Lady Su’s Revenge
Lady Su’s Revenge

Lady Su’s Revenge

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Lady Su’s Revenge novel is a popular light novel covering Historical, Josei, and Romance genres. Written by the Author Xian Xian. 671 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Su Li has never expected that those she met in her first life would follow her to a new life in a new family.

Everything in this life is new and seems easy, but she knows that’s not what she wants.

She wants a revenge. Those who have done terrible things to her, those who have separated her from her husband, and those who have let her brother fail the royal examination in last life, she will let them pay in her way.

But how can a 14-year-old girl, innocent and elegant, take a revenge? How can she fight against her family on her own? How can she deal with her weak-kneed father and heartless mother? Just read and find it out now!

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  • marsial 1

    About the FL: She's super annoying. I've read until chapter 180 more or less, and the FL it has to be the dumbest of all reborn stories I've read. She continues to protect her family??? that fucks with her all the time, it doesn't make sense to me. The plot tries to explain, but it's always some stupid motives, it's really lame. I was hoping for revenge or something, she does steal some money, but it's pretty useless because she continues to help her father (and doing so, her family) to get more money??? She's always getting hurt, being humiliated, and doesn't really do much against those people. Her sister did a lot of shit to her in her last life, and it's 180 chapter and she's it's alive and well.

  • Ron1n 1

    I read this story on another site to the end! I was hoping it would get better and FL would get better…unfortunately no. IMO, she hurt all those that loves her the most under “I love and protect you” attitude. It ended in a way that the author added a quick ending with a piece of chocolate hopefully I could forgive the FL leads attitude. I really hate all this no communication.

  • Bumble 1

    So far the story is quite confusing, i don't think it's only on the matter of translation but more to the how it written originally. Most of all the story flow is unsubtle and again confusing. But the main plot is quite interesting though mostly I found it unsatisfying. However I still found myself reading it further so I guess it worth to try and read.

    Edited: 11mo
  • lnwUser117201 1

    Sorry, I gave up on this story. Su Li was too annoying, she doesn't impress me and I really don't know why she haan't taking revenge. 100 chapters and she just acts like a dumb klutz hurting herself. Seriously of all the FL's Reborn, Su Li has to be the dumbest one to hurt herself, act like a fool and I'm not even sure she knows how to fight. She can be whatever mf level, still not impress. She doesn't need to be reborn.

    Edited: 1y~
  • perfect0_0angel 4

    It's interesting so far I'm on chapter 44, and the fl has a strong personality and shes very clever ~she knows how to outsmart all the other characters, especially her 3rd sister. So far no ml -not a problem tbh since it's proven to be less problematic. I would definitely recommend u to read it if u have any question ask away.