Is that a Wisp?
Chapter 1178: Run!

"Ahhhh!" Krune and Sterlena cried in alarm as they traveled through a tunnel in the void, being sent flying all over without any control over their bodies.

Krune barely managed to condense the Cloud Whale around them while Sterlena erected countless formations over it, strengthening it further as she noticed in alarm that the Cloud Whale was taking damage despite that, beginning to crack.

"Hold on!" Shouting in response, she activated her Spatial Laws, trying her best to stop the damage, barely able to prevent the Cloud Whale from being torn apart.

"Ahhh!" After traveling for an hour in such a fashion, there was light at the end of the tunnel as the two cores flew into it, arriving at a brightly lit world, crashing into a pond below.

After some time, the wisp and True Spirit surfaced, flying over to the shore before returning to their human forms as they collapsed on the ground, panting in response.

"Never again am I going to travel through that…" Krune muttered, letting out a few curses.

Sterlena panted as she regulated her breathing, saying after a couple of minutes had passed, "Unfortunately for you, that's also our way out."

"…" Krune wanted to cry.

He quickly gathered his bearings, looking around to see that the pond nearby was serene in nature. Tiny lotuses bloomed atop it while tiny creatures hopped around it. A couple of flies came to drink in the nectar that the lotuses were brimming with.

Upon seeing the scene, Krune was surprised. "Just what is this nectar?"

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"It's an elixir." After probing at it for a moment, Sterlena replied. "Ingesting this nectar would allow you to improve your cultivation without the need to cultivate. However, it's only useful for those at the Nascent God Realm and below."

"The immortal version of the same lotuses would be useful for the immortals." She concluded.

Krune then looked around, noticing that they were on vast plains that seemed to stretch for hundreds of kilometers.

There was a large river flowing through the plains, heading towards the end where Krune heard the sounds of a mighty waterfall. Based on the level of sound, the amount of water flowing over from the river could be assumed.

It was nigh endless.

"Is this the Principality of Precipice?" Krune asked.

"No," Sterlena replied, pointing at the river, trailing her finger across the stream before stopping at the waterfalls. "Beyond the falls, situated deep into the sea there acting as the seabed, is a misty barrier. Once we cross it, we'll arrive at the Principality of Precipice. There's a reason it's called the Zone of Suffering."

"Countless treasures lay there, but the dangers are also innumerous. Even immortals could die there, not to mention us. So, we'll have to be cautious all along to avoid death," she said as the two of them arrived at the shore of the river before beginning to walk towards the waterfalls.

Hovering beside Krune was the Cloud Whale. Stored within its stomach was obviously the nectar from the lotuses.

He had…collected all of them.

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"We can use this to replenish our Godly Energy reserves, you know," Krune said when Sterlena stared at him with doubtful eyes.

Upon his response, she rolled her eyes, pointing a finger into the air. "With this level of Godly Energy around us, do you really need that?"

After all, the quality of Godly Energy in the air had reached the God Foundation Realm naturally. On a regular continent, the quality of Godly Energy would only reach the Godly Fusion Realm.

With that, Krune was able to feel the superior quality of Godly Energy here. Not to mention the fact that any place he saw seemed like a treasure.

He then tried to see if he was able to bring his subspace to the location, sighing upon judging that it still wasn't possible. "If only I could bring it here."

As they were casually walking along the side of the river, they noticed a massive ship crash into the pond, destroying it.

Upon seeing the scene, Krune muttered, "See, see, see! They got destroyed. That's why I was saving them. I'm a nature enthusiast."

"All you did was save the nectar. The lotuses were the true treasure there," Sterlena said, opening her palms to reveal some seeds, saying, "I already took all the lotus seeds. This way, I can grow them in the future."

"As expected of big sis!" Krune clapped his hand, watching Sterlena store them in her ring, asking in surprise, "I wanted to ask about that all along. How are you able to use a storage space?"

"It's similar to yours." Sterlena pointed at his Triple Beast Ring, explaining, "My ring is actually a weapon of mine that's able to expand and shrink. But no matter what, despite the change in size, its mass and density remain the same."

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"So, its volume remains the same?" Krune made the connection, asking, "But, how's that possible?"

"Well, there isn't any dimension within it like in the storage space." Sterlena laughed, saying, "It's just regular space that I can shrink and expand. So, items placed within also shrink in response. The property of this item ensures they aren't damaged or lose their property."

"Does that mean you can store as much as you need within it?" Krune asked in shock.

"Not exactly," Sterlena sighed as she responded. "Unlike a storage ring, I'll have to bear the increase in its weight. So, I'm only keeping the stuff that's necessary within it. There's only God Stones, a couple of my weapons, and some other tools in it."

"However..." She laughed as she continued, "Thanks to your help, my base physique itself has grown a lot stronger. I'll be able to carry a lot more weight now."

"Stop!" Suddenly, a voice shouted from behind them, causing the two to turn around and see a fat man standing at the edge of the ship's deck. In the time they were conversing, the ship had pulled itself out of the pond and cleaned itself.

Or better yet, a group of cultivators had swiftly done the job by activating a formation.

"Are you feeling what I am feeling?" Ignoring the fat man, Krune whispered to Sterlena.

"Yeah, I feel trouble, a lot of it." Sterlena replied before quickly shouting, "Run!"

The figures of the two flashed away as the fat man shouted at the top of his lungs, "Guards! Capture them!"

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Is that a Wisp? Chapter 1178: Run!
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