I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child

Chapter 269: They weren't willing to believe that the big boss, who was so influential in the business world, could be so petty! (1)

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Chapter 269 – They weren’t willing to believe that the big boss, who was so influential in the business world, could be so petty! (1)

Zhouzhou was one and a half years old. He had grown taller in that time. His facial features had gradually opened up too. His brows and eyes resemble his mother’s, and the shape of his face resembled his father’s. When he looked at people with his limpid eyes and batted his long and thick eyelashes like little fans, he looked so cute and pitiful, making it difficult for anyone to refuse his requests.

Moreover, this little guy seemed to innately know his advantages and repeatedly made use of them. Everything went smoothly for him.

Holding Meng Jie’s neck, he pouted and kissed her cheek.

Acting cutely spoiled, he rubbed his soft and tender face that still had baby fat against Meng Jie’s cheek. Mumbling short phrases along with calling her aunty in a soft voice, he thoroughly won Meng Jie over.

Meng Jie liked children a lot. As she held the toddler in her arms, he didn’t cry or fuss. He was so well-behaved. He was trying his best to speak. Occasionally, he couldn’t hold himself back and babbled while gesticulating with his hands and feet.

Hearing the giggles and laughter on Meng Jie’s side, Ye Zhen was relieved and withdrew her gaze from there. She glanced over at Lu Beichuan.

Ye Zhen had a headache.

The father had a boring and dull personality while the son used honeyed gestures and sweet behavior to win people over. She didn’t know who Zhouzhou took after.

People’s personalities and characters were formed early on. Ye Zhen was worried that the Zhouzhou would remain this way when he grew up.

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Lu Beichuan was listening to Ning Yang report about the progress of the movie as well as its future prospects. When he got that look from Ye Zhen, he raised his eyebrow and questioningly looked at her.

Ye Zhen looked away and struck up a conversation with Guan Ming about the details of the movie’s plot in a low voice.

Guan Ming naturally wouldn’t slight her and quietly chatted with Ye Zhen about his insights and thoughts on the male lead role.

The male protagonist was a rich young master whose life had gone smoothly from childhood. He was dedicated to serving his country, but he was reprimanded by his family. He fell in love with a fallen woman from a riverside brothel. The young master, who had always followed the rules, didn’t dare to make his relationship with the female protagonist public and only secretly met with her. Due to the barrier of their social statuses, they never took that step.

When the city was finally enveloped in the flames and chaos of war, the citizens of the city were displaced from their homes and had to flee elsewhere. The young master’s sister was part of the resistance and had possessions of an important plan. When the Japanese troops came searching for her, she fled to a place that she once despised, the riverside brothel. When the Japanese troops surrounded the brothel, the female protagonist disguised herself as the young master’s sister. With her head held high and her back straight, she walked out of the brothel with the male protagonist.

For Guan Ming’s role in this movie, he had to express the most intense change in his emotions. This required that he take a lot of trouble to analyze and fathom his character in the movie. An actor with shallow acting skills might not be able to express those emotions.

Ye Zhen attentively listened to Guan Ming as he explained his understanding of the role. Her expression was serious, and she nodded from time to time. As the producer, there was a lot she had to learn, including the perceptions of the movie’s characters.

Guan Ming paused after he shared his detailed analysis. His tone was hesitant. It seemed as if there was something he wanted to say to Ye Zhen.

The look that was holding back on what he wanted to say made one anxious. Ye Zhen smiled. “If there’s something you want to say, feel free to say it.”

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Guan Ming was silent for a moment. “Mrs. Lu, I want to know why you chose me to play the male protagonist in this movie.”

Guan Ming’s acting skills were good, and his looks were very suitable for the image of the young master in this movie. However, there were plenty of actors like Guan Ming in the entertainment industry.

Whether Ye Zhen chose Guan Ming or someone else, it would have about the same effect on the movie. Or to put it another way, if she had chosen another actor, the box office might do better.

However, under the situation, a more talented actor wouldn’t have agreed to play this role.

This was Ning Yang’s first time as a director, Meng Jie had been blacklisted for over four years, and this was Lu Corporation’s first time stepping into the entertainment industry. There were too many risks. An actor with power wouldn’t have risked his acting career on a movie.

“The reason I chose you is very simple actually.” Ye Zhen smiled. “I happened to see a TV show that you acted in. I thought your acting skills are pretty good, but you haven’t been able to get a break. I think if you’re given a chance to shine, you won’t be worse than others.”

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