Chapter 42

The Circumstances of a Trivial Villain (4)

If it was a vital hit, there would be no cure except to immediately put in divine power.

The only way was to quickly avoid it.

‘Because in the original story, Ian was also attacked.’

Since black magic is illegal, the general public did not have much information about it.

A black energy rushed towards me from the manager’s hand.

“It recognizes the stronger opponent.”

I jumped up to avoid the black energy and wanted to hit the manager’s vital point to knock him out.

But when I looked behind my back, the black energy that I had once avoided was rushing at me again.Of course, that was expected.

‘It came back like a boomerang, so after Ian dodged it once, he was careless for a moment.’

However, this black magic would disappear completely if you avoided it.

So if I just avoided the second one, it would be fine. But it was when I confidently tried to avoid it.


Aaron blocked me, and he was hit with the black energy.

The black energy that flew in was absorbed into Aaron’s wielded hand.


Aaron stumbled on his knees, lost his balance, and collapsed.

I caught Aaron, who quickly collapsed with his head dazed.

“Aaron?! Are you crazy?!”

This was something I never expected.

So, Aaron had blocked the black magic attack on my behalf.

I had no idea that Aaron would get hurt instead of me.

The only brother I had been with until now was Reid, so I was thinking accordingly.

‘Oh my gosh…’

Aaron’s collapsed body itself had no sense of reality.

Never have I ever thought that someone would sacrifice themselves for me and get hurt.

I hadn’t done anything right yet.

I was going to warn him that it was dangerous after going through this door, and that he should be nervous from now on.

He acted unpredictably, because I couldn’t think like a normal person.

I couldn’t even imagine that Aaron would intervene in my fight, so I didn’t even warn him in advance.

Something similar happened before when I first met his family.

Just as I apologized to my younger brother for the right to inherit after 22 years, I did something against common sense again this time.

‘I grew up really weird. I didn’t even know that he would save me from danger.’

I had no time to grieve about my terrible growth background.

When I looked at Aaron’s body in a hurry, black energy was already spreading in the hand that shielded me.

“This is black magic. You can’t even treat it with your physical strength! I’m stronger than you! Why?!”

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Aaron replied with his eyes wide open even though his body was not properly tense.

“For 20 years… Did you ever live with your parents? You’ll get to do that for the next 20 years.”

My heart sank.

It reminded me of the sad expression my mother had.

‘You found your daughter who you thought was dead, but now you’ll lose your son?’

“What are you talking about? What do you mean?”

I shook my head and said.

“I’ll save you unconditionally, so don’t say anything like inheritance anymore.”

I was going to go out and head to the temple right away.

If I imagined that Aaron would die like this, the world would be dark in front of me.

My real brother who, out of nowhere, carelessly followed me, even though it was a dangerous place, and even protected me from the black magic.

I had never received such unconditional sacrifices. I tried hard to give strength to my trembling hands.

“I’m going to save you somehow. Our family hasn’t even eaten together yet.”

I continued to talk, while holding him.

“In return for today, I will…”

I was going to say that I would be really good to him for the rest of my life, but I thought I would burst into tears, so I hesitated.

Aaron continued in a sly voice.

“…Please peel the shrimp skin for me at all meals for the rest of my life. I’ve always been too lazy to peel it myself.”

The way he spoke was playful, but his voice was weak. I answered while holding back my tears.

“I’ll expand the scope to all crustaceans.”

It was then.

I felt someone carefully approaching the secret passage we had passed by.

The manager, who was guarding the entrance, had already collapsed.

He must have been a very talented person, given that he could even use black magic and was guarding the entrance alone.

Whether it was a customer or an official, it would have been very tiring if they caught this scene.

It was when I carefully put down Aaron and pulled out my sword.


A thin woman with brown hair hanging out opened her mouth slightly in surprise at me.

I also blinked at the unexpected appearance.

She was wearing a mask, but I was familiar with her presence.

The energy remained vividly in my memory not long after we met.

It was Cessianne who came after receiving a note to help the ones in need.

Cessianne’s eyes quickly landed on the black magic wounds left in the hands of the collapsed manager and Aaron, who were lying in front of the entrance.

“This is…”

She murmured, swallowing dry saliva.

“You’re not here to buy slaves.”

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I nodded for now because it wasn’t wrong.

“Rather… You fought with officials at the slave auction house…”

Since there was no need to say that we had no admission fee, there was no need to say that we were caught.

Instead, I hurriedly took off my mask in front of Cessianne.

“Saint, do you remember me? Annabelle Nadit, who took the paternity test today… No, it’s Rainfield.”

“Oh my! But… I’m wearing a mask. How did you recognize me…?”

“Because… I can roughly guess the aura of a person. But that’s not what’s important.….”

I hurried up to her.

“My brother got hit by black magic here.”

I pleadingly asked for help with teary eyes.

“Is it possible to treat it with your power? Black magic has no conflicting power other than the divine power…”

Aaron was lying down helplessly.

At first, only his hands turned black, but in the meantime, black energy had spread up to his shoulders.

“Please. We only just found out that we were siblings today…”

I might be ashamed because I had been defeated by Ian all the time, but Aaron faced black magic instead of me without hesitation.

I didn’t have time to pay attention to the original work or whatever.

I only felt that I had to treat Aaron somehow.

If something went wrong, I didn’t think I would really have the will to live.

“Please, I owe you one after another…”

“Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’ll try.”

Cessianne smiled gently and nodded at once.

Then she grabbed Aaron’s hand, which had fallen right away.


The black marks on Aaron’s hand gradually began to disappear.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

I was very anxious because I didn’t know anything about black magic, but it was a relief to meet Cessianne like this.

After some time, she spoke while carefully looking at Aaron’s hand.

“I think it’s done.”

Watching Aaron slowly rise up, she opened her mouth with a worried look.

“Are you feeling okay? I’m done with the treatment…”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

I tried to say thanks to Cessianne, but I hesitated because the atmosphere between the two seemed strange.

The two, who looked into each other’s eyes, looked slightly excited.

“Oh… I’m sorry.”

Cesianne was suddenly startled and released Aaron’s hand.

“To cure… I have to touch you… I’m sorry I didn’t ask for permission.”

“Oh, no. Thank you very much.”

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“No, that’s what I was supposed to do.”

It was time for her to notice and I was about to say thank you.

But Cessianne smiled innocently and continued.

“And maybe… I think I came here to save Aaron.”


“I came here because I heard that someone who would stop the black magic might need help. I have good faith.”

I couldn’t help but open my mouth.

‘Saying to help those who can stop black magic… That means Robert or Ian, not Aaron!’

However, it was a situation that Cessianne could misunderstand.

People who did not come to buy slaves, traces of battles with the manager, and black magic to be cured…


Aaron blinked his eyes and mumbled.

“…Then this is fate.”


From my point of view, the conversation between the two was a great exchange.

They even made eye contact and smiled shyly once more and turned their heads slightly.

I felt something strange and quietly rolled my eyes.

But I couldn’t even tell Cessianne, ‘I actually know the one-sided orders you’ve been given, but we’re not the ones you were supposed to save.’

“Uh… Well, my lady. Thank you very much.”

In the end, I had no choice but to pretend not to notice and intervene between the two of them.

“So, is Aaron completely fine now?”

“Yes. He is very lively.”

Aaron jumped up and smiled.

“I am in good shape.”

“I’m glad.”

I smiled awkwardly and put on the mask again.

Then he looked at Cessianne and said kindly.

“Then shall we go in now? There is nothing good for other guests or officials to see this scene, so I think it would be better to mix with people quickly.”

It was words that came out after a quick calculation.

In fact, even if other officials saw that one manager was down, it would be handled secretly so as not to ruin the business today.In the original story, Ian quietly knocked down one manager, and there was no commotion.

‘But the surveillance will be very severe.’

Now was the time to never act carelessly.

“I think we should just go inside.”

Once we went inside with Cessianne, I could somehow send her towards Ian and Robert.

If the first-in-command, the male lead and female lead, do not save the world, then I, who was the second person, would have to save it.

At my words, Cessianne smiled and politely greeted me.

“Ah, I see. Then I hope you achieve all your goals.”

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“…Huh? Aren’t you going to go in too?”

“Now that I have acted according to my good faith, I will return to the temple.”

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