Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 482: Three Knights

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Chapter 482 – Three Knights

In human countries, there are three known knights. They are White Silver Knight (Silver Knight), Bronze Knight (Bronze Knight), and Red Iron Knight (Iron Knight).

Those three knights did proclaim themselves with those titles, they are their formal titles.


The white silver knight of the Raywhite Kingdom was a title given by the Korin Religion.

He is a knight who travels around that country to protect the justice he believes in.

Because of that, his popularity with children is high.

Bronze knight is a title given to a knight who has been recognized by the twelve kingdoms represented by the kingdoms of Ruga, Garrett, and Belulu.

Because of that, anyone with that title can freely travel through the twelve kingdoms and even mediate between kingdoms.

It is not only a title given to someone with battle prowess but also brainpower.

The red iron knight is the title given to the retired commander of the second knight order of the kingdom of Kaizan.

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Since it is given to the retired knight order commander, it is normal for the title holder to be strong however, the popularity on children is not that great.

Even so, even if the red iron knight has already retired as the commander of a knight order, it doesn’t mean that the title holder has already retired. Usually, the title holders of red iron knight serve as military adviser of Kaizan Kingdom or as an exclusive guard of the royal family.

In Kaizen Kingdom, a red iron knight can be said to be more popular than the king.

By the way, the commander of the first knight order of the Kaizan Kingdom is the king so the commander of the second knight order is naturally the strongest knight of Kaizan kingdom.


White silver knight, bronze knight, and red iron knight are not unique titles but it is said that there can only either be one or two of them at a time.

As for the reason, it’s power.

Battle power as well as sword techniques.

Of course, they can be defeated in battle.

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However, their heart never breaks even if they are defeated.

In the end, they will win.

That’s what those three knights are.

Depending on the place, they are even more popular than a hero or the sword saint.


That’s what I heard from Pirika in Village Five.

I see.

「So, who’s down there?」

「White silver knight desu.」

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He’s certainly wearing white armor.

Since she said that it’s the white silver knight, that might be the case.

「And that one who’s stuck on the wall?」

「Bronze knight desu」

I can only see the lower body and he’s wearing blue armor.

Since she said that it is the bronze knight, that might be the case.

「Then, is the red iron knight that shivering guy over there?」

「No, he’s the squire of the red iron knight desu. The red iron knight escaped.」

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I see. Escaped?

「Ah, I just received a report that he was caught.」

I see. So you caught him.



How did this happen?


I regularly visit Village Five.

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It’s because Youko asked me to open stores in Village Five.

Marcos in Shashaato City also said that some employees wanted to work in Village Five.

Also, if they are in Village Five, they can easily go back to Village One. It will be easy for those with children in Village One to work.

I agreed so I visited the sites.

Even before the talk about the store establishment was raised, Youko already secured land before Village Five’s population grew so the site locations are already available.

Those places are not bad.

No, they are wonderful business locations.

And so, I decided that we’ll take those sites.

In the south slope.

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It looks like a five by two-meter place….however, we can always dig through the mountain of Village Five.

The dug part is about 10 meters.

Now, the area has become a five by twelve meters place.

It is not something that can compete with Big Roof Shashaato but it is wide enough.

As for the downside, even if it is daytime, it is dark since there’s no way the sun can light it up.

Light magic is necessary even during the daytime.

By the way, it is prohibited to dig through the small mountain of Village Five without Village Five’s permission.

If we let the residents freely dig what they want, there’s a possibility of a landslide.

This place was dug under Youko’s order so there’s no problem.

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After that, I consulted the residents of Village One. We had the carpenters of Village Five do everything after the consultation.


Thus, when I went to see what’s happening to Village Five, I heard something happened to Pirika….

When I finally saw her, there were already two fallen knights and one escapee knight.


「Who did this anyway?」

My current escort is Gulf.

Daga did not come to Village Five.

Since that is the case, the only ones who can do this are Pirika, Youko….or maybe Hih, Nana, and Chelsea….right?

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I don’t have the ability to assess their battle prowess.

Ah, there’s a possibility that it’s one of Pirika’s fellow disciples too.

While I was thinking, the culprit raised her hand.

It was Pirika.

This is not surprising.

However, why did she do this?

This is a duel’s result?

I see.

There’s no trouble, right?

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Well then, let’s let the freshly captured red iron knight go.


「I am indeed a greenhorn. I even don’t mind being called stupid. However, I will never back down if they mock my master.」

Ah, yes, of course, you shouldn’t.

In other words, these knights made a fool of Pirika’s master, the former sword saint.

Even I won’t let that pass.

However, shouldn’t knights be mindful of their etiquettes?

How can they make fun of the former sword saint? How can they make fun of the dead?

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By the way, what did they say?

「They said that our master was a fool and we disciples smell like dirt. They have also said a lot of similar things.」

They can’t defend against it.

After all, their training ground is made of dirt…


Fight with them in a proper duel.

There’s no point in punishing them using the law.

Fight them one-on-one for about twenty times?

Maa, that’s probably enough.

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Show them your power.

Then, the red iron knight squire….what are you going to do with him?

Let’s just have him fight against Pirika too.

You don’t want to?

Do you think that the red iron knight will help you?

He even escaped earlier alone.


Let’s just talk a little.

I want to know the reason why those three knights came here to Village Five after all.

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After apologizing to Pirika, I listened to the red iron knight’s squire’s story.

With Gulf’s instruction, tea was prepared.


According to what the squire said, it looks like the three knights were not acting together.

The white silver knight and red iron knight met at a port city when they were going to Shashaato City where they met the bronze knight.

The purpose of the three knights is the same, the sword saint Pirika.

He said that they came here to scout Pirika and her fellow disciples.

Then, why did they make fun of the previous sword saint?

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Isn’t that counterproductive?

To test the limit of Pirika’s group’s ability.


These three knights, I want to teach them about the consequences of their own actions.


The three knights, who just woke up, were forced to participate in Village Five’s Guard’s special training.

The elves of Village Five were delighted as if they found new friends.

On the other hand, the squire of the red iron knight was greeted by Youko and treated him as an official guest of Village Five.

If you had only taken out the letter of the higher up of your country, none of this would have happened.

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「It is better to have a sword match than talk. You will understand the other party better that way.」

Is it?

However, is it okay for you to leave the red iron knight out of this?

Shouldn’t he be the one in charge of talking with this place’s officials? It’s fine?


Then, please spend your time leisurely in Village Five.

If you have any problem, just tell Youko.

Ah, me?

I’m the village chief of this place.

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After guiding the red iron knight’s squire to the inn, I return to Youko’s Mansion and listen to the content of the letter brought by the red iron knight’s squire.

I thought it would cause trouble but it seems like the other party is very polite and not hostile. It is from the king of Kaizan Kingdom.


Red iron knight, I wonder if the Kaizan Kingdom finds him unmanageable.

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