Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 353: You're that girl

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"How is she?"

Finishing with the broadcast, Lucifer and the others went to the room where Alicia was kept.

She was still unconscious.

"She is stable. But I'm not sure when she will wake up," a middle-aged man replied. He was not only a Warlock in Uprising, but he was also a doctor who had some medical knowledge.

Taking a chair, Lucifer sat near Alicia as he waited for her to wake up. He knew it wasn't going to take long since he had done the same before, and she woke up earlier.

Kellian and Yaliza were busy in stabilizing the city and finishing up the takeover by placing one of their men as in-charge of Various top organizations.

They also knew that there were some people in the Capital City that had seen them before. These people knew that the Uprising had attacked and not the APF.

This included everyone who had seen them enter the city, disguised as APF members, including the Border Security team and the Security Guards of this capital.

Lucifer hadn't even asked Kellian to do anything since he knew that Kellian was smart enough to handle things from here on.

Kellian didn't disappoint either. All who could put the pieces together and the ones that had seen them were killed by Kellian while Lucifer and Cassius sat in Alicia's room.

People kept disappearing in the city. The number wasn't large though. There weren't many who had seen such things since the terrifying lightning had forced everyone to stay inside.

It was only after the appearance of lightning that the Uprising entered the Capital and attacked the Hunter Union.

Within half an hour, Kellian had finished up everything.

He and Yaliza returned to Lucifer.

"It's done," he informed Lucifer.

"That's good. Now we only need to take Zeiss out, and we're done." Lucifer nodded. "Did he come out of the Dungeon?"

"Not yet. He is still inside," Kellian answered. He had just confirmed the status of Zeiss with Vega.

" Do one thing for me. Invite all the leaders of various Hunter Guilds to meet us next week. You're to meet them and make sure they understand their status," Lucifer told Kellian.

"I am to meet them? Shouldn't you meet them as you're the Ruler now?" Kellian inquired, confused as to why Lucifer was skipping this opportunity.

"I'm going to be busy. So you can handle that meeting. We can't delay that either, after all," Lucifer replied.

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"What are you going to do? Are you leaving Elisium?"

"No. The reason I won't be here at that time is because I'm going inside a Dungeon," Lucifer answered.

"A Dungeon? Why?"

"We can't wait for Zeiss to return. We don't have that much free time. Instead of waiting for him to leave the Dungeon, we might as well go in to take them out," Lucifer explained.

"You'll go alone?" Kellian exclaimed. "I should come with you as well. Zeiss has his strongest Warlocks inside. It won't be easy for you alone."

"I need you here so you can't come. In any case, I'm not going alone. I'll be taking Cassius, Yaliza, and Uzuki. And if Alicia is fine after waking up, she will come with me too. We should be enough," Lucifer replied.

"I want everything to be settled by the time I come out, alright?" he asked.

Taking a deep breath, Kellian nodded. "Sometimes, I don't even know why I forget that you're immortal. Alright. You can go in. But be careful inside."

"Prepare a helicopter and a guide to lead us inside as well," Lucifer told Kellian before glancing back at Alicia.

"I think she is coming to her senses." Just as Kellian was about to leave, he stopped at the words of the doctor.

Everyone looked at Alicia, whose eyelids were moving a little.

Alicia slowly opened her eyes.

" Where am I?" she asked Lucifer, noticing him sitting close to her.

"You're in our new base," Lucifer answered. "How are you feeling now?"

"I have a little headache, but I think I'm fine," Alicia said as she slowly sat up. "I don't know what happened to me at that time. But I felt like my head was going to blow up. Did you help me?"

Lucifer nodded before he asked, "Do you remember what you were feeling?"

"Yeah. I kept seeing a white-robed man injecting me with something painful. It was, ah, I don't want to remember it. I still get chills when I think about it."

"It looks like your memories haven't returned yet," Lucifer let out, sighing.

He was able to understand that Alicia thought she only saw some random scene. She didn't know it was the reality and her past.

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"I don't remember what?" Alicia asked, staring at Lucifer.

" Since she hasn't remembered, let's not tell her. She'll be happier." A person suggested Lucifer, who was none other than Cassius.

"I know she might be happier for a short time, but it'll be based on a lie. This time she was fine, but next time her memories break out, she might not be fine. I'm not going to do what was done to me. She should know the truth," Lucifer responded, refusing the suggestion.

"What are you two talking about? What memories?" Alicia asked, confused.

Lucifer picked up a glass of water and gave it to Alicia. "Drink something first."

Alicia took a sip of water before placing the glass on the table. "Now tell me."

"You remember General Maxwell talking about that girl in the lab that they were experimenting on?" Lucifer asked.

"Yeah, what about her?"

"That girl is you. You're not the daughter of Vega. Instead, you're someone that Uprising saved from the lab."

"Since you weren't in any good condition and to protect yourself, they sealed your memories, making you forget all bad things so you could live an ordinary life."

"W-what nonsense are you speaking? I can't be that girl," Alicia said, still not perfectly getting it.

"Describe that girl to me. What do we know about her? She was a girl having multiple powers, and she is as old as you? And she was experimented on, just like what you saw before? It's the truth," Lucifer explained before he showed her a picture.

"Do you recognize this man?" Lucifer asked.

"This man... He was in my dreams?!" Alicia exclaimed, feeling that creepy feeling again after seeing the man.

"He is Doctor Rao— the man who was leading that facility. He is also the man I killed. I think this should be obvious now, right? You're that girl Alicia," Lucifer told Alicia.

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