Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse (WN)
Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse (WN)

Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse (WN)

1768 Chapters 12M Views 8.59K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Video Games, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Adui. 1768 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Blessed with unlimited mana, Noah travels the worlds and sees rampant corruption and injustice.

Have you seen countless icebergs fall asunder?

Have you watched a dragon despair?

Follow one man as he overturns the order of the worlds...


This is a story of fantasy and fiction, events or names used have no relation to the real world.

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  • 2ndDemonGodTinku
    Reader KP:168

    so... does this guy actually have infinite mana even when he becomes stronger than many things in the universe... i am currently on that chapter where he is fighting some admirals son in a deathmatch

    yesterday Reply
    • Old_Demon
      Reader KP:370

      Yes, he has infinite mana, but in these latest chapters, it isnt anything special. Just an infinite amount of one type of average resource.

      13 hours ago Reply
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  • LarryJones
    Reader KP:10

    i give it like 55 chapters or less before he gets to the stage past reality

    yesterday Reply
  • Patmaster2
    Reader KP:7

    ayo anyone remember when Noah used the spiritual land (when it was a galaxy) as a Rasengan?

    6 days ago Reply
    • TheSpotter
      Reader KP:59

      Yes and he can use the infinite reality as a spear cuz it got a feature called atlatl of reality he's just not using it cuz he already too op

      2 days ago Reply
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  • CookMeatPaste
    Reader KP:0

    Can someone tell me how many chapter this novel end. I want to read it continuously.

    7 days ago Reply
  • The_goat
    Reader KP:47

    I would have rated this novel an 8/10 easily but the different species in the novel are too repetitive like the author just add the word 'mystical' or 'natural' to the name of the species I hope that the author research more on species.

    Edited: 22 Sep, 08:47
    9 days ago Reply
    • AbsurdistReality42
      Reader KP:107

      The author does obviously know more species but he keeps them the same as a sort of "Coincidence? I think not!" within the plot. It essentially tells a lot about the bigger FAR OFF picture without having to say it directly. And at the current point in the novel, it's a foreshadowing of a foreshadowing that foreshadows another foreshadowing and so on and so forth. Really good stuff if you ask me.

      3 days ago Reply
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  • RaheemAzmi
    Reader KP:286

    VENERABLE Kailos Emperor 🙌🙌

    Edited: 25 Sep, 08:10
    Admin Edit: 25 Sep, 08:10

    Spoiler switch enabled. Please take care to use the "Contains Spoiler" switch.

    9 days ago Reply
  • Patmaster2
    Reader KP:7

    Ayo, anyone remember the butler dude that served that one b class hunter at the begging of the novel? What ever happened to him?

    Edited: 22 Sep, 08:26
    10 days ago Reply
    • Doza
      Reader KP:181

      *me who's at the latest chapter*: I don't think you should remember that guy, for the sole reason that he's pretty much less than a side character

      8 days ago Reply
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  • InderjeetKumarSingh
    Reader KP:1

    The power development sees no end in this novel. I like it. The MC is domineering and greedy. One of the best novels I've read.

    11 days ago Reply
  • Old_Demon
    Reader KP:370

    f*ck*ng hell...

    11 days ago Reply
  • Inxialot
    Reader KP:151

    Is there romance in this novel

    12 days ago Reply
    • Diabalo1
      Reader KP:139

      He does have a harem but the novel doesn't focus much on romance. But it's good u should read it.

      10 days ago Reply
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