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Lee_On 5
Chapter n/a 10 hours ago

Impressive novel. Might not be the best I have ever read, but it comes close to, especially since it is a completed novel and a lot of incredible novel can ends up falling during the ending. This is a 6/5 novel as far as novel updates standard go. This novel made me cry more than a few times. This is a novel focused on character development/growth and interaction. Saying more than that would be spoiler, though I will just add the synospsis doesn't really explain what the story really is about. Some things you need to know though before considering to read this novel: It has romance but not the harem tag. On that note, the romance, while not the core of the story, is definitely important especially by the end. Notice the "torture", "yandere", "obsessive love" and other disturbing tag. Notice the tag "slice of life". The first half of the story is kinda slice of life. The focus is more on the "characters" than on the "plot". It is character-driven. While there is definitely action and fights, this is not the core of the story and are only here to support character arcs.

lnwUser112365 1
Chapter as9 6 days ago

Thank you for writing this great novel so I could read it. At no point reading this was I unhappy with the plot or the writing. There was always something new in store that kept me wanting more and the ending did not disappoint.

Tyarel 1
Chapter as9 9 days ago

Really good novel, I was afraid of what the ending had in store for me after many depressing chapter but it was a really good from start to finish, [You will be happy at the end].

Vizrain 1
Chapter as9 13 days ago

Such a great and heart melting/warming story filled with many emotions while reading. Perfect from start to finish. I am glad to have found this Gem!

Jalalapeno 1
Chapter as9 15 days ago

Nice plot, character development and author hired exquisite onion cutting ninja for the story, timeline stuff just confusing but other than that masterpiece

TheTrickster 1
Chapter as9 15 days ago

This book made me cry at least 6 times and i cant even remember the last time i cried for any book. Sometimes it was so sad that i had to stop reading for a while. But nonetheless it had a great(and happy) ending. Last but not least SEGGS!

Mex980 4
Chapter 425 15 days ago

If you are looking for a story to cry about, this novel is for you. You might not like it at first, but as the story progresses, you'll start to love the characters. And the ending? Simply amazing, you will definitely cry with emotion.

dominoz 2
Chapter n/a 17 days ago

Finding this here and seeing it is not in top 10 is really sad. This novel does many things one but the most important to take note of is the character development. No novel has development as intricate and satisfying as this. Seriously needs more recognition. One of my favourite novels of all time. Also one of the novels with the least writing mistakes of any kind, and I say this as someone who has read hundreds of novels. it deserves more chapters

curlyfryeli 1
Chapter as9 18 days ago

made me happy made my smile, a roller coaster with a happy ending truly zero complaints with this masterpiece, i loved it 🥹 the author included a variety of things that truly made the journey and the ending that much sweeter

yushen 3
Chapter as9 21 days ago

this novel is so gooddd im so reluctant to finish it but say otherwise since im here i did read the last chapter the plot is unique and the twist is dumbfounding it will really give you an emotional rollercoaster ride I STRONG RECOMMEND THIS (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧