Kidnapped Dragons (KR Web Novel)
Kidnapped Dragons (KR Web Novel)

Kidnapped Dragons (KR Web Novel)

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Kidnapped Dragons (KR Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Comedy, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Yuzu. 434 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


– The planet [Earth] has entered the abnormal state [Apocalypse].

– You have failed in saving the Earth. The Authority, [Vintage Clock (EX)] rewinds the world’s time.

For Yu Jitae, it was a message he had seen many times.

It was tiresome.

It would have been great had he died with everyone else.

But he couldn’t, for his authorities that made him the strongest existence, brought him back in time whenever he did.

And even with his strength, he couldn’t protect the broad earth against the maddened dragons.

– The world’s time will soon begin.

As the clock resumed ticking in the direction it should, his 7th iteration came to a start.

Fortunately, he finally had a gist.


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    Time to catch up on all these novels

  • EternityFreedom 1

    Im going to be super honest because a good thing is supposed to be shared, and i want you whoever reading my comment to feel happy and enjoy what i am feeling right now after finishing the novel First when i start this, i have doubt, but i saw the comments are good, so i give it a go. After 30chapter or so, i felt like this novel is around 9/10. I felt really hooked, personal life story and the emotions when reading this is like roller coaster. I would say if u feel the roller coaster up to chapter 50, you will have the same opinion to me, but if u dont feel anything up to ch 50, maybe it isnt for you. Let me go to the bad side though, Around ch 150 or 250, i cant remember, The roller coaster is now boring things for me because it start getting slowed down, but i am glad i continued on. Because i realize the author was preparing a spectacular ending. I will continue my review in comment later, but TLDR, endure until ending and u will guaranteed satisfied 9.8/10

    Edited: 16h
  • _Radience_ 10

    This novel finally got the no1 place on rating

  • hehehaha 3

    Anyone who wants to read this don’t go to the wiki

  • Resistance 13

    Just waiting for that one mf who rates this a 1 star for bs reasons.

  • CritikalReader 3

    Korean novels are just ~chefs kiss~. So glad I read this! This story is really up there with the greats on this site.

    Edited: 2d
  • chenp2 1

    If you are like me then skip the action because it isn’t too necessary in this book

  • starlesseye 1

    Awful beginning but once you get past that point the novel values show itself, which is f###ing amazing No harem though so pass if you're looking for that

  • vivevs 5

    This is the best rated novel on this site? Looks kinda generic based on the title and the picture but oh well lets see. I will be immensely disappointment if it's not as good, or even better then Mother of Learning(IMO the best novel on this site)

    • Chris99 1

      You should try the perfect run and the Lord of mysteries, they are equally good.

      • vivevs 5

        I plan on reading LOTM this summer, as now I have barely any free time and it's quite massive (and the second book is out as well). I haven't heard of the other one, so I will definitely check it out! Thanks for recommendations!

    • flssdd 3

      If you are looking for something like Mother of Learning, this is not it. They have nothing in common and not similar to each other in any way even if they share a lot of tags like 'fantasy', 'academy', 'time loop' and so on. Otherwise, this is definitely one of the better stories here and both of them are top tier for me.

      • vivevs 5

        I don't really care that it's not similar, I just use MOL as a rough guideline for how good I find something(since I consider it to be the best novel), and this is the only 5/5 rated novel (unless you count those with like 3 reviews) so I deff expect it to have quality writing. I've read about 15 chapters and it's good so far.

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  • Traktor_reaktor13e 14

    Back to 5star. I guess everyone who doesn't like it gets scared by the tens of dislikes