I'll Surpass The MC
Chapter 638: Way Of a Merchant

Primary Nature—Internal Inertial Gravity!

"Goodness, shut up!" Gannala grunted as gravitational fields stacked upon the figure of Ruvva in her stomach biome until the latter's body weight became too heavy to move around. Only then did she heave a sigh in relief, 'Her tantrums are growing stronger.'

'I'll leave the rest to you, Bora.' She thought and flinched upon staring at her arm, feeling a severe rash. Or rather, she had been experiencing one for three years now, trying her best to avoid harming Ruvva.

This instead caused her immune system to turn up on her, which caused her a rash. 'Thankfully, Ruvva isn't a Mammoth Clansman from another Settlement. That would have been more dangerous to keep in me.'

Without any hesitation, Gannala ripped out the patch of skin that had the rash and surged Prana into the region, healing it. The rash would return after a while, but at least until then, she could relax a bit.

In her stomach biome, once Ruvva had calmed down, suppressed to a spot, Bora Tusk approached her respectfully, dragging a Free Human child. His expression mirrored the greatest ass-kissers on Earth, "Lady Ruvva, if you don't mind this puny one's request, please hear me out."

"I'm not doing it!" Ruvva glared, "Get lost!"

"My Deity has promised that you'll be released as long as you create a successful Mystic Human." He rubbed his hands with a flattering expression, his back hunched to remain the most humble before Ruvva, sporting a pitiful expression, "Can't you help this poor old man just this once?"

'Poor old man?' Ruvva grumbled as she stared at Bora Tusk, 'Aren't you the leader of this Settlement? You're anything but poor or old or weak. Cut the crap!"

"Just once!" Bora Tusk somersaulted and rolled on the floor to latch onto Ruvva's tiny feet, "Or…"

He suddenly stared at her face with a pitiful expression, "You're incapable of accomplishing it?"

"Who said I cannot?" Ruvva grumbled as she intended to break free of Bora Tusk's hold, but was unable to. Though she was significantly mature mentally, she was merely three years old. Her body was that of a three-year-old human girl and hence couldn't overpower Bora Tusk in terms of physical strength.

She could unleash a variety of attacks to wound him but that would only increase Gannala's acts of suppression against her, which would further limit her freedom.

'In terms of mental maturity, she's superior to me at that age.' Gannala accessed Bora Tusk's thoughts and analysed the situation, 'And she has a large volume of inherited information by birth. She knows how to use Eddy Blades, Prana Shocks, and dozens of other abilities on par with Iron Grade Natures. She also has all the relevant information about Mystic Humans.'

Basically, similarly to how Gannala received an inheritance from the Supreme Tusk Gannala at the time of her birth, Ruvva had an inheritance too. Moreover, her inheritance seemed to be present in her since birth, as if genetically encoded in her.

So, even without an education, she was knowledgeable and able to develop mentally without issues. All she lacked was life experiences, which could be accumulated over time, as she lived life.

'Indeed, I cannot keep her captive for long.' Gannala thought, 'It's only a matter of time before her rampages increase my losses.'

She had to store Ruvva in her biomes to control the latter. But doing so meant that all the resources in the biome were fair game for Ruvva to destroy, which she did every time she wanted to break free.

And as Ruvva continued to grow, the extent of her damage increased exponentially. Soon, once the size of her Empyrean Tusk form increases, the level of destruction she could unleash needn't be said. She was capable of bankrupting Gannala overnight.

"Gannala!" Ruvva shouted, "I'll seriously go all out if you continue to keep me captive here!"

"Then, please create one Mystic Human." Bora Tusk begged with a pleading tone, "My Deity has vowed to set you free once you do it."

"What do you want to do with a Mystic Human?" Ruvva glared in annoyance, "You think mere Mammoth Clansmen can control a Mystic Human? Don't bother. All foreign influences are naturally erased once they enter our bodies."

"We only wish to witness the process, nothing else." Bora Tusk said, "My Deity only seeks to understand why Mystic Humans were special among Free Humans."

'You think I don't know about Weaponisation?' Ruvva was internally worried, 'I know exactly what Gannala wants. I'll never give her what she wants!'

"My Deity has said that she'll starve you next if you continue to remain adamant." Bora Tusk said with a crying expression, "She has ensured that your growth faced no issues until now. But if she cannot obtain your cooperation, she'll be forced to keep you constrained in that spot until you're on the verge of death from hunger."

"Is that a threat?" Ruvva intended to retort when she noticed a faint pulse in presence within her, staring at the figure of Orakha who revived next to her, "Good evening, Uncle Orakha."

"It's already nighttime outside." Orakha waved his hand at her, smirking a little.

"I'm trapped here, so how am I supposed to know." Ruvva sported a pitiful expression, looking like she was on the verge of crying, "Can't you bring me out?"

"Please, uncle?" She pleaded, "I only wish to remain free."

"I've conversed with the Brimgan Emperor." Orakha said, aware that Gannala was rapidly going through his memories to understand what was happening, "You can live there are you please."

"As if!" Ruvva rolled her eyes, "They are only interested in my power."

"That is true, but from a mental perspective, you'll feel right at home there." Orakha continued, "After all, that is also your birthplace."

"But Gannala won't free me!" Ruvva complained as she flailed her tiny body, "Look, she's constricting me with Internal Inertial Gravity!"

"Please free her, Gannala." Orakha sighed as he spoke, "Don't bully a kid."

There were faint gravitational fluctuations in the stomach biome, showing Gannala's obvious displeasure. But after a few seconds of silence, Ruvva was able to move freely once again. "Thanks, uncle."

"You're the best Mystic Path!" Ruvva laughed cheerfully as she twirled once, effortlessly unleashing an Eddy Blade to form a gash on the floor before she retracted her Prana, "I feel better now."

She then skipped towards Orakha and jumped on his shoulder, "Give me a Mystic Eater! I want to play!"

"Okay," Orakha smiled wryly, unable to refuse her as he created an arm-long Mystic Eater, watching Ruvva use it as a whip until it dissipated.

She then stared at him with pitiful eyes, "One more…please?"

"…have as many as you want." Orakha placed her on the floor and created a bunch of Mystic Eaters, watching her chase them and do whatever she wanted with them.

As he observed her actions, a layer of bone formed around him and lifted him to the throat, where Internal Inertial Gravity acted upon him right as his body left the confines of the stomach biome. The space within the bone layer compressed as Gannala spat out a bone sphere, reverting it to its original size.

Orakha walked out from it once the bone sphere hatched, feeling a severe headache, "The situation has taken a turn for the worst! Brangara managed to kill 52 Empyrean Snappers."

"Did Inala not reveal himself?" Gannala asked after some thought, "He's somewhere around the Dralh Sea, right?"

"He headed that way, but I'm not sure where he might have gone." Orakha thought, "Maybe he's already camping at the entrance of the Armoury. But the possibility is less as that place is a death land."

"But Brangara unleashed that pillar of light." Gannala frowned, "With his strength as the Royal Zinger, Inala should have felt it the fastest."

"If he hasn't revealed himself, it only means he's not prepared enough to face Brangara." Orakha shook his head, "Leave him aside for the time being. We need to do something before he returns."

"Use Blola's help to stockpile as many Mystic Eaters as you can." Gannala raised two fingers, "Enough to fill two biomes. I'm able to create two new ones, which will exclusively house your Mystic Eaters."

"Since Brangara is consuming Empyrean Snapper corpses, he won't be moving from there for the time being." Gannala said, "This is our chance to target Yarsha. And even if we fail, you can take action."

Orakha would revive at the Dralh Sea and target the Empyrean Snapper corpses. Consuming them alone would allow Gannala to reach at least the peak of the 2-Life Stage or even enter the 3-Life Stage. So, either way, they'll end up benefitting.

"And also," Orakha stared at Gannala, "Let me convince Ruvva. If by mistake you gain access to her cultivation technique, your life will be at risk."

Anyone who learns Mystic Nature Art will be heavily influenced by them, gradually turning into a Mystic Human. Once the influence takes root, they'll have exactly a year to live. By then, they must not only succeed in becoming a Mystic Human but also fuse with two Pranic Beast bodies. Otherwise, their death was guaranteed.

If that influence takes root in Gannala, it will simply spell her death. Hence, it was better for Orakha to take the risk instead. He had Sumatra Gold fused in his Human Avatar, using which he could devise a Human Avatar combination that would prevent the influence of Mystic Nature Art from taking root if he ever came to learn it.

The moment someone gets knowledge about it, the cultivation technique would take root, no different from a virus. That was Virala's intention during its creation. Anyone who steals the technique either dies or becomes a Mystic Human, both of which mean his victory.

"How long do you need?" Gannala asked, "I've been trying all sorts of methods, but Ruvva never relents."

"She knows you plan to use Weaponisation on the newly created Mystic Human to obtain their exclusive power as a Nature Weapon." Orakha shrugged, "So, I'll be direct with my approach."

"Is that possible?" Gannala frowned.

"Yes, leave it to me." Orakha grinned, "Everything has a price."

"That's the way of a merchant."

Chapter 638: Way Of a Merchant
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