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Chapter 1728: Thanks!

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Chapter 1728: Thanks!

The three-headed giant wolf heaved a long sigh of relief upon hearing this.

It led An Lin out of the cave, over the crystal mountain ranges, and continued in the eastern direction.

An Lin took a look at the sky in the eastern direction and saw that it was green. This was where the green extreme was located.

The purple, red, and white extremes led to the exits here.

Was the green extreme where the Spirit Patriarch Palace lay?

An Lin rode atop the three-headed giant wolf and rushed toward the eastern direction.

He had initially planned to wait for a day before setting off, but what if his enemies got there first? Time was life, but also opportunity. Sometimes, just a minute of delay could make one miss out on an opportunity.

Hence, An Lin decided not to wait. In any case, even with sixty percent of his power restricted, there were very few beings in the Spirit Realm that could pose a threat to him.

Along the way, An Lin and the three-headed giant wolf slew several dozen Void Spirit Tribe powerful beings and saved a few sexy snake women.

What was worthy of note was that An Lin also encountered living beings of the Vermilion Bird Tribe, the Light Wing Clan, the Blood Tribe, and some other powers, but there weren’t that many of them.

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The three-headed giant wolf carried An Lin over a distance in excess of five hundred thousand kilometers.

A palace hidden behind layers of green mist appeared before his eyes.

It was extremely vast and spectacular, like a primordial beast sprawled on the ground.

An Lin could sense an ancient aura emanating from it.

The palace was materialized from soul power and was completely inky black. Ninety-nine massive soul power pillars supported its roof, which was over sixty thousand meters in altitude, and there were all manners of Void Spirit Tribe living beings carved onto the walls like totems. There was an entrance from which blue light emanated, forming a peculiar enchantment barrier that kept out all living beings.

“Crap! There are three super terrifying powerful beings up ahead!” The three-headed giant wolf suddenly began to tremble uncontrollably like a frightened little puppy.

An Lin could see that there were already sixteen Void Spirit Tribe powerful beings gathered outside of the palace entrance.

All of them were at the Return to Void Stage or above, and three of them were Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures exuding terrifying auras.

There was the Dark Soul Emperor, who had the appearance of a black jellyfish with countless crimson maces hanging from its feelers.

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There was the Dao Integration Intermediate Stage Sword Essence Emperor, who was a musclebound, crimson monster with a pair of bull horns on its head.

Lastly, there was the Dao Integration Intermediate Stage Chaotic Demon Ball, who was a round ball that glowed as bright as the sun at times and was as dark as a black hole at other times.

These three were all vastly renowned super mighty figures on the Tai Chu Continent.

The three-headed giant wolf’s power level was barely comparable to a rookie Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure, so it was no surprise that it would be extremely fearful of these three.

After assessing the situation, An Lin decided that facing three Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures in his current condition would very likely spell a tough battle. However, if he charged directly toward the entrance, there was a very high likelihood that he would be able to break in.

“That key you were referring to, it can get us into that entrance, right?” An Lin asked.

The three-headed giant wolf nodded quickly. “That’s right. As long as we hold the key, we won’t be obstructed by the enchantment barrier at the entrance of the Spirit Patriarch Palace.”

It then shuddered as a thought occurred to it. “You’re not thinking about forcing your way through, are you?”

“They don’t have keys, so they’ll have to think of other ways to bypass the enchantment barrier. As such, we’ll be able to gain the initiative if we go in first, so why not?” An Lin smiled and said, “Give me the key.”

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The three-headed giant wolf obediently handed a white key to An Lin.

Meanwhile, outside the Spirit Patriarch Palace.

“I found it! I finally found the new flaw in the enchantment barrier to this palace entrance!” the Chaotic Demon Ball exclaimed with excitement.

“If we find six more flaws, the three of us can combine our powers to break this enchantment barrier,” the Sword Essence Emperor remarked.

“I’m really looking forward to this… This place is most definitely the Spirit Patriarch Palace. It is the true holy land that all Void Spirit Tribe powerful beings have yearned for countless years, and now, we’re about to break into it! If we can obtain the inheritance inside, we will have a chance to progress to the God of Creation Stage!” The Dark Soul Emperor chortled.

All three Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures were extremely enthusiastic and excited.

They were about to climb to greater heights!

Right at this moment, all three of them felt something, and their expressions shifted.

“A powerful aura is approaching!” the Dark Soul Emperor exclaimed.

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The Sword Essence Emperor’s eyes were as sharp as a sword as it turned toward the white figure rushing over from the distance. “It’s An Lin! An Lin has come to the Spirit Realm!”

“Crap! He has discovered the Spirit Patriarch Palace as well…” The Chaotic Demon Ball trembled lightly.

All of them had heard many recent legends about An Lin and had seen footage of An Lin’s recent battles. As such, they knew how terrifyingly powerful An Lin was and did not have the confidence that the likes of the God Engulfing Skeleton possessed to be able to defeat An Lin.

An Lin was now so vastly renowned that his name struck fear or reverence even into the hearts of the majority of Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures! This was a level of badassery no ordinary being could ever hope to achieve.

“No, we can’t let anyone enter the Spirit Patriarch Palace before us!” A crazed expression appeared on the Sword Essence Emperor’s face. “We can keep An Lin at bay here and contact other Return to Void Stage Void Spirit Kings and Void Spirit Tribe Emperors to come and help us so that we can kill An Lin!”

The Chaotic Demon Ball bobbed its body as its form of nodding its head. “As opposed to having this opportunity snatched away by a human, I’d much rather share it with the other Void Spirit Tribe super mighty figures!”

“In reality, An Lin is going to be kept out like all of us anyway. Even if we don’t try to stop him, he won’t be able to enter the Spirit Patriarch Palace,” the Dark Soul Emperor mused.

The Sword Essence Emperor’s eyes lit up. “You’re saying… to let An Lin through, and he’ll retreat once he recognizes his inability to enter the palace?”

The Dark Soul Emperor nodded. “That’s right. Let him through so that he can crash into the Spirit Patriarch’s enchantment barrier. He’ll understand just how terrifying the enchantment barrier is. That way, perhaps he’ll leave out of sheer despair! After all, if he stays here for too long, other Void Spirit Tribe super mighty figures might arrive. Hence, if he’s smart, he would choose to leave.”

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The Chaotic Demon Ball’s eye lit up. “That way, we won’t have to share the Spirit Patriarch’s inheritance with any other super mighty figures.”

“Alright, let’s do it!” The Sword Essence Emperor also nodded in agreement.

Thus, the three Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures suddenly retreated to open up a path for An Lin. All of the Return to Void Stage mighty figures also followed suit.

An Lin was preparing himself to force his way through the Void Spirit Tribe super mighty figures’ defensive line and had even used his buff mystic technique, only to find that a path had opened up for him, as if his enemies were welcoming him.

An Lin was completely dumbstruck.

What were these mighty figures doing?

They seemed to be looking at him with disdainful and smug expressions as well?

An Lin blinked and continued flying toward the entrance to the Spirit Patriarch Palace.

Some of the Void Spirit Tribe mighty figures couldn’t help but burst into laughter, and they looked at An Lin as if they were looking at a retard.

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An Lin pulled out his white key and charged directly into the blue gate of light. “Thanks!”

An Lin expressed genuine gratitude toward the friendly and welcoming Void Spirit Tribe mighty figures.

The blue gate of light rippled like water.

An Lin passed through it without any obstruction.

The smiles of the Void Spirit Tribe mighty figures froze on their faces and deathly silence ensued.

All of the Void Spirit Tribe mighty figures were completely bamboozled.

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