I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother

Chapter 41: “Have you all heard the story?”

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“Have you all heard the story?”

“What story?”

The eyes of the ladies sitting at the table turned to look at one person.

Madame Gashiv.

It was no exaggeration to say that everyone knew all about the current provocative gossip, but naturally, everyone focused on her mouth.

What shocking news would come out of that mouth today?

Each of the ladies, fed up with their boring daily life, waited for her story with anticipation.

Madame Gashiv, who was pleased with the attention focused on her, opened her mouth.

“I’m sure all of you here know about Incan Marezon.”

“Of course I know.”

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“What happened to Incan Marezon?”

“The truth is… Incan Marezon was seriously injured recently.”

“Oh! Is that true?”

“Oh, my God, what happened?”

“I heard while he was moving in the carriage at night, he met a monster and got mutilated.”

“Oh, my.”

“Monster, my God…”

“Where did it happen?”

“It happened slightly off the border of the duchy of Mayhard.”

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“If it was inside the duchy, he would have charged the Duke of Mayhard for damages, but he was outside it.”

“That’s right.”

“But how about the escort? Did he move without an escort that night?”

Someone presented a valid question.

It seemed that this was the question Madame Gashiv had been waiting for.

“There was an escort… but it’s said that he ran away with the coachman.”

“I beg your pardon? Ran away?”

“Not just the coachman, but the escort ran away?”

“Oh, my God, how can that be?”

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“Did they have such a bad relationship with Incan Marezon?”

“No matter how hard it was, if this fact spreads, no family would use that escort….”

“Are they going to quit being a knight and become a mercenary?”

The ladies chattered.

The fact the escort and coachman abandoned their owner and ran away was a great shock to them.

“…When I return to the mansion, I must see if there are any complaints from the family knights.”

“Hmm, hmm. Me, too.”

“I would usually feel sorry for them, but in this case, it was their job…”

When the ladies, who felt a sense of crisis, decided what to do after returning home, someone suddenly asked.

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“By the way, how badly did Incan Marezon get hurt?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Is he conscious?”

At that moment, Madame Gashiv’s smile widened.

It was as if she had been looking forward to the moment for this question to be raised.

“Fortunately, he is conscious, and there is no danger to his life.”

“What a relief.”

“That’s lucky.”


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The ladies sense it intuitively. What followed after this was no ordinary news.

Madame Gashiv continued with a voice filled with regret.

“It seems to me that he lost something that could be considered as important as his life.”


“What the…”

“Huh, no way?”

Several quick-witted ladies widened their eyes.

Madame Gashiv unfolded her fan to cover her mouth and nodded.

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“Yes, he has become ….”


“Oh, my God!”

“… He became?”

“…How can it be!”

The rest of the ladies, who were usually or less aware, were shocked and shut their mouths.


“Oh, my God, how could such a thing happen…”

“How did he end up like that? Is there a reason?”

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“Incan Marezon had medicinal herbs in his pants, which, unfortunately, stimulates monsters. His lower body was intensively attacked…”


“Oh, my…”

“I can’t believe there was such a herb…”

There was a more somber atmosphere than ever.

“How does Madam know all that news?”

“My eyes and ears are all over the kingdom. The Duke of Mayhard is no exception.”

Indeed, the queen of gossip.

The ladies present were all deeply impressed.

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Madame Gashiv slowly opened her mouth after she had fully savored the admiration glances towards her.

“One more thing, do you want me to tell you an interesting story?”

“Another interesting story?”

“Is this a story related to what you just told us?”


Madame Gashiv’s eyes brightened slightly.

She was like a hunting dog who had been asked what her prey looked like.

“Actually, during the moment, Incan Marezon…”

As the story continued, the faces of the ladies changed every moment.

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By the time Madame Gashiv’s story was over, there were few ladies left who felt sorry for the Incan.

Rather, some seemed to be pleased with Incan’s accident.

However, it was inappropriate to rejoice over the misfortune of others, so each of them opened their fans wide to cover their mouths.



Yelena was openly delighted.

She grabbed Abbie’s hand, who delivered her the news, and jumped on the spot.

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