I Never Run Out of Mana
I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana

마나가 닳지 않아

RANK 651
242 Chapters 591K Views 1.89K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

I Never Run Out of Mana novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Rekshu. 242 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Have you ever seen a hunter spamming infinite meteors?

That’s me.

It is now 40 years after monsters started appearing in the world and with it, Awakened. Min-Cheol feels that life is unfair, comparing his life to the ones which the Awakened lead. After a scuffle with one of the Awakened, he gains an ability which allows him to have infinite mana.

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  • BoredKing98
    Reader KP:460

    The entire arc after beating the Demon King is just bad. The God's are ridiculously underpowered and the way the mc goes about the fights beyond the first two is just stupid. I could waste a half hour detailing every convoluted move, bullshit power that just stops working or starts working differently (and no I'm not talking about the cooldowns being gone), and way the mc literally regresses in his growth just to make the fight last. I got to fight with the water God and just had to stop. If anyone got farther could you please tell me if it gets any better?

    9 months ago Reply
  • Nxthxrite
    Reader KP:34

    bootleg infinite mana in the apocalypse

    12 months ago Reply
  • IAmJustFoolingAround
    Reader KP:651

    Does mc use heavy duty battery....like in infinite mana in apocalypse...lol

    1 years ago Reply
  • MehJustDie
    Reader KP:3

    I recommend you jump every 'hahaha' notation in this novel as it does not make any sense.

    1 years ago Reply
  • MoriDan
    Reader KP:4

    like the novel but the number changing is getting annoying one moment he gets 80 million from the succibius dungeon then its changed to 800k

    1 years ago Reply
    • Gfcz (Banned)
      Reader KP:0

      you miss the logic, when other clear dungeon they get 80mil when mc does its 800k. When mc enemy is s rank they are 1000 strong, when MC get there he is only 100 strong. Hate this stupid logic and nerfing everything MC touches.

      11 months ago Reply
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  • BoredKing98
    Reader KP:460

    Not a bad story but the constant changing of numbers is really annoying. Everything from the amount of money he earns/owes to the skill costs keeps changing. I think it might be the translators since it's always a zero being added or removed, like the value of the manticore core goes from a billion to a 100 million.

    1 years ago Reply