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Chapter 389: Bear-san Talks to Jade-san

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Chapter 389 Bear-san Talks to Jade-san
From the carriage, Mel-san, Senia-san, Jade-san, and Toya came down in that order. Mel-san and Senia-san went straight to Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear and hugged them.

[Swaying Bear-chan, Hugging Bear-chan, you are so cute as always!] Mel

[So cute!] Senia

[So why are you guys here?] Yuna

I asked Mel-san and Senia-san, who are stroking Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.

[That’s my line. While I was driving the carriage, I caught a glimpse of a black bear and a white bear walking in front of me and since there’s another black one on top of it, I knew that it would be Yuna-chan even from a distance. So, why is Yuna-chan in such a place? And you also have two girls with you.] Mel

Mel looks at Fina and Ruimin.

[I think that was Fina-chan. Don’t you remember? From that time during the school festival?] Jade

[Oh, I remember! You’re Jade-san from that time.] Fina

[I’m glad you remember me.] Jade

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Jade-san was happy with Fina’s words.

Fina first met them in the Adventurer’s Guild when I went out to subdue the Tiger Wolves and she met Jade-san and Mel-san once again at the school festival’s monsters and animals dismantling area.

[And this is our first time meeting with this elf child, right?] Mel

[I’m Ruimin. I’m indebted to Yuna-san.] Ruimin

Ruimin bowed lightly and introduced herself.

[Yuna-chan, did you add new girls again?] Senia

[This is the first time hearing about that! What’s with this about me having a new girl?] Yuna

[Because during the school festival, you’re walking around with a lot of pretty girls.] Mel

Mel-san answers as if to remind me. Certainly, I was with Fina, Shuri, Noa, and Tilia at that time. They shouldn’t have seen me together with Shia and Misa, right?

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[Also, it seems like Karina-chan adores you.] Mel

When you say it like that, I won’t be able to say anything back.

<Karina-chan?> Fina said in a small voice.

[So why is Yuna here together with these kids?] Jade

Jade-san asked.

[That’s because……] Yuna

I stagnated.

I can talk about Bearmonite, but it’s a pain if they ask about it in detail. Since that’s the case, my response is quite limited.

[To visit the city of Dwarves and buy pots and pans…] Yuna

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[Visit the city?] Jade

[To buy pots and pans?] Senia

[And you even took Fina-chan with you?] Mel

Everyone, including Jade-san, is looking at me dumbfoundedly.

Yeah, I know. No one travels from Crimonia to Ludnik just to tour the city or buy pots and pans. So stop looking at me like that.

[Why is Jade and your party here? You work mainly in the royal capital, right?] Yuna

[We are going to Ludnik to buy Toya’s Mithril sword.] Jade

By the way, when I met them in the desert, they said they would buy Toya a Mithril sword. But they can buy a Mithril sword even in the royal capital. So I don’t understand why they have to come out here just to buy one.

When I asked them about that, Toya rushed in.

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[Oh, right, that.] Mel

[Wait, don’t tell her!] Toya

Toya tried to stop Mel from talking, but Mel began to talk oddly.

[Etto, there’s a blacksmith named Ghazal-san who made a Mithril knife for Yuna-chan. Toya said to him, <I want you to make my sword too>. Well, we were planning to ask him to make Toya’s sword, so there was no problem up to that point, but Ghazal-san refused.] Mel

[Uwa a. I told you not to say it.] Toya

Toya is holding his head.

[Ghazal-san? He did make my knife, but I don’t think he would refuse anyone.] Yuna

I asked for it normally, and since I brought the materials for the mithril knives, he made them for me. But I don’t think he’ll refuse anyone based on appearance.

[To be exact, he was kicked out by Ghazal-san.] Senia

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[He was kicked out?] Yuna

I don’t understand what they mean. Not only Ghazal-san refused to make Toya’s sword, he even kicked the guy out.

[Toya was scared of the golem statue at the entrance of the store.] Senia

[I wasn’t scared. I was just surprised.] Toya

[It’s the same thing. Then, Toya, who was “surprised” by the golem statue, stepped back and knocked down the weapons and armor stands behind him.] Senia

Some people do such manga-like things in real life.

[And so, Ghazal-san got angry and said, <You’re an adventurer and you got scared by a golem statue!>] Mel

[Even if you say that, anyone would be surprised if an iron golem stood there.] Toya

That was definitely the iron golem that I gave him as a gift.

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When I asked Ghazal-san about it, he became popular with adventurers. Some adventurers were jumpy just like Toya.

[Ghazal-san said that only Toya was surprised.] Senia

[Uh, that’s because I was so fascinated by the swords in the store… Then, suddenly it got into my view…] Toya

[Adventurers need to be aware of their surroundings.] Senia

[U~u] Toya

[Also, Ghazal-san is famous for his excellent craftsmanship, so he may have to choose the right person.] Mel

[I’m sure the moment he saw Toya. He immediately thought he was no good.] Senia

Mel-san tries to save Toya, but Senia-san poured salt on Toya’s wound. Toya gets depressed every time he gets reminded of it.

[But then why this bear girl is good and I’m not?] Toya

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Toya points at me.

[Toya, you should take a closer look at the reality. Yuna-chan is an excellent adventurer. While Toya’s ability is just sad.] Senia

Senia-san makes a sad expression. Apparently, she expressed Toya’s ability by her sad face.

[I’m already sad. So stop making my ability even more depressing.] Toya

I feel sorry for Toya, so I will make a little follow-up.

[Maybe because I gave a letter of introduction from a blacksmith in Crimonia to Ghazal-san.] Yuna

[That’s it! That’s the difference between me and her!] Toya

[No, that’s not it.] Jade

[No, it’s not.] Mel

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[Nope.] Senia

Even though I followed up for him, Jade-san, Mel-san, and Senia-san quickly shot him down.

Well yeah, I also think that’s not it.

[But there are other blacksmiths out there, even if it’s not Ghazal-san. I don’t think you’ll need to bother yourselves to come this far.] Yuna

I don’t know any blacksmiths other than Ghazal-san though. But since the royal capital is so huge, there’s no reason why Ghazal-san’s shop is the only smithy in the city.

[Well, there are certain things to consider. It’s difficult to handle mithril ore, so there aren’t many craftsmen who can make mithril weapons. We could have asked another blacksmith, but a merchant I knew told me that we have to buy the materials in Ludnik. So we decided to just have it made in Ludnik.] Jade

So that’s why Jade-san and his friends are here.

[Moreover, my sword and Senia’s knife were made in Ludnik.] Jade

Jade-san taps the sword on his waist.

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As I was listening to the story from Jade-san and his friends, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear cried. When I checked the surroundings, I saw a carriage coming towards us. Jade-san and others also noticed that.

[It’s about time to move. We have to secure an inn, we can continue talking in the city.] Jade

[I will ride Swaying Bear-chan!] Mel

[I will ride Hugging Bear-chan!] Senia

[Yuna-chan and the others will ride in the carriage.] Mel

Mel-san and Senia-san declared so and tried to ride Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.

No, that’s not happening.

[Don’t worry about it Yuna.] Jade

[That’s not it.] Yuna

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I told them our discussion about whether or not we were going to ride Swaying Beart and Hugging Bear, or just continue on foot.

[Right, you don’t want to stand out.] Jade

Jade-san looks at me, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, and then back to me. Apparently, he also included me in his words.

So I told them that we were going to walk if there was a village or a small town nearby.

[It’s true that there is a village nearby and some people are going there. But…] Jade

This time, Jade-san looks at Fina, Ruimin, and me. Apparently, I’m in this group as well.

Well, a 10-year-old girl, an elven girl, and a bear girl (adult). It doesn’t look like we’re from the same village.

[Then, why don’t you just get on our carriage.] Jade

[Are you sure?] Yuna

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[Yeah, Yuna took good care of us.] Jade

I am grateful that Jade-san let us on the carriage. I thanked Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear for getting us this far and sent them back to the bear puppets.

Mel-san and Senia-san regretfully see off Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. Looking at the back, both Fina and Ruimin are also a little sad.

Isn’t the number of bear-loving people increasing?

We departed before the other carriage approached us and head for the city of Ludnik.

Author’s Note:

It’s fun to bully Toya.

But if you overdo it, he’s kinda pitiful, so it’s difficult to adjust.

I would like to write a story about the rise of Toya’s stock someday.

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