I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible novel is a popular light novel covering Eastern Fantasy, Fantasy, and Xuanhuan genres. Written by the Author Halfway Breeze. 700 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Chu Xuan transmigrated to a fantasy world and became the young master of a powerful family. He was rebuked for misbehaving just because he sneezed during a banquet. As punishment, he was banished from the ancestral mansion and was relocated to a remote residence.
He did not mind the punishment at all. He just needed a spot that could allow him to be a shut-in. With the system that would allow him to grow stronger by being a shut-in, the longer he stayed indoors, the more powerful he became.
After being a shut-in for a day, he was rewarded with the Indestructible Body Technique.
After being a shut-in for a month, he was rewarded with the Immovable Mountain Technique.
After being a shut-in for a year, he was rewarded with the Yuxu Celestial Scripture and 100 years of cultivation.
After being a shut-in for 10 years, he was rewarded with the Chaotic Indestructible Body and the Bell of Chaos.

Chu Xuan declared, “No one can make me leave my home. I like being a shut-in!”

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  • _SOLO_ 3

    This novel is similar to the novel (Providence is of the first order, sow a secret for 1,000 years).

  • WordReader 3

    From this novel I have come to understand that if you want to play, play it big.

  • Old_Demon 5

    Hopefully this fills the spot in my heart that was once occupied by a certain completed novel.

  • Rooftop 2

    D*mn i stayed at home for one whole month and what i get was an empty bank account. it's so unfair

  • MissBlue 1

    Its really good.

  • NoMoney_Guy 1

    Another generic cultivation Chinese novel. Don't expect anything. If you read any novel with the same plot, they have the same story.


    Well..this one pretty good..he coveting whol world.and he replaced his won dao to the great dao.he is going to be ultimate lord..if u dond have anytime read it... nce one

  • MainFoolZYF 1

    Does this novel have a wiki?

  • Veldorakun 1

    It is like top tier providence?

    • Deus0x9 1

      This novel here is more boring, I got to 163 thinking it would get better but I was wrong, it doesn't get better if you don't like it at first, it's out soon, don't expect anything

      • Veldorakun 1

        Dear Lord!! How the hell did u survive till 163? I couldn't go ahead after 5

  • Tallaveragejoe 6

    It gets boring super fast. MC is an Otaku and basically uses treasures to trick people into being his lackeys. His disciples aren't that 8ntereding either.