King of Gods
King of Gods

King of Gods

Chủ tể chi vương

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King of Gods novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Fast Food Resturant. 1585 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


His will is tough and he is unwilling to be normal. However, his pathway was destined to be that way, being born in a small sect’s branch.

However, one day, his left eye merges with the eye of an Ancient God in an accident. From that moment on, he turns from a fish into a dragon.

He rises up like a star, walking the path of a legendary cultivator.

From being a tiny, small ant at the bottom of the world, he rises step by step, into a place full of powerful sects, strong ancient clans and countless geniuses.

This is an era of legends.

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  • LostRegressor 3

    After reading revered insanity these Mc bore me honestly they are too predictable

  • Merchant 1

    I just finished reading the entire novel a few minutes ago. This is peak perfection. It also has an amazing endings. It does has it flaws like sometimes they add in useless chapter but that isn't until wayyyyy later in the novel. Please don't listen to the haters in comments you try it out yourself and see if it is good or not.

  • Cardizzy 1

    Its getting boring tf with the author why always zhao Feng cultivation no progress always saying consolidating his foundation tf always consolidating no progress in his rank at all when i read it i notice that zhao is always below cultivation in his other peers when will be the time he will surpass others and his always getting pursuit im already in 1000 chapter but tf no i always notice zhao feng cultivation is always consolidating his foundation when will be time he broke through that will looking down to all in the last chapter?????????

  • Saltedfish 1

    Ive been wondering, did he know that he can attack in close combat while using the mental energy to the enemy???I remember he imbued a mental energy in the arrow i just forgot which chapter it is lol can this got any better? In at chp 500

  • Saltedfish 1

    The fight scenes are boring, its like a staring contest, mc keeps dragging the fight until he is satisfied like wtf whats with the author, did he really think that i will read all the fcking unnecessary details in the fight scenes like, the mc fighting then suddenly a fcking person butt in then the fight scene turn into a group conversation where evrryone iscursing while someone is explaining like sht.

  • Saltedfish 1

    Chp 458- Dont know why the mc let the enemies escape maybe he wants the enemies to know abouy him qnd let the enemy ne prepared like ffkng asshole so arrogant your not li qiye, this chapter totally disappointed me and makes me want to drop this.

  • alfrancislol 1

    This story fucking sucks the conversations between characters feel like robots

  • Player_DomainZ 1

    Hey can anyone tell me about MC's left eye Like its peak power And is it a different eye from the 8 godly eyes. . . ? And compared to the other 8 how power full it MC's eye?

    Edited: 1y
    • Baguette777 1

      its one of the two ancestral eyes The other one being the one formed when all 8 god eyes are brought together

      Edited: 12mo
  • lnwUser122762 1

    Just good

  • Jalbrooks 1

    Why does it say "the, " and then stops?