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Chapter 140 5 months ago

It's So sad that the novel's banned , I learned a lot about China through this novel, the poems and various other literary works, I Also gained a lot of knowledge I really wish to know what happens next but I guess I won't be seeing it, it truly has been a wondrous journey, I laughed, I smiled , there were moments where I found the Mc dumb and there were moments when I shed a little tear, there were also scenes that gave me goosebumps , though the novel is not perfect and has many flaws, I enjoyed this novel a lot!! It truly has been a fun read , Will miss you Zhang Ye

Chapter 140 7 months ago

The overall story is good and I like it a lot, although the nationalism and the racism part is bothering me a bit, but because it's funny I manage to ignore it. It's a petty it got banned by the real SARFT, I hope in the future there will be more update by the author.

Chapter 140 8 months ago

Good novel, very good translation with few mistakes. The MC is funny and very stubborn, he's quite good at repaying favours and ruthless when faces need to be slapped. My main issue here for me is the massive planet size plot armor he seems to have with him literally getting everything he needs handed to him when he needs it of events matching perfectly with his needs. Whether he needs height, health, flying skills to "win" in a tough situation, he seems to get to pull it from his fortune wheel at the right time waaayyy too often. Another massive issue is how repetitive this all gets after a few hundred chapters, Whis everyone underestimating him and commenting on the sidelines while he proves them wrong for the umpteenth time so they once again get to be awed by his vast array of skills

Chapter 140 one year ago

Pretty good, although at about chapter 500ish the sense of nationalism getting so bad, I won't let it bother me but still, it looks like some country dedicated themselves to hating Chinese, looks like not even 1 person from that country is an exception.
Even then the sense of nationalism itself is kinda bad, like forget diplomatic reasons, if even 1 person offends me from that country, I'll become narrow-minded and hate everything from that country
Makes me wonder if the author making this novel just writing it for grinding social credits or something

Chapter 140 one year ago

rather than a story about a star, i would rather say that the title should have been "road to being the 2nd hitler" or something along those lines XD

Chapter 140 one year ago

Couple of hundreds chapter in and so far it doesn't disappoint.
Yes it has nationalist view but any novel author of different countries will have their own view about society,
But as we individual has our own free will we can either accept or follow to our own hearts
We are free to belive in what we want.
If we don't like it we can brush it off and comment our views the same can be said about this novel.
Don't get me wrong I love reading this Novel the concept is not that common the humor is good the mc is likeable and although the story is sometimes repetitive it is somewhat fresh and not boring to read.
I recommend you to give it a read .
If you got nothing else to read you might just fall in love with this one.

Chapter 140 one year ago

Its funny a lot of the time but it gets pretty repetitive. And I think MC is a bit to much some times. Other times one can were he is coming from. And the Nationalism is pretty brutal and un calld for. But I finnd it funny that he is atvkating things the goverment dosnet like but still says the goverment is good. Sort 3.5 mabye better less Nationalism and reptition inte the later chapter three isn to much mindles rage in my opinion.

3.5 good comedi and to much Nationalism

Chapter 140 one year ago

Its absolutely good but it got banned by the true SARFT, so the last was the chapter 1696. In Story they got banned by the SARFT but in reality they got banned too sad:(

Chapter 140 one year ago

I think the bigotry is not okay but it is written by the author so he is entitled to his nationalistic views. Just as an American author would be more bias to america. If you read other countries books get used to it. This is just a undertone and not at your face.

This book is a lot of humorous and funny if you like face slapping this is for you a lot like lin fan in a valiant life.

Chapter 140 one year ago

So, it's a good novel, but it has a huge problem. Although the novel is fun and humorous, and I'll also add that it's well translated/written, but it has alot of racism although not blatant but more about superiority alongside nationalism. There is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are, but the author tends to disregard other cultures and promotes chinese nationalism.