I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (Web Novel)
Chapter 840: 840: Back Alley Bar

The day after our reunion with Ashwrath.

Fran was on her way to a certain back alley bar.

We had been gathering information from randoms thugs in the back alleys again today, when we heard an interesting story.

There was apparently a bar where the locals, all of them outlaws, gathered.

The info broker there was willing to sell information to anyone who pays. However, this was only a rumor, and the thugs didn’t know if this broker actually existed.

But it should be worth a visit.

(At last, we’ll get some info.)

『I wouldn’t be so sure about that. It’s just a possibility.』


Even after my warning, Fran was still incredibly energetic.

She seemed pretty impatient since we didn’t make any progress today or yesterday. Last night even, she stayed at the Adventurers Guild’s shabby inn and intentionally left the door of her room half-open as a trap.

I was against it, you know? But Fran insisted.

Even after going that far, the only thing sneaking into the room was a moderate breeze coming through the open door. Fran was able to sleep soundly the entire night.

Today’s only the second day, but Fran already felt it was taking too long. She must feel especially panicked after thinking about the slaves already captured. I can only hope she doesn’t do anything rash.

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(Should be around here? Urushi, find anything?)


A small dog-sized Urushi came out of the shadows to guide Fran by scent.

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It was still only dusk, but that was no different from nighttime in this town. Led by Urushi, Fran ran through the dark alleys, so dark that you wouldn’t be able to see see anything without Night Vision.

After a minute into the maze of back alleys, Urushi stopped.

「There it is.」


Beyond the darkness, we saw an old swinging door in the light. No doubt, that must be the bar we’ve heard so much about.

「Let’s go.」


Fran was about to run toward the bar, but I stopped her in a hurry.

『Oh, hold on! It’s better if I go in with my body double!』

This was the method we had used before, when we made contact with the thieves’ guild.

A kid asking questions at a bar would be hard for anyone to take seriously. There’s no one that could end nicely.

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So using my body double was the sure-fire way to get information, but……

「I’ll be fine.」


Fran was in such a hurry that she didn’t want to bother with any tricks, storming into the bar without heeding my warning.

She pushed open the swinging door with great force and stepped foot into the bar. The door gave off a high-pitched creaking sound as it returned to its original position.

The air was stuffy, and a bustle of activity surged through the air.

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Inside was a group of unfriendly looking men, drinking and making a lot of noise.

This bar where outlaws gathered was not so different from the adventurers’ bar. Well actually, adventurers were not so different from outlaws in the eyes of the public.

As Fran took a few steps inside, the drunks finally noticed her presence. They cast a rude glance at the out-of-place girl followed by a puppy.

『Fran… don’t beat them up just because they give you a bit of trouble, okay?』

(I know.)

『Let’s talk to the bartender first.』


Fran approached the counter near the entrance and spoke to the bartender there. He was a super scary-looking dwarf with numerous scars on his face.

「Give me juice or milk.」

「……We have some grape juice used to dilute the booze.」

「Give me that.」


He was kinda glaring at us, but it seems he won’t turn Fran away. Either he realized her strength, or would take in anyone willing to pay.

Anyways, as soon as Fran sat down at the counter, he put down a cup of grape juice. Fran took a sip and frowned.

I didn’t detect any poison, so……


「That’s just used to dilute the booze, ya see? It’s made to be acidic and sour, so how could it taste good?」


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Gently placing the wooden cup of grape juice back on the counter, Fran cut to the chase.

「I heard there’s an informant here.」

「……Do you have a referral?」


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「Then I don’t know him.」

So we really did need a referral. Prear the guildmaster also said that no one would sell information to a stranger.

「I can pay you.」

「I said I don’t know him.」

As she repeated this exchange, some men approached us from a nearby table.

They looked like warriors with smirks and vulgar smiles on their faces.

「Haven’t seen you around here before, you an adventurer?」

「Bwahaahaha! This little brat can’t be an adventurer!」

「Guess so!」

After an appraisal, I saw they had skills for Extortion and Theft, so they must be criminals. However, they didn’t have Kidnapping or similar skills, which means they shouldn’t be slavers.

In the first place, most of the people in this bar had those kinds of skills, so it’s impossible to determine if someone is a slaver just by their appraisal.

「Heh heh heh. I hear you have some money? Then buy us a drink.」

So they were just after our money, huh? The bartender showed no sign of trying to help Fran. I guess everyone needs to take care of themselves, regardless of age or race.

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While still sitting at the counter, Fran smirked. The only people who could see her ferocious grin were me, Urushi, and the bartender, who flinched at the sight.

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