I’m Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I Decided to Live Everyday Erotically
I’m Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I Decided to Live Everyday Erotically

I’m Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I Decided to Live Everyday Erotically

Nukegakeshite Moushiwakearimasen. Dakedo Boku wa Eroi Hibi wo Okurukotonishimashita.

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I’m Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I Decided to Live Everyday Erotically novel is a popular light novel covering Adult, Comedy, and Harem genres. Written by the Author Sasaki Kazu. 151 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


I am a second year in high school belonging to the male only「Human Culture Research Club」.

A beautiful female transfer student, Mia Kurusu, joined the club.

Kurusu had a perfect appearance and character.

Of course all the guys in the club were charmed by Kurusu.

In some way or another they had become desperate trying to get close to her.

Due to a strange event, I stole a march on them to get closer to her.

After that, dazzlingly erot*c days awaited me.

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: 3 comments on Chapter 4: Kurusu Mia 4
: 1 comment on Chapter 3: Kurusu Mia 3
: 1 comment on Chapter 24: Kurusu Mia 10
: 1 comment on Chapter 17: Ando Mikoto 9
: 1 comment on Chapter 13: Shirota Yotsuba 1
  • InconsistentWriter21
    Reader KP:23

    I will be completely honest, The first 5 chapters made me lose faith in humanity. There won't be any ntr changing on the personality of the female lead and how hard the author is forcing the relationship between the characters, Unless he catches a stroke or decides to be purposely evil and did some trolling with the female leads personality. So it's faith but this is honestly so dumb and cringe.

    3 days ago Reply
  • Aristi123
    Reader KP:160

    i got the wrong novel, but wtf with the comments friends who read more 18 are you ok ?

    3 days ago Reply
  • InconsistentWriter21
    Reader KP:23

    Time to become a poison tester for the good of all,Be back in a few days.

    3 days ago Reply
  • Apollo12th
    Reader KP:88

    I can say with a 100% certainty, there is no NTR.

    4 days ago Reply
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  • TokyoRV
    Reader KP:30


    6 days ago Reply
    • 7thHokage
      Reader KP:15

      Dude has a ridiculously big d*ck. I don't think there will be any NTR in this. I'm on chapter 21 and there is no sign of NTR.

      4 days ago Reply
      Reader KP:25

      You know that's the problem with NTR we don't know when it will happens. But when it happens We know we re fu**ked

      2 days ago Reply
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  • Lunara3923
    Reader KP:67

    Okay the maximum size I can get from the length he gave us (presumably flaccid) is 1 foot erect since you can double in size so yeah if we’re going of that this makes more sense

    8 days ago Reply
  • Mysteriousperry
    Reader KP:94

    Mc is literally a broken speaker going on and on about having a big d*ck and how it's ruining his life, and it's not even the biggest d*ck there is

    8 days ago Reply
  • UwU_User
    Reader KP:42

    Im pretty sure ive seen this girl for a while in a anime tv site… Hmmmm, or maybe im just trippin cant say for sure

    9 days ago Reply
    • _ASURaAA_
      Reader KP:59

      Isn't she from a pov anime where girl breaks in and sleep in a boy's room while drunk

      7 days ago Reply
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    Reader KP:25

    I am not H*rny!!!! I JUST DONT LIKE ntr!!! <<

    Edited: 21 Sep, 01:50
    9 days ago Reply
  • Paulll
    Reader KP:375

    Sometimes I'm really curious about how they choose novels to upload here

    9 days ago Reply