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Chapter 9 3 days ago

im gonna left review here, for you who already read many Light Novel ofc LN in here is Japan creation, its similar as usually japanese people create their novel, well its my impression. I cant say its good because its rather Japanese POV so you know about it how they look themself in third pov same as how KR and CN its feel diff. IF you're bored enough you can read this novel, dont expect this novel have good plot or smt, no its just novel for you waste of your time waiting you favorite novel up if you already read the comment about how bad this novel, just try it first for me it doesnt bad just so so, after all diff people have diff taste

Chapter 91 one month ago

Somehow made it to chapter 91 the poison is killing me at every level. This is disgusting horrible and painful. Do not read this, there's better things to read than this don't do this to yourself. Now honest review: Classic trope we all know, average looking teen who ends up entangled with the hottest girl in class, his childhood friend, student council president etc. Now needs to somehow solve his relationship which each one of them. Theres nothing out of the ordinary here other than the weird personality of the different characters. There's different tropes that can be funny or unfunny to you but overall I would say it brings out the second hand embarrassment (aka cringe) Overall a solid 5/10 (Average) for a R18 romance slice of life novel.

Chapter 70 2 months ago

I liked it . . . not much romance but enough adult romance . . . different types of girls or you say popular types like the beauty, boyish girl, school president type basically harem. HOT DAMN