I Should Have Just Died
I Should Have Just Died

I Should Have Just Died

차라리 죽을 걸 그랬어

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I Should Have Just Died novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Josei, and Mature genres. Written by the Author Lina. 220 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


There was a woman. Born as an illegitimate child and raised under the strict control of the queen, her world was as small as a well.

There was a man. He was forced to marry a woman who was his brother’s political marriage partner. His world, which was infinitely wide, became smaller.

The woman’s original sin, and the man’s resentment. “I should have just died instead…”

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Comments on the novel chapters for the last week.

: 1 comment on Chapter 4: Alyssa sighed.
: 1 comment on Chapter 3: ‘Seidrick!’
  • ReadingBook 1

    i like it :)

  • HikariTakeshima 1

    Leaving a comment for MYSELF it's very dragging, no offense. I'm only here coz like Alyssa, i wanna escape too, this world, and i can't help looking forward for her end. Also, Sid is running in circles with Alyssa. Im bored. Makes me wanna say, let's just die already. Meh, disappointed with Sid.

  • Oramiaman 1

    Well.. from all this talk.. this sounds like an uplifting story! Time to read

  • Scar21 1

    This novel is just... so fucking sad! Oh my God! This is psychological horror! How could you do this to us, Author-nim?😭😭😭😭

    • TheBlackPureCary98 1

      If this novel is so sad imma skip this. I have alrady drama in real life.. Ssigh

  • adannaya 1

    I can already see that this isn't for me from the comments and tragedy tag. I wish to only see light in this already dark world so i intentionally avoid sad stories

  • Alexandre 1

    Just what the hell happened from just seeing this novel comments i can tell if i read this i would become very depressed i think whoverer is reading this novel should go for some therapy session especially author

    Edited: 7mo
    • SaiSi 1

      Tis the fabled tragedy book of gamagorath, legend tells of how none could withstand the sheer terror it brings to the soul...come now we must away before it's too late. Yeah ama take my clinical depression and keep looking for a non harem drama to soothe my withered soul. Xiao

  • Sofielikestoread04 1

    Updated- my eyes are red and I have a headache... Haaaa so painful to read I just want Alyssa to be happy

  • lnwUser62569 1

    Best girl Sasha. She protecc

  • Zaaabooozaaa_1993 1

    It would be time for the ML to tell the truth, about his true identity, honestly I'm scared when the truth comes out. Il serait temps que le ML dis la vérité, sur sa véritable identité, honnêtement j'ai peur quand la vérité va éclaté.

  • Demoiselle11 1

    *TRIGGER WARNING* for people with depression. The way this story was written seemed like reading someone’s diary of sadness planted on fictional characters. It’s in a level that you won’t relate to this as much, or for the author, write something as heavy as this, if you did not experience it yourself. It’s a very comforting novel for someone who feels the same.