Julietta’s Dressup
Julietta’s Dressup

Julietta’s Dressup

Julietta's Dressing Up

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286 Chapters 214K Views 1.47K Bookmarked Completed Status

Julietta’s Dressup novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Romance, and Shoujo genres. Written by the Author Chae Ha Bin. 286 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Julietta, born as an illegitimate child of a nobility, is raised in an opera theatre to hide away from the eyes of the noble’s main wife.

To pay back her debt, she turns into a servant and challenges the high paying job that nobody could withstand.

But her special charm could not be hidden with clothing, as she catches the attention of the crown prince. Unlike other woman who flock to him, she was brutally honest. But why was he so bothered by her?

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  • SamaviaGhafoor

    The translation isn't amazing and the story started to drag after a while for me. But that's only my opinion, give it a go and make your own decision ☺️

    Edited: 10mo
  • Runa

    I finished this and plan to reread it. The translation is hard to understand at first but it would be bearable later. The story is good imo. And the fact that Julietta make used her talent from her previous life is also a big plus for me. So yeah, feel free to try it.

  • Morrighan

    Any male lead who can say in all seriousness, "I'm perfect, and my wife the Queen doesn't have to be perfect" is amazing. I love it when a character owns their arrogance.

  • Onion_violet

    cool discription :) [first >:>] *again* >:>