed the Academy Player

58 Chapters 138K Views 2.01K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

I Killed the Player of the Academy novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, and Harem genres. Written by the Author Salamsallyeo. 58 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


I killed the player.

He was one hell of a f*cker.

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  • lnwUser13830 3

    'he was one hell of a fker' He really meant it when he said that. 💀

    Edited: 7h
  • Limitlesss_Venerable 4

    haha, i can honestly say i have never read a worse ch1 of any novels so far and that inclues dropped novels and fanfics. I dont even blame the mc or the player, i blame the author for his pov on life is not something i wanna infect myself with so im out.

    Edited: 1d~
  • Lustuz 3

    Anyone have recommendations similar to this novel?

  • drone12 9

    poison test? anyone?

    • MUTE 1

      not a bad read, you should read it when u have nothing on your plate

  • 5Pawn 1

    How accurate is the summary? It's not even double the length of the title

  • Larathecreature 7

    I dunno man the summary is pretty good

  • MoonlitStar 7

    the summary is gold! read the summary to be enlightened.

    Edited: 7d
  • dimensionwalker 2

    too edgy. I withdraw from this battle.

  • AquasVeritem 5

    A bit edgy, but way better than I expected it to be. Like, significantly better. I expected bad-mid but got actually-quite-good.

  • Sisar 1

    Is the harem "the one sided love kind and mc settles only for one person" or he fcks all of them

    • LPL_Rai 3

      No clue. He is so busy saving the world that he has no time for romance. At least it's not shown that he is interested in romance